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Chap Two

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Letty yawned loudly rubbing her eyes.She now sat on a banch next to Jason as he studied with her.
"Wow,you must be very tired.That's the sixth time you've yawned.",he said.
"Well,I found a new job.",she said.
"Oh,cool.So,why so tired?",he asked.
"I have night shifts.My legs are very sore.",she muttered.
"Why,you been dancing?",he asked laughing.Her eyes widened and she laughed along.
"Yeah right.I just have to walk around a lot because just a lot of putting things up and stuff.Anyways,I think I should go talk to the art teacher.I have questions.I'll see you later,bye.",she said and waved grabbing her things and leaving quickly.Jason watched as she walked away and smiled to himself.
"I'm going to have you,Letty."

"You're late."
"I'm very sorry.I had just gotten out of school and then I went to get some things for my mom and then i had to hurry and get into something good-"
Mateo stood up and sighed dismissing everybody else in the room leaving only the both of them again.
"Look,Letty,I didn't give you the job because I wanted to pay you when you only show up late and hardly dance when you're on the stage.Do the job right,and you'll get the money.",he said.
"What?",he asked.She gulped.
"I mean...Yes,Mateo.",she said.He smirked and chuckled.
"You're new to this,aren't you?",he murmured.She nodded.
"Well,you're going to dance for me.",he said.Her eyes widened.
"What-What do you mean?",she asked.
"Dance for me.I want to who exactly I gave my best position of dancers to.",he said as he walked over to the couch and sitting down.
"But,you see,I get nervous and pressured and-"
"Enough words.Dance.",he said.She gulped and nodded standing in front of him.This time,she only wore a black mini skirt with a shirt that had no sleeves and went over her belly,with black heels,her hair down with the same make-up.
He put on music and she took a deep breath.She quietly began to sway with the music when he chuckled.He stood up and came up behind her grabbing her waist.She yelped and jumped as she yelped.
"Here,I'll help you.",he said and began swaying with her.She blushed madly,but moved with him.
She began to pull away,but he pulled her back,pressing himself against her.
"You're doing just fine.",he said.
The song changed to a familair one and she practically smiled.
Drake-Find Your Love.
Her favorite song.
Slowly,she closed her eyes and moved to it subconsciously.
Mateo smirked as she moved more heavier and smoother.He moved with her and wrapped his arms around her waist,hugging her to him.Her hands went to his hands and held onto them as she tilted her head.
"Want it to be our song?",he whispered in her ear.She smiled and nodded,still in the music.His smirk widened as it slowed down and she turned towards him.She had her eyes closed and he was surprised to see it,but couldn't help but smile.
His eyes went to her glossed lips and he blushed a bit.
She wrapped her arms around his neck,his still around her waist.
As the song ended and another came,she slowly opened her eyes,staring him in his eyes.
Their faces neared...little by little...
her eyes slowly closed,and her lips parted.
The door slammed open and in came a girl,dressed in a short revealing dress with boots.
"Mateo!",she called as she saw them.Letty's eyes widened and she looked over,as well as Mateo,but they stayed pressed together.
"Casey?",Mateo asked.
"Who is she?",Casey asked.
Casey Ramirez,ex-girlfriend of Mateo but they still have their nights together once in a while.
Mateo sighed and pulled away from Letty walking to Casey.He looked over to the door to see V standing there.
"Why'd you let her in?",Mateo asked.
"Hey,she can be convincing sometimes.",V aid with a shrug.
"I'm gonna leave now.",Letty said and ran out before Mateo could stop her.With a frustrated sigh,he turned back to Casey.
"What do you want?",he asked her.Casey smiled and layed her hands on his chest.
"I've been feeling very lonely.I need you right now.",she said.
"Well,I don't.I have my own girl to be comforting.Go find your own guy.",he said and walked away walking ot his desk and sitting down.
"Excuse me?",she asked.
"Guards."Mateo said.Casey gasped and held her hands up at the guards.
"Forget it,I can walk on my own.",she said and flipped her hair.She gave one last glare at Mateo,and then walked away.
"Just my luck.",he said.He closed his eyes laying back,when he remembered Letty.
Her eyes gleaming brightly.Her lips looking soft and warm.Her flawless and beautiful face.The way she moved her hips.
"I think I have to have her.",he murmured.
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