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Different Lesson Plan

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Goody two shoes Juile is finally going to come out her shell. Professor Toro just so happened to be there to help her. (I SUCK at titles!)

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Julie walked through the freshly cut grass of the beautiful college campus, her usual shortcut to one of her favorite classes, freshman comp. She could practically walk to the classroom in her sleep, which could explain why she didn’t run into anything while focusing on the Earnest Hemingway handout she had convinced herself that she had trouble with. “Hey Jules!” Julie stopped on the pavement where the students were suppose to walk and waved to one of her classmates. “Hey Frankie!”

The short 20 year old bounced his way toward her, making Julie laugh. “Have you had your coffee today, Frank?” Frank stared down at his misfits t-shirt and bit his lip, letting the ring on the left corner of his mouth gleam. “Maybe.” He replied. Julie laughed again. “Where are you going with your nose in the comp assignment?” He asked her, looking down at the handout. “To see Professor Toro, I have a question about it.”

“Ahh,” Frank smiled. “Sexy Toro. Now I see why the smartest girl in the class has trouble with the assignment. Nice plan.” His grin was wide which caused Julie to glare at him.

“Okay Frank, first, I do have trouble with the assignment. Thank you for making me feel stupid. Second, even if he is attractive, it’s against the school rules to do anything about it. And third, you have a boyfriend remember? Hello, Mikey?” She informed him while he rolled his chocolate eyes.

“Hey, I love my boyfriend dearly but there’s no harm in telling the truth.” She smiled at him and turned around to walk toward her destination.

“See you later!”

“See you Jules!”

Julies knocked on the class room door and a voice flowed through the hardwood door. “Come in.” She turned the knob and pushed the door but it didn’t budge. She pushed on it more forcefully the next couple of times and it didn’t open until she pushed it with her shoulder. She stumbled in.

“Heh, sorry. That door has always been broken. Come sit.” The teacher behind the desk motioned to the seat next to him.

As Julie sat next to him, she noticed more of his features that he had over looked. His brown curly hair, which she had thought was a dirty red and straight underneath the florescent lighting, was tied tightly into a ponytail and saw that his browner eyes were even lighter when they weren’t behind his glasses. “Julie?”


She was broken out of her trance when professor Toro called her name. “Do you need help or...?”

“Oh yes. I don’t think I really get Hemingway’s message here.” She handed him the handout that was scribbled around the edges with notes. Professors Toro’s eyes did not stay on the passage but wondered all around the notes “Hmm,” He muttered and told Julie to scoot closer.

“Why do you doubt yourself, Julie?” He said and Julie was confused.

“What do you mean sir?”

“Look.” Professor Toro moved in more closing the small gap between them. He pointed one of the scribbled notes at a corner. “This is clearly stating the purpose of the passage.” He pointed to another on of her notes. ‘And this one is asking if he was asking another topic that most people don’t get until they study his work for years! You really are a bright student Jules.” He complimented as he read the last of her notes. Julie blushed as she looked over his shoulder.

“Thank you sir. I do learn from the best.” Ray laughed, his head shaking. “Bright and modest. No wonder you’re my favorite student.” He moved back into his leather chair, looking Julie right in the eyes. She could have sworn that her cheeks were as red as her hair that flowed freely down her shoulders.

“Your favorite sir?”

Professor Toro laughed. “It’s after school hours. Please call me Ray.”

“Okay.” She squeaked and Ray’s laughter filled her ears once more.

“What kind of trouble were you having with this?” He asked, leaning in closer to hear answer.

“I-I don’t know actually.” Julie confirmed but she couldn’t help but stare at the man’s plump pink lips. She felt a hand on her leg and she was surprised to see that it was Professor Tor—Ray’s hand. He saw her shocked eyes and removed his hand.

“I’m sorry,” He apologized moving him and his chair slightly back. “That was very unprofessional of me.”

“No. It’s okay.” Julie said not knowing what came over her, just that she really liked it when she was near him. Ray eyed her and the caught the smile in her eyes.

“Are you sure?” He asked, surprised that the normally keep-to-herself Julie was acting like this. She nodded moving her seat closer to him.

“With a smart and handsome man like you,” Julies’ finger had found one of Professor Toro’s locks ad she was now twirling it while whispering hotly in his ear. “Of course of I’m sure.”

Ray took a deep breath to steady his breathing but failed when he inhaled her perfume. “We could get caught.” He breathed, his hand running through her fiery red hair. She laughed and his heart sped up.

“Your door is broken remember.” She pulled away and hovered above his lips. “Unless you want me to go since you’re nervous.”

She started to back away but Ray had cupped the sides of her face and pulled her to his warm plump lips. She melted into him, slowly rising from her seat and sitting on the desk, not daring to break the hot and heavy kiss. Lips moving so perfectly together, Ray stood up and laid Julie on his desk, throwing every single thing on the floor and climbing on top of her. His lips left hers and traveled down her jaw bone and down her neck. Julie’s moans echoed throughout the empty classroom and she wondered about how she got here and fast it happened. Ray stopped sucking at her pale flesh when the poundings came from the door.

“Professor Toro, can I talk to you?”

Both Ray and Julie quickly jumped off of the desk. Julie fixing her shirt while he wiped away the lip gloss from his lips. She sat back it her seat, picking up the handout making sure it covered his face. Ray was picking up the papers and pencils that had been thrown.

“Come in!” He called. It took a couple of seconds for the blonde student to come in.

“Oh, hey Julie.”

“Hey Bob.” Her eyes darted up to her classmate then she stood up walking quickly to the door.

“Well thank you for the help, Professor Toro. See you tomorrow.” Julie flew by Bob, her cheeks as red as her hair. Bob stared after her and looked back at the professor. He was pursing his lips as Bob stared at him weirdly.

“So, Mr. Bryar, can I assist you?”

Julie walked through the campus lawn to her dorm room, smiling. She never felt this wild before. She had always stuck by the rules and had never done anything out of impulse before. She had never felt the thrill of being caught but she quickly learned that she loved it. Being with Ray would give her just that. It didn’t matter that it was against the school rules; this was her new after school hobby.
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