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Adalae starts the job of her dreams and on her first day runs into a guy on the street, Ryan Ross. He's interested, but will she take the chance now that her dream is coming true?

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Take A Chance On Me

Chapter One: Daylight
“i miss yellow lines in my roads some color on monochrome maybe i’ll paint them in myself” Matt & Kim

“Damnit Harper!,” I yelled across the apartment. It was my first day of work finally doing what I had always wanted to do, compose music and get paid for it and my roommate Harper had moved my bags. Angrily I walked over to her bedroom door and whipped it open, “Wake the fuck up Harper. Don’t make me kick you,” I said with my hands on my hips.

Slowly she began to stir awake, “I’ll cry rape and then you’ll never get to work,” she mumbled – a smart ass even first thing in the morning. She reached for her alarm clock and threw me a glare, “Eight o’clock!? What the fuck Adalae!” She proceeded to throw a pillow at me but since she was not as nimble early in the morning she missed.

“Look, you can go back to sleep in a minute, where’d you move my briefcase?” I asked tossing her pillow back at her.

“Behind the kitchen counter, I kept tripping over it so I uh….. gently moved it out of my way.”

With no other words I ran to the kitchen and found my briefcase wedged underneath one of the cabinet spaces, I filled my thermos up with coffee and let myself breathe, “Bye Harper,” I yelled as I gathered my coat and my keys, “I’ll be home around like…six… ish…”

“Go fall off a train!” I heard my roommate enthusiastically yell from her bedroom, “Eight in the fucking morning! You don’t get to have a good day!”

I laughed as I exited and locked up the apartment, to anyone else it would seem as if me and Harper hated each other but that was just how we were. We had known each other for almost half of our lives and were as close as people could get. As much as we acted as if we hated each other we cared for each other ten times more. Yes, it was a dysfunctional relationship but nothing about my life, or my day for that matter, were that functional.


I had gotten the job at ReClast Studios after a several month interview process. I went to college for Music and soon after Harper and I decided to move from Florida to Chicago and live together. I went to grad school for a year for Music Composition before I had to drop out because of money. I had been working as a secretary for a law firm to pay the rent ever since I moved to Chicago but I never gave up on composing. Harper, being the more assertive of the two of us, had sent ReClast Studios some of my work she stole off of my desk and landed me the last spot to compete for the job. She still won’t let me live that one down.

The train stopped and I got out. I checked my watch, I had ten minutes to get to the Studio which was at least twenty minutes away. With my briefcase and thermos in one hand and my composition portfolio and notebooks held in my other arm I pushed my way through the station. I ran down the stairs, and being my clumsy self, managed to miss the last damned step and fell flat on my face, papers flying everywhere – it was quite a scene that no one really stopped to stare at – except one person.

“You okay?” A voice asked me as I scrambled for my papers.

“Yeah, I’m fine… I’m just… late..” I managed to sputter out. Sitting on the ground I sighed and smiled as the person handed me the rest of my papers, “Thanks,” I said with a grin.

“You’re welcome,” he said offering me his hand to help me up. Grinning I accepted and got all my things situated, “I’m Ryan. Ryan Ross, by the way.”

“Adalae,” I said quickly.

“Adalae,” He repeated after me, “Nice to meet you, Adalae.. no last name?“

“Hey look, I’m really sorry but I’m so beyond late,” I said biting my lip, “I really have to go or my boss is gonna kill me, its my first day and –“

“That’s fine,” he said, “since we have to cut this short, I was wondering if I could get your number? I mean, I know its blunt and not usually the game I like to play but I was just thinking…” and he trailed off.

I couldn’t help but smile, “I’ll tell you what,” I said starting to walk away, “If we run into each other again you can have my number. I really have to run.” And I did, I ran all the way to the office.


After a long day of nothing but paperwork and reviewing other people’s compositions I began to realize I was not going to be able to use my work for some time, but I was okay with that, I got my foot in the door and that was all I needed. I thought about it the entire train ride home and was ready to eat some ice cream and crash when I got to my apartment – too bad Harper had other plans.
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