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I miss you more than I did yesterday

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mikey reminisce's with his kids [oneshot]

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It might make more sense if you read my Mikey story “Death is the only thing that can separate us now” (aka “the sad one” as Noelle said it haha, but a lot is explained in here anyways so ya haha. (i'll type it up and post it on here if I have to). I wanted the kids (Zachary and Isabella, twins) to ask about their mom.

June 6, 2022

Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you. I miss you Stephy. Today is the anniversary of my beautiful wife’s death 8 years ago. Stephanie Alicia Way died of her pancreatic disease (which I still don’t know the name to. She never told me). Zacky and Izzy were only 4 then, they’re 12 now, and I’m going to be 42 and 5 days after my birthday, she would’ve been 40. I’m still in love with her; I’ve been single ever since she left me. Gerard tells me I should be social with other women again, but he just doesn’t understand how devastated I still am.

Today, my kids decided to bring her up…of all days, they picked today. “Daddy?” “Ya Izzy?” “How come you look upset? Are you okay?” “I’m fine, just thinking about your mom.” “Oh…how come you never talk about mom? Did she leave you or something?” “Ya, ‘cause we’ve seen pictures of you guys from when you were younger. You guys looked so happy together.” “We were.” “She was so pretty daddy.” “Ya, she was.” “What happened?” “I suppose I should tell you. Now that you guys are older, you’ll understand. I met your beautiful mother when I was 23 and she was 21. That was back in 2003, right after my grandma died. I loved her since I first laid eyes on her. We were together for about 5 ½ years before we got married. You guys were born 9 months later…honeymoon babies [laughs]...four years later is when my life was changed.” It was hard for me to continue. I’ve never really told the story. All the guys and my parents knew about it. “What happened daddy?” “Did she leave you?” “In a sense, yes. One night, we went to bed. It was June 6, 2014. I’ll never forget it. She had a disease, a deadly one. We all knew it was coming, but not that soon. She died that night at 11:02 pm.” They both looked at me with shock. “I woke up, and I noticed that she was cold and pale, more pale than normal. I tried waking her up, but she wouldn’t. Uncle Gee had spent the night that night because of an argument with Auntie Lindsey, and that morning, I ran into the room he was staying in and just cried my eyes out. He knew that it was coming a lot sooner, he knew before any of us did. Stephy had talked to him years before. She had a diary she would write in, and she told Gerard to give it to me after her funeral.” “Do you still have it?” “Can we see it?” I fished it out and they were reading what she wrote. Then they got to the very last entry.

June 6 2014
I think this is it. Goodbye Mikey. I love you with all my heart. I know you’re reading, I asked Gee to show this to you. Mikey, I’m always gonna love you. I’ll always watch over you. Take good care of everyone for me. Be strong.
All my love
Stephanie Alicia Way xoxoxoxoxoxo
Aka, Skittles lol

“Wow.” “Skittles?” “Ya, that was nickname for her.” “How did everyone take it?” “Grandma and Grandpa felt like their daughter died. Gerard took it really hard. She saved his life when he found out his girlfriend cheated on him and the baby wasn’t his. Frankie became pretty depressed, worse than usual. They were really close and a lot alike. They always tackled each other and acted like fools together. If Steph wasn’t with me, they would’ve been good together too, I’m not afraid to admit that. Bob and Ray were fazed. They didn’t want to believe what they were being told, from the very beginning. They hated the fact that she was sick. They said it was as if their little sister had died. Billie Joe from Green Day, remember him? You guys loved him when you were little. But we haven’t really seen him since the funeral. He took it pretty hard. He and Steph were really close too. They had a brother/sister relationship. Mike and Tré were fazed about it too.” “What about you?” “Me? I [sigh] I almost killed myself. After her funeral, I ran to the bathroom and held a razor to my wrist. But Gee found me on time and convinced me not to do it. That’s when he showed me the diary.” They just looked at me with sincere eyes. “Do you guys remember her?” Zacky answered first, “faintly.” “Maybe it’s because you were attached to me more. What about you Izzy? You were attached to Steph.” “I do remember her. She was beautiful. I remember you being sad, and I remember her not being there one day, and I didn’t know why. I was always looking for her but never found her. And I remember the funeral and how sad everyone was. Daddy, I miss her.” She ran into my arms and started crying. “I know you do Izzy. I miss her too. She was my everything. I remember every moment I spent with her. She made me whole.”
My little family just stood in the living room that night remembering the life of Stephanie Alicia Way by looking at pictures and watching “home” videos. We laughed at everything she did and said, remembering the great times we, mostly me, spent with her. I miss you my love. I wish you were here to see how your kids are growing up. Izzy reminds me so much of you. Steph, I miss you more than I did yesterday. You’ll always be there in my heart and mind.
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