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Life is full of Laughter

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includes green day [oneshot] i have no idea if its good or not. i was just bored.

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3rd POV

“Hey Mikey.” “Ya?” “Call over Billie and Tré.” “Why?” “I wanna pull a prank on Gerard.” Frank sat on the couch thinking of some evil pranks to pull while Mikey went out to get their fellow tour mates. Both Billie and Tré followed Mikey in, their faces twisted as they thought of what kind of havoc they could cause. Billie gave up, “I’m stumped. Tré?” “My magnificent pranking mind is not working right now. Mikey?” “Nope, nothing. Frankie?” “…” “Frank?” He stayed quiet and he had...The look. “He’s got something.” “I got it! We’re gonna need honey, straws, and whoooole lotta feathers aaaand…some cheese.” They looked at him like he was crazy, “what?” “Oh, nothing, nothing.” “So explain what we’re doing.” “Okay, so while he’s gone, we’ll set up a little contraption, two I guess. One filled with honey and the other with feathers. We’ll connect them to the entrance door to the back room. And we’ll have him go in there, and when he does, he’ll come out looking like a chicken!” He started cracking up. Billie said “I like that, classic and funny! But what’s the cheese and straws for?” “That’s how we’ll lure him to the room. He’ll follow the line of cheese and straws’ thinking it was probably me who dropped them or something.” “Cool! Let’s do this!”

They set everything that needed to be set up and called Gerard to the bus. When he got there, no one was there, so he went inside thinking that everyone would be there, but found the path of cheese and straws instead. The 4 boys quietly snuck onto the bus to see what happens. Gerard started to follow the path and was heard mumbling Frankie’s name. What do you know; Frank was right the other 3 thought. Soon enough, they heard a scream and Gerard came running out…looking like a chicken! The 4 boys started cracking up. “What the hell!?” “It’s called a prank!” “You think this is funny!?” “Ya! Have you seen yourself!?” Gerard looked in a mirror and chuckled, “I guess it is kinda funny.” Then he started laughing. Just then, Mike stepped onto the bus and saw what was happening. He started laughing! Gerard, Frank, Billie, Mike, Tré, and Mikey were all rolling on the floor laughing their asses off when Bob stepped onto the bus. He saw Gerard dressed like a chicken and all of then rolling on the floor. “You guys are so fucken retarded!” And he walked out, leaving the laughing mess on the bus.

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