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Happy Birthday

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It's Gerard's birthday and Frank knows exactly what to get him. Frerard one-shot I made for Gee's last birthday!

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Gerard's birthday is today and I'm planning something huge.
So huge that it may change the course of THE UNIVERSE.
Okay well maybe not THAT big but close enough.

Infact I was on my way to Gerard's house right now.
When I pulled into his driveway I was a bit
worried about how he'd react.
But I got out of the car nevertheless.

I made my way to the door and knocked gently.
The door swung open and Lynz stood waiting.

"Hello Frank."
She grunted.
Opening the door wider and
moving aside to let me walk in.
God I hated that little bitch!

I walked in to see Ray, Bob, an Mikey.
They all greeted me and moved aside to let me sit.
Just as I was ready to ask where Gerard was
he came strolling downstairs in his boxers,
not caring what anyone would think, obviously.
And I might be ashamed to say that
I was getting painfully hard.
Or maybe I wasn't ashamed at all
because he is one sexy son of a bitch!

He looked at the couch.
Probably observing that it was packed full.
And smiled, I followed his line of vision.
And ended up looking down at my lap.
Oh Jesus...
He ran. He sprung. He flew. He landed.
Square on my lap and wrapped his arms around me,
giggling the whole time.


"Hahaha, hello GeeBear happy birthday!"

"Thankyou Frankiekins!"
Yup. This is how it usually goes.
But today it was super sugar coated.

"Oohh Frankie, someones happy to see me!

"Ha... Yeah..."

He just smiled and jumped up when
Mikey cleared his throat and noticed Lynz
was staring with lasers.

"Well... let's just open gifts."

So we did.
Bob got him a hamster,
which he held and cuddled the whole time!
Ray got him a very nice black Tee Shirt.
And Mikey got him condoms, and lube.

"Eww!" Lynz scrunched her nose like a fat pig.
"What would we need that for!?"

"Oh not for you."
Mikey smiled and switched his gaze
between Gerard and I.
Causing the both of us to turn shades of red.
As for lynz, she just stormed out of the room.
Gerard couldn't care less.

"Frankie, what did you get me?"
He grinned.

"Well you'll get it later, I promise."

The whole gang responded.

"Oh, shut up!"

The rest of the party was great.
Especially since Lynz stayed upstairs.
I was the last one left.
Everybody had left and Gerard and I
were sitting on the couch watching Black Dahlia.
While I was being scared out of my wits I thought,
Gee's gift!

"Hey Gee.."
He picked up his head
from my shoulder and looked up at me.

"Yeah Frankie?"

"You're gift is waiting."
I smiled at him.

"Okay Frankie. What is it?"

"You've got to come to my house."

He nodded and we got into the car.
The ride was silent, but comfortable.

When we got there we walked through the door
and I told him to sit down,
pushing him back onto the couch.
He stared up at me expectantly,
a sly smile on his face.

So I crawled on top of him and straddled him.
Making sure to apply a lot of friction to his package,
feeling him grow under me.

"Its about fucking time Frank."


"Frank I want my gift now...
and then I was wondering if
maybe I can I keep it with me for the next... ever?"

"What about Lynz?"

"Forget that phsycho bitch."
He muttered while he sucked on my neck.

I pushed my hands under him
and took the condoms and lube out of his pocket.

"Happy birthday."
I whispered.
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