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Slipping Away: A letter to Gerard

by hannahfrerard 2 reviews

A short, simple story I wrote about Gerard changing. It's from Frank's point of view, but thats not so obvious in the story.

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What happened to your hair? You used to go weeks without washing that shoulder length mane of yours, now its tamed so it never grows past the bottom of your ears, and is washed daily. What happened to your eyes? Sparkling mischeviously, and even with the bags under, everyone was drawn to your stunning, hazel eyes. Now they're constantly rimmed in eyeliner, and don't sparkle so much anymore. You used to meander around aimlessly, not caring where your destination would be. Not anymore. God forbid you wander off without telling anyone, and you only go places you need to, not places you have a burning desire to expolore. You were so enigmatic; your business was yours only. What happened to your ambiguity?

They own you now. You're their god. Screw the other four, we want you. But all these devoted fans, where were they when you were laying in a pile of your own vomit and piss after ingesting too much alcohol, begging to die? They weren't there when you had that bad drug trip when you first tried coke. They didn't have to hold you, console you, as you screamed and cried and nameless terrors tormented you. And when you came down from that high, in the mere couple of seconds before you passed out, they didn't see the grateful and relieved look in your bloodshot eyes that you hadn't woken up alone. That you had me.

And that first kiss? That earth shattering, hungry, beautiful kiss? I was the one who received it, not them. Weren't told you loved them; that you owed your life to them.

I'm afraid you're leaving me. Trying to live up to how they perceive you. But thats notyou Gerard. I hope you're not changing, pray every single day.

But you keep slipping away.
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