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Something Bad

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Everyone look at me as if they already knew, a few people seem like they could care less. I did not care what anyone thought I was just happy I finally told the truth on who I am. I felt relieved I never felt this way before it is scary at first but I am starting to like this feeling.

“That was very good Frank, I’m glad you finally admitted it, “Stephanie said.

I just sat back down now all I had to do was starting focusing on getting better; I was beyond scared of even thinking about that. Telling the truth on who I was hard I cannot think about how getting better we be. Soon after the group therapy ended, Gerard and I headed back outside.

“I’m proud of you, I knew you could do it, “Gerard said while sitting down at the table.

“I’m proud of me too, I knew I could do it too just finding the courage too was hard. I feel relieved now, “I said while sitting beside him.

“I know had to be hard for you. So what’s the next step in getting better, “He ask

“My first goal is to not lie for a whole day, starting tomorrow. That is going to be hard, I just hope I can do it, “I replied while looking at him.

“I think you can do it, I know it will be hard. It is a good idea to start out small then build your way up. Just remember if you do not lie for seven months your free, “He said.

“I think I can too but I have a feeling deep down I cannot. However, I am going to try my hardest. That is my plan start out small then build my way up. I know I am going to do whatever it takes to not lie forever; I want to leave this place. What about you, what is going to happen to you, “I ask.

“If you put your mind to it then you can. I believe in you. As of now I’m not sure I’ll do good for a week then I slip back into my old ways going days without eating, the doctor said if I did not change that he would spend me to another state some where I can get more help, “ He replied while looking at him.

My heart stop I cannot imagine him leaving me, his the main reason why I am trying to get better if he leaves then I do not know if I would continue on getting better.

“I do not won’t you to leave. I do not see why you are not eating; there is not one ounce of fat on you. I wish you would get better also, “I said with sadness in my voice.

“When I look at myself in the mirror I see fat, I see someone who does not need to eat. I know you do not see it but it is what my eyes see’s. I do not won’t to leave either but if I do not get better then I’m going to have too, and believe me I am trying but I can’t promise anything, “ He said.

“I wish you could see what I see, I see this beautiful person who does not need to lose weight, who does not know how beautiful you really are. If you leave, I cannot promise I would continue getting better, you are the main reason why I am, “I replied hoping he would believe me.

“You really think I am beautiful, “He asks while not believing it.

“Yes I do I’m telling the truth, I wish you would believe me, “I said

“I do believe you I just do not see how you could think I am beautiful. If I do leave please promise me you would continue on getting better, I want you to leave this place, do not worry about me, “He said while looking me in the eyes.

“If you could see what my eyes see, I wish you could. I promise I will, but do not leave me, okay I cannot do this without you, “I said while hiding the tears.

He did not say anything he just hold me close to him, something was telling me that something bad was going to happen, I just did not know when.

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