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The First Time

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Ranma finds out that training and instinct make it easy to cross the line, especially for the first time.

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Disclaimer: These folks belong to someone a lot more skilled than I.

As he looked at the lifeless body lying at his feet, Ranma felt tears rolling down his cheeks As he looked at the lifeless body lying at his feet, Ranma felt tears rolling down his cheeks.
"Oh my God what have I done?" he mumbles.


It was an unusual morning at the Tendo Dojo, Ranma and Akane hadn't said a cross word to each other the whole morning, it wasn't that they were avoiding each other they just weren't fighting.
"Ranma," says Akane, "would you mind helping me with some shopping?"
Ranma gets a suspicious look on his face.
Akane accurately reading the looks responds, "Don't worry so much, it's just a few groceries, no dresses."
"Sure Akane, I'd be glad to help."
As they leave the dojo and start walking towards the market, they both quickly glance around to make sure they are alone, and slowly, hesitantly, their hands come together and grip one another.

Despite their attempts to ferret out any observers they fail to spot a raven-haired woman in a gymnast outfit.
"So Ms. Akane Tendo, you seek to steal my Ranma's heart. I shan't allow it." She then let's out an evil, malicious, and insane cackle.
She follows them from a distance, always staying hidden, which isn't too hard considering the lovebirds are wrapped up in each other.

Ranma and Akane are just reaching the first stand and making their selection when she strikes.
Out of nowhere Ranma sees a black ribbon strike Akane square in the back.
Before he can react, the ribbon recoils and strikes again, this time wrapping it's self around his beloved's throat.
It takes a moment but he quickly spots Kodachi, the Black Rose.
He sees she's tightening the ribbon around Akane's throat. As he sees Akane begin to lose consciousness he launches himself at Kodachi.
Mistaking his intentions she cries to him, "Don't worry my love, soon I shall free you from the evil spell of this harlot."
His jump is true and his arc is right and his foot catches her square. As she stumbles back he tries to pry the ribbon from her hands.
Despite his superior size and strength it takes another shot to the body before she relinquishes the ribbon.
Ranma quickly jumps to Akane's side where he unwinds the ribbon from her throat with Kashu Tenshin Amaguriken honed speed.
After he unwinds the ribbon there's still no sign of life from Akane.
He hears cackling from behind him. "My beloved the evil hussy is now dead, you are now free to join me."
Ranma turns to glare at her. Just then there's a gasp for breath from Akane.
"The whore still lives!" exclaims Kodachi.
She then launches one of her few unarmed attacks against Akane.
As he sees this something deep in Ranma's souls goes SNAP and suddenly he's no longer fighting a fragile female, he is fighting an opponent as tough as Ryoga, as relentless as Shampoo, as devious as Hoposia, and as powerful as Kerin.
Ranma intercepts his opponent in midair, hurling him into a wall.
Ranma closes the gap before his opponent can recover and summons the speed and strength of the Chestnut Fist and drives his fist into his opponent's body, catching the person right in the sternum, pounding the same point over and over and over again when he hears bones shattering.
As his opponent doubles over he swiftly repeats his previous attack only with a different target in mind. This time he isn't going for the body, this time he's going, for the head.
After a brief few seconds he hears bone crack.
As he let's his opponent fall to the ground he slowly comes to his senses.


He slowly turns around he sees Dr. Tofu standing over Akane with a relieved look on his face until he looks over in Ranma's direction then his face turns ashen.
Picking up his bag Dr. Tofu walks over to Kodachi. He feels around her neck for a few seconds, knowing all eyes are glued on him. He then gets an anguished look on his face as he reaches into his bag, pulls out a clean, white handkerchief, and slowly, deliberately drapes it over Kodachi's face.
Ranma falls to his knees and his tears flow freely.
Slowly, mercifully unconsciousness seizes him.
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