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Maybe We Are Falling

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Derek and Casey talk. Set after the Futuristis episode.

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Title: Maybe We Are Falling
Author: forvertrueblue
Summary: Derek and Casey talk. Set after the Futuristis episode.
Disclaimer: I do not own LWD or 2 A.M. by Alexz Johnson.

Snow falls on the city
white on white
It's the color of hope
on an unforgiving night

Casey looked at the pure white snow falling down in the middle of the night reminding her of hope and a new start. She would be going off to college soon hopefully with a new start. The only problem would be Derek but maybe they could get-along. The past year has gone considerably well compared to how they were when their parents first got married. Plus it would be nice to know at least know one person even though he is her annoying, inconsiderate, rude, and sometimes sweet step-brother. Smiling, she looked at her Derek, who seemed to be bored and waiting for something.

“…You know what, Derek?” Casey started faintly.

“What, Space-Case?”

“Even after all the pranks, names, and out-right rude behavior maybe you’re not such a bad guy after all.”

“Unbeliavable!” Derek exclaimed surprising Casey. “I’ve been trying to tell you for the past odd
years that I’m the best guy in the world and you finally figure it out,” he said jokingly making Casey laugh.

“Just don’t expect me to start bowing down to the all-and-mighty Derekus.”

“Even I think that’s pushing it too far.”

Casey and Derek sat in silence just enjoying each others company until Casey broke it once again.

“Derek, why do you think we fought all of those years?” Casey asked catching Derek off guard.

“Um…well…you see…” Derek stumbled looking for the right words.

“I think I just rendered Derek speechless,” Casey said with a gasp causing her to laugh. When Derek wasn’t laughing with her she stopped laughing and looked at him confused.

“Derek? Are you in there?” Casey waved a hand in front of his face.

“The reason we fought was because I-I fe-felt a…attraction towards you.” Derek replied back to the earlier question.

“You fought with me because you liked me,” Casey said slowly.

“Well, the first day that I met you I couldn’t believe how beautiful you were but you were going to be my step-sister and you hated me. That’s when I decided it would be better to make you hate me,” Derek explained.

“I didn’t hate you,” Casey stated.

“I believe your exact words were ‘I hate you.’ “

“Oh, right but I don’t hate you anymore.”

“Look Casey, just forget I said anything. It’s not we’d actually work anyways,” Derek smiled.

“But I don’t want to forget.”

Derek leaned down into her ear. “Then don’t,” he whispered. He leveled his lips with hers giving her enough time to protest and captured her lips with his. Casey responded quickly opening her mouth and giving him full access. Derek broke the kiss and smiled at Casey.

“This doesn’t mean you can talk to me while other people around.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Casey smiled knowing he was kidding before she placed her lips back on Derek’s.

You kissed me into ruins
sin on sin


More to come soon!
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