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Frank’s POV

I took a deep breath and pushed the front door to the hospital open. I quickly walked to the floor Gerard was on, and saw Mikey, Alicia, Melody, and my Mom sitting in the waiting area. I smiled and walked towards them.

Mikey smiled, “You actually came in here ”

I nodded and sat down next to my mom, “It took a lot of thought, but then I thought of Gerard, and I pushed the doors open.”

My mom smiled and put her hand on my knee, squeezing it.

Mikey nodded, “One of the doctors just told us that Gerard was about to go into surgery. He said they would take him in about fifteen minutes.”

I nodded, “That’s good to hear.”

At that moment, a doctor walked towards and smiled, “I guess we had a change of plans. Gerard will be going in to surgery early.”

I couldn’t help but smile widely. Gerard would get it over with sooner, “That’s a good thing.”

The doctor nodded, “It sure is. His cancer has been spreading rapidly in the past few days.” He sighed and looked directly at me, “Can I talk to you alone, please?”

I nodded and stood up. He led me around the corner, where everyone else couldn’t hear.

He sighed again, “Since the cancer has been spreading so fast, we recommend putting Gerard through chemo-therapy.”

I nodded, “I was planning on doing something with chemo after the surgery anyway. I wanted there to be absolutely no way that the cancer would come back.”

He nodded and shoved his hands in his coat pocket, “This may sound rude, but do you know if his parents have tested positive for cancer?”

I shook my head, “I have no idea... I don’t think so.” I paused, “Why?”

He shook his head, “It’s very rare for cancer like this to come back after so many years... unless is genetic.”

I nodded, “Oh...” I glanced down the hall towards the room Gerard was staying in and then back at the doctor.

He smiled, “You can go talk to him for a little while. He still has a few minutes before we take him in.”

I nodded and walked down the hall to Gerard’s room. I slowly opened the door, and when Gerard saw me he smiled.

I shut the door behind me. I quickly walked to his bed, holding back tears. It seemed like he had gotten worse over the few days that I hadn’t seen him. He seemed more breakable, like a porcelain doll. He was pale as a ghost, and his eyes were distant. This was definitely worse than last time...

He smiled and I pulled one of the chairs up next to his bed and sat down. I smiled and grabbed his fragile hand.

He lightly squeezed my hand, “They’re taking me to an earlier surgery.”

I nodded, “That’s what the doctor said. They should be coming to get you in a few minutes.”

He nodded and all of a sudden the look in his eyes became serious, “Frankie, I want you to know that if I don’t come out of the surgery, that I love you more than anything else in the world.” he paused, “I only want the best for you.”

I nodded, the tears I was trying to hold back started to fall, “But you will come out of surgery.” I sobbed, “Just like last time...”

He squeezed my hand and I leaned down and pressed my lips on his forehead. It was sticky with sweat, but I didn’t care. Gerard wrapped his free arm around the back of my neck and pressed his lips to mine.

The door opened and he let his arm fall. I moved back on the chair and then the doctor walked in. He smiled at us, and then turned to Gerard, “We’re about ready.”

He turned back to me, “You can go wait in the waiting room.” I nodded and stood up. I let my hand slowly unclasp Gerard’s fragile hand and I went back to where everyone was sitting.
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