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Walking Through Forests

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Wake up and figure out what's going on! How did you end up here?

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Disclaimer - Still applicable from Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Walking Through Forests

Date: July 1, 1996 (Two months prior to Chapter 1 or at least that is what you think.)

"Oh you're waking up! Harry? Harry, are you okay?" You hear a voice. It's late afternoon at the Burrow. The sun is low in the sky. You really hate the color orange.

"Uh? What happened?" Too many times in your young life you have woken up uncertain of how you got somewhere.

"Just relax, sweetypie. You took a tumble off your broom. Does your head hurt?" You identify the voice. It belongs to Ginny Weasley, best mate's sister. You like her don't you? She has beautiful eyes and the cutest little freckles. Up until recently, you didn't really care for freckles, but on Ginny it works. Her hair is so soft. It just begs to be touched doesn't it? You shouldn't. Best mate won't like it. He has big time fit anytime someone is interested in little sis. Her mouth is moving. Her lips are very pretty. They look so moist. You should probably be focusing on what she is saying though.

"I said. 'Harry, what is the last thing you remember?'" Even when she is perturbed, she is kind of cute.

"Coming to the Burrow?"

"Wow that was four days ago! You must have hit pretty hard. Does it hurt pumpkin?"

"It throbs a bit." You say wondering why you are now 'sweetypie' and 'pumpkin'. If anyone were to be referred to as a food product, it should be Ron and most likely by other best mate, not by sister.

"I'll go get an ice pack and let mum know you're awake." She leans over and kisses you. This is heaven! She likes you too! Even after all that time you ignored her while she humiliated herself around you. Her lips taste like strawberries. Much less salty than a Cho kiss. Much less on the cheek than a Hermione kiss. Much more on the lips like a ...

"Ginny! You just kissed me! What's going on?" It was wonderful, but you are confused.

"I thought you were joking. You really don't remember anything from when you got here?"

You're embarrassed for some reason. "Err, yeah sorry." Smooth Potter - very smooth!

She leans closer again. You are getting more embarrassed by each passing second. She breathes hot air on your neck giving you goosebumps. She moves up to your ear and whispers in a very husky voice, "You mean that you don't remember telling me that you fancy me? That you haven't been able to stop thinking about me? That we should be going out together?"

Your embarrassment has now reached epic proportions as parts of your body begin responding to best mate's sister. Bad Harry! No thinky about Ginny like that! Must find way to buy time. Must find way to explain if best mate walks in. Must find way to kiss soft lips again. What!

"Wait! Ginny what about Ron?"

"Oh, we told him two days ago. He got all fussy and I told him how it was going to be unless he wanted a case of the 'bats'. I asked him how it was any different from what he and a certain Ms. Granger have been doing." As she says this she starts nibbling on the ear she is whispering in. Nibbles are very nice. You sit up and pull her to you. Much better snogging position! Strawberry lips taste better on second helping. You don't want to do anything else but kiss Ginny Weasley. Wait a second! Ron and Hermione are dating? You reluctantly pull away.

"Wait a second! Ron and Hermione are dating?" You ignore the déjà vu.

"Uh huh." She leans forward for more strawberry kisses and after a second her tongue follows those wonderful lips. Strawberry kisses with tongue are a significant upgrade from regular strawberry kisses. Michael Corner is a certifiable idiot for leaving incredible lips and tongue! Unless he likes his snacks wet and salty. Oh well his loss!

It amazes you that you wasted time on things like stupid, greasy look at me I am a potion's master's homework, when you could have had this. You would trade anything for this. Well maybe not quidditch. Good thing she plays quidditch. Riding broom and kissing Ginny at the same time. Maybe, that's how broom mishap occurred?

As you continue to tongue wrestle with she who possesses strawberry lips and dexterous tongue you ponder your life. It does seem like a good time to sit back relax and enjoy. Things are much better this summer. You didn't have to stay with your so-called relatives very long. Only one more summer to go and then freedom! Headmaster Dumbledore was a welcome sight. The headmaster took you to find a rather large old man and persuade him to come teach at Hogwart's. Slughorn kind of creeps you out though, but in his defense he hasn't tried to kill you like most of the new teachers of recent history - yet. Though he reminded you a bit of good old Lockhart with the way he seemed fascinated by celebrities. You didn't really care for apparition. It's dead useful, but rather uncomfortable. You feel the same way about potions, but mainly because of the greasy bastard.

Oh dear, the kisses have stopped. She smiles at you and says she had better go downstairs now. You're disappointed, but understand. You watch appreciatively as she saunters out of the room. You're glad Ron can't read minds like Snape. He wouldn't be happy with the thoughts in your head right now. You wonder if he is having the same thoughts when it comes to Hermione? It is still hard to believe isn't it? You would never look at Hermione like that!

Getting dressed is fun. The pants are a bit tight in certain areas. On further consideration, you absolutely hate the color orange. What is it with Ron and the Cannons anyway? Does it say something about you that he has such devotion to complete and utter losers? You hope not. One quick trip across the hall to the loo and you are free of hideous orange room. There's a spring in your step as you head down the stairs. You frown slightly wondering how much the rest of the Weasley family knows about you, Ginny and strawberry flavored kisses. This could present a small problem, you reason. Then again, since Ron already knows and that is pretty much like sending Rita Skeeter an owl, the rest of clan Weasley must know. They must either approve or they are plotting revenge. Perhaps that is how broom mishap really occurred?

Ah the smell of the burrow! There always seems to be something cooking here. Your stomach is grumbling. Not the steady rumble from Ron's pit-that-shall-never-be-filled. Maybe if Ron became a Dark Lord, he would change his name to The Dark Lord Grumblefart. You smile, that's funny! Dean, Seamus, Neville and any male Weasley would definitely agree. Hermione wouldn't think so, but she hasn't shared a room with him. You see Mrs. Weasley. She's more of a mother than your aunt has ever been! Sure enough, she has caught sight of you. Too bad Tom isn't one of her kids, he wouldn't be able to sneak up on her! Oh well, let the fussing commence.

"Harry, honestly, must you fly a broom so dangerously like that dear? You've got to learn some self-control. I'm just glad Ginny was there. Now surely you must be hungry. Ginny is already fixing you a bowl. The rolls will be out of the oven in a minute. Go on eat up. You need your strength." Her gentle scolding is almost music to your ears.

"Where's Ron?" You ask.

"Oh dear. Ginny said you were having problems with your memory. I should probably floo Poppy. I'm sorry but Ron left yesterday to spend a few days with Fred and George before going to that Chudley Cannon's quidditch camp." Darn Ron is going to quidditch camp! You picture his face practically beaming in joy. You wouldn't have minded going, but being with Ginny is much better. It is sad to admit, but even better with no overprotective brother around. Opportunities for mischief abound!

"Please Mrs. Weasley, don't. I'm okay. I'm sure in time it will come back to me. Right now it's just fuzzy. I don't know what I did on my broom, but I'll try not to do it again?"

Ginny supplies some much needed information. "You were just too excited to get your broom back and have that ban lifted. I just couldn't keep up on my old thing." The tone of her voice is disappointed. You should fix that. Are you a boyfriend or a git?

"Maybe, we should fix that next time we get to the alley?" You say watching her eyes suddenly sparkle. You brace for Mrs. Weasley's reply.

"Ginny ... " she starts.

You cut her off. Strawberry tongued, flying goddess will have new broom! "Mrs. Weasley, Ginny means so much to me. I need to do this for her. She put up with years of me acting like a complete fool. Plus, it's not just for her, but the whole team. We need to defend the cup this year and having Ginny on a slower broom is a handicap. It doesn't have to be a firebolt, Nimbus 2000's or 2001's are great chaser brooms. The Cleansweeps and Comets are better for keepers and beaters."

You see a few unreadable emotions on Molly Weasley's face. You certainly have more emotional depth than a teaspoon, perhaps a crockpot, but obviously reading the female mind is beyond you. In truth it was only seconds of anticipation, but it feels like a few minutes go by.

"Well, I suppose as long as you shop for a good deal and Ginny promises to keep her grades up. It does my heart good to see the two of you together. I just don't want the two of you letting your schoolwork slip."

"Don't worry mum! I am sure Hermione will keep us in line!" She leaps in to your arm and gives you a quick kiss. You squeeze her waist and whisper that you'll just have to find a good deal on a firebolt for her. Her smile is worth all the galleons in your vault! Did she just squeeze your bum! She did and in the same room as her own mum! Harry Potter just got groped! That will make a patronus or two!

"What am I doing now?" Hermione Granger says coming into the room. "Good to see you upright again Harry! Let's try just a bit longer this time."

Bushy haired female best friend gives you hug. You hug back and feel a bit uncomfortable. Ms. Granger has a few curves of her own. Good thing no one else is a mind reader here. Say something. You were just saying that you would never look at Hermione like that. Now, you are looking at Hermione like that. Ginny doesn't deserve you.

"I probably already said this, but it is good to see you Hermione. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Harry. I still get a little tired, but Madame Pomfrey worked with some specialists at St. Mungos and developed an ointment that will get rid of the scar. It's almost gone already. At least I am off all those potions! Thank Merlin!"

After a moment she continues. You try really hard to not notice her chest swelling as she takes a big breath. Embarrassed, you take a moment to study the Weasley family clock. Remarkable craftsmanship, isn't it? All the hands are on 'Mortal Peril' except Percy's, which is on 'lost'. He's an idiot for turning his back on this wonderful family. Hard to believe he was once a Head Boy at Hogwarts. Okay, you are calm again. How about you try talking to your best female friend without staring at what Fred and George refer to as her 'funbags'? Make sure to use a safe topic.

"Did we get our OWLs in yet?" You ask congratulating yourself. Not only did you pick a safe topic, but one you aren't really interested in. Hermione is a wonderful girl, but she is as obsessed with achievement as Ron is with eating or quidditch.

"No. We probably won't get them until the end of the month. I still keep thinking about appealing the Astronomy OWL regardless of what I scored. Seriously, Umbridge had her goons attacking Hagrid and our head of house at the time. How in Merlin's name were we supposed to take that exam?"

Pleased with your question and confident that the next twenty minutes will be filled with useless babble, you settle into a chair at the table where Ginny already has a hearty steaming bowl of stew waiting for you. You smile at her and say thanks, while listening to Hermione talk about different possible retesting scenarios. You don't really want to take the Astronomy OWL over again. The centaurs taught you pretty much all you need to know. Mars is bright tonight, tomorrow and every night for the foreseeable future. Besides it isn't really going to help you beat Tom. Unless you can distract him, 'Look Tom, Mars is really bright tonight!' Maybe while he is looking up at the sky, you can curse him. Mmmn! That stew is tasty. Mrs. Weasley is a great cook! Ginny is probably a great cook too. The oven door swings open and unleashes the smell of freshly baked rolls through the kitchen. You use your napkin to hide the fact you are practically drooling.

The fireplace roars and Arthur Weasley steps out. He greets his daughter and wife before greeting you and Hermione. He's a bit barmy, but a great guy. You are grateful that Hermione is here. He generally asks her all the questions about muggle objects. You remember the first night you got here, she was actually trying to explain Ohm's law to him at the kitchen table with some drawings and everything. She will make a great teacher one day. People, and you use that term loosely, like Malfoy think she is an insufferable know-it-all. You appreciate her. She tries so hard to help people. She'd probably tutor ferret boy if he asked her. All those people in Ravenclaw are so jealous. Ron is lucky to have her. Too bad you can't have her and Ginny. Now there's a fantasy! You don't think your girlfriend would approve. She already has had to share so much in her life. It wouldn't be fair to ask her to share you. Besides Ronnie would pout. You can hear him now, 'Why does Harry always get everything?'

Your train of thought is interrupted by Ginny's hand on your thigh. All thoughts of curvy Hermione vanish as you turn back to your freckle-faced princess. Mentally, you try and command her hand to move higher. Sadly, it doesn't work. You know she is flirting with you, don't you? Pants are becoming uncomfortably tight again.

"Oh, I dropped my butter knife. Harry would you mind getting me one?" Her face is so innocent, but her eyes betray her teasing.

"Uh. How about you just use mine?" You will make her pay for that later.

"Oh okay, but could you grab me a glass of pumpkin juice from the chill box? Please?"

"Sure." You say with an audible gulp. You push your chair out and stand to the side, hoping to avoid disclosure of your uncomfortable 'problem' and grab her glass and hurry to the chill box. She is an evil one, but you have a good idea where she is ticklish. You shall have your revenge. Fortunately, growing up with the Dursleys has given you exceptional stealth and concealment skills. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'Is that a sausage in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?' Most times at the Dursleys it actually was a sausage - here at the burrow no sausage.

The rest of dinner passes with no further attempts by the strawberry tongued vixen to embarrass you, other than the maddening presence of hand on upper thigh. That would be embarrassing if there was no dinner table. After dinner, you assist newly discovered girlfriend with clearing table and washing dishes. You are victorious in the small water fight that ensues. Ginny asks if you want to go out for a walk before it gets dark. You would rather go flying, but suspect this activity will be restricted for several days to come. On the positive side, walking does permit much more physical contact than broom riding. Needless to say, you accept.

You are a bit self-conscious now aren't you? As you are heading out the door to the Weasley backyard, you have to keep wiping your sweaty hands on your pants. 'Sure Cassanova, girls love the sweaty clammy feeling. You are so very smooth.' The two of you have a very pleasant walk around the pond. It is a little too small to call a lake, but still it seems a bit large to call a pond. You reckon that Hermione would know the proper classification. Quit thinking about Hermione! You focus on Ginny and talk about fun things like the twins and their latest pranks, Charlie's latest letter from Romania and of course quidditch. Ginny is one of those girls that talks with her hands when she is having fun. Its very attractive isn't it? The two of you sit on a bench by the little dock that extends into the pond/lake thing and sit to watch the sun set. At least that is the intention. Ginny might have seen the sun go down, but you have your eyes closed as you are kissing her neck. The setting sun also does wonders to conceal hand placements that might have been a bit more objectionable in full daylight.

You feel like you must have kissed her out here before. Hopefully the missing days will return and you will remember all of your snogfests. You move your hand down to her knee and begin to tickle the back of her knee. She should be laughing hysterically! She's not. You distinctly remember snogging her and tickling the back of her knee, while she squealed like every time she goes into the bookstore. Wait one damn minute! Hermione squeals when she goes into the bookstore. Hermione giggles whenever her cat's tale brushes against the back of her leg. You stop trying to tickle Ginny and keep kissing her. Closing your eyes you concentrate and try to remember. Ginny's hair is soft and fine as you run your fingers through it. Hermione's feels much more coarse. As your mouth and hands work on autopilot a furious torrent of thoughts race through your mind. At some point in time you snogged Hermione Granger right here! This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

"Mmmm. That's nice Harry, but we had better stop before Dad starts looking for his muggle shotbomb."

You respond with a series of quick kisses. Your body is protesting, but your mind is actually glad as you break away. You need time to process this. Something is definitely not right here.

"I think you mean a shotgun, Ginny." You casually laugh to try to avoid looking suspicious.

"Oh okay. I'll have to remember that for Muggle Studies this year." She says smiling brightly at you. You paste your stupid grin on your face. Years of greasy potion's master have taught you how to mask behind an emotionless mask. That won't work here. You are happy and happiness implies smiling. So suck it up and smile at your girlfriend there Potter. It's a good thing that Ron isn't here. You need some time to sort this out. It would be nice if you could ask Hermione, but how do you go up to someone and say. 'Pardon me oh best friend of mine, I seem to recall playing a bit of tongue rugby with you. Could you please be so kind as to refresh my memory as to when this event occurred?' That would go over well especially with the news that she and your favorite keeper are actually performing said deed. Things aren't adding up. You hate this feeling. It is the same gut feeling you have everytime before something goes wrong. You can't place where this anxiety comes from. It was there when you were trying to figure out who was trying to steal the stone, or when everyone thought you were the Slytherin heir, and when everyone thought you had put your name in the TriWizard cup. You've never had that feeling here at the Burrow. This has always been a safe haven, but yet here is that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach. Maybe your 'gut instinct' is like that idiot divinitation teacher's 'inner eye'.

You get back in the house and make a bit of small talk with everyone. You need to keep up the appearance don't you. After twenty minutes, you excuse yourself using the patented, 'My scar is aching' excuse that works so well. Ginny gives you another breathtaking kiss and reminds you to take your pain potion before you go to sleep. You grab the greenish potion from the counter and wish everyone a good night.

Once back in your room, you set the potion down on the desk. You look at your faithful owl and whisper. "Something is dreadfully wrong here girl. You know it too, don't you?"

Your owl hoots in acknowledgement. She is a smart one. If she were a person, she'd probably be Hermione. Why does everything keep coming back to Hermione? You sit on the edge of the bed and think for a couple of minutes. Ginny wanted you to take this potion. Maybe you shouldn't? It is green like a pain potion. It smells like a pain potion. On a whim you pour some into an empty cup. It's not green anymore. It is yellow and it smells different. Over the years, it has been your misfortune to experience a wide variety of pain relief and sleep inducing potions. None of them are yellow. You dump the rest of the potion into the cup. It is yellow and smells like strawberries. As you sniff it, Ginny comes to mind. You sniff the empty potion flask. It still smells like a pain potion. Across the hall in the bathroom you rinse and refill up the flask from the water tap. Looking inside the flask, it now looks green and smells like a pain potion. The ruddy flask is charmed! You walk back in to the bedroom grab the cup and dump it down the sink. If you had time, you could use one of your textbooks to help you identify the potion. For now you go back into your room and open your trunk. On top of everything is your summer homework. That's funny, you don't remember doing your summer homework. It's your handwriting though. Oh look there's that journal that Hermione gave you for Christmas that you have never used. You see a bookmark sticking out of it. You snatch it and your potions textbook out of the trunk. Most pain potions have a mild sedative in them, you are going to have to pretend to fall asleep. Someone will probably check on you. You climb into bed and open the textbook. You set the journal on the side facing away from the door and open it to the page mark. The words you see in your own handwriting shock you. You reread it three times before sliding it under the covers and pretending to be asleep. Ten minutes later the door opens and you hear Ginny's voice.

"Aw. He looks so cute." The door closes. You slide the journal out and reread it for the fourth time.

July 1, 1996

Well since Hermione gave this to me, I figured I should actually use this. Why now you ask? Well because she is kind of my girlfriend. Hard to believe after all this time isn't it? We were just talking and suddenly she kissed me! I mean she's given me a little peck on the cheek every now and then, but this was right on the lips! I'm worried about Ron. He pretty much stormed out of the room. Apparently, I am Viktor Krum now. Maybe he should have opened his mouth and said something rather than just stuffed it with more food! Well too bad for him. Mione is mine! I am going to take her on a picnic tomorrow by the pond. Her kisses are so much better than Cho Chang kisses.

July 2nd, 1996

The picnic was a great idea. Ron is still being a complete arse, but at least his quidditch camp starts tomorrow. Ginny doesn't seem too happy either. I would tease Mione about it, but she might withhold those strawberry flavored kisses. She was really impressed that I stayed up last night and got pretty far on my summer assignments. For a surprise I am going to owl Flourish and Botts and get her a tab connected to my vault. I am kind of disappointed that I won't be allowed to Sirius's will reading tomorrow. Hermione promised to keep me company. I told her the prophecy today. I didn't want to, but it felt right. I can't expect her to be my girlfriend unless she knows. She took it better than I expected. I'm guessing we will be spending a lot of time in the library this year. As long as she's there, it won't be bad.

July ?, 1996

Okay, I don't know what the hell is going on here! Ginny is apparently my girlfriend and today is July 1st. At least that is what everyone is telling me. Something is wrong. I woke up this morning and Ginny told me that I hurt myself out in the garden. Everyone seems nervous, like they are walking on eggshells around me. We are going to see Fred and George's shop today. I am going to get them alone and see if they can help me understand what is happening. What happened with Sirius's will? I don't dare ask anyone. Hermione (guess I should stop calling her Mione) said that she and Ron have started dating. Have I been obliviated? I told Hermione the prophecy!

You jot a few notes in the journal expressing your disbelief and noting what happened today especially the part about the yellow potion in the charmed flask. You hear Ginny and Hermione out in the hallway saying they are going downstairs. Moving carefully, you slip your invisibility cloak out of your trunk and slip it on. You grab a pair of 'Sneakers' that you paid Dung to charm when he was on babysitting duty so they wouldn't make any noise. You slip downstairs and noting that the creaky floorboards don't creek. Dung did a good job for a change! Mrs. Weasley must have gone upstairs already and Mr. Weasley must be out in the shed playing with his muggle devices.

You notice the girls are going outside. You follow trying to listen to their conversation.

"So, how is having Harry as a boyfriend?"

"No real complaints here. I'm just happy to finally have a chance with him. Trust me, I am going to make the most of it. I just hope when they take him off the potions that he will still feel the same. He seems a little inexperienced though. You could have taught him a few things."

"Hey that's not my fault! His only previous practice was that hag Chang. I only had a couple of days with him before your dear brother had his little revelation about how he feels about me."

"Like you didn't know already."

"No, I could never be sure. Seeing Harry snog me opened his eyes though. It was about damn time too!"

You listen to them joking about you. You are furious. Whatever is going on, they are both in on it! You hoped that maybe Hermione had been obliviated too, but no here she is joking around with Ginny about your love life.

"Hermione, do you think I am doing a good job so far? I hope the headmaster won't be mad that we switched me for you."

"Ginny, you heard Ron blurt out part of the prophecy. I will tell you it's not the whole thing. Harry told me the rest at our picnic. The headmaster is convinced that he needs to be able to love to win. You and I were the only logical choices. Plus the potions wouldn't have worked if there he didn't already feel something for you. Do you actually think Harry would start a relationship with someone so soon after Sirius's death? No, he would be moping around here trying to avoid everyone and everything! I am not saying I agree one hundred percent, but if snogging one of us is going to stop Tom Riddle, then pucker up Ginny!"

So that's it! Dumbledore told all your friends part of the prophecy. You apparently told Hermione the rest. She at least isn't telling everyone else. Dumbledore held that little tidbit from you all this time and suddenly, he is telling everyone. You felt bad about all the broken items in his office. Now you hope that a piece is on his chair and gets shoved up his ruddy arsehole!

"I guess you're right. It's just I had always hoped he would notice me and just when I had given up and started owling Dean, this whole thing comes out of nowhere. So suddenly, I am backtracking when it comes to Dean."

"I see your point. How did Dean take your breakup?"

"Not too bad. He told me if things don't work with Harry, he wouldn't mind trying some other time. All in all he is a really nice guy. So you are really going to be Head Girl this year?"

"Yes I am so excited! They've never selected a sixth year before! I am sure it will end up in Hogwart's a History! He also said that I would be able to use a time turner for my NEWT year. Plus this year I am getting extra charms work and next year transfiguration."

"I guess Professor Dumbledore was worried you wouldn't go along with this?"

"Honestly, given the gravity of the problem I would have, but I am not going to turn all these things down. I just hope Ron isn't going to act like a buffoon, when he opens his letter and is quidditch captain. He's already going to stay a prefect and probably be head boy, if he can keep his grades up. Plus the headmaster isn't going to be too pleased with his jealous little tantrum. If he starts bragging again, I may have to put him in his place."

"I am sure you can give him the proper motivation."

"Shut it, you!"

"I think I am really good for Harry. Don't you?"

"Of course you are Ginny. When he is with you he seems to have more fun and looks like he is enjoying himself. Around me he tried to be a bookworm, because he thought that is what I wanted him to be."

You really want to jump out there and yell at them, but other than a momentary relief it would just get you obliviated again. So, you hold your tongue and hope for some other useful information. The bushy haired traitor is talking again. You should be listening. Apparently, you are supposed to be a 'Happy Well Adjusted Harry'.

"I'm a little upset with Fred and George. They are trying to start a betting pool on how many more times Harry will get obliviated this summer. Honestly, do they have no shame?"

"Shhh. Keep your voice down. At least you can tell which one is Fred after Harry gave him a black eye before they stupefied him. George said that they're still patching up the damage to the shop Harry's accidental magic caused, the estimate they got today is over 150 galleons! Poor Mum still has to put repairing charms on the family room furniture each morning from the first time, otherwise the furniture falls apart. On the other hand, my boyfriend sure is powerful." You feel a bit better knowing that at least one Weasley got something they deserved. Listen to Ginny, she reminds you of Pavarti strutting you around the Yule ball dance floor. Putting the show dog through his paces eh Gin?

"I know. I have never seen accidental magic that powerful. He needs to learn to control his emotions better. It's probably what is preventing him from learning Occulmency. Oh and what is this about Harry buying you a broom? Don't think I didn't catch that." Oh of course, it can't be Snape's worthless teaching methods that are to blame! When was the last time she was mind raped? If Ginny ever gets that broom, you can show her where to stick it.

"It's perfectly acceptable behavior for a boyfriend to give his girlfriend a gift. I didn't see you complaining to vigorously when he offered to buy you one of every book in Flourish and Botts." You wonder if they carry a book on screwing over your best friend. Perhaps Hermione can write one if they don't.

"I wasn't going to let him do that! Seriously Ginny, don't take advantage of Harry. Go slow with him. He is going to make the most horrendous mistakes, but don't rush things." You sneer at the vote of confidence you just received.

"Its not like that is going to happen anyway, Mum made sure that a sexual inhibitor is in the potion anyway. It would stop him before things got out of hand." That's comforting. You can look at the menu, but you just can't eat. You always did like that song by Howard Jones.

You walk away resisting the urge to scream at the two girls who up to a moment ago meant everything to you. You don't know what to think now. Who can you trust? Where can you go? The only thing you know for certain is you have to get out of here!
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