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Chapter Five **Bad Influence**

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I finally got home and threw my keys onto my coffee table. I plonked myself down on the couch and kicked off my shoes, curling my feet underneath my butt as I leaned up against the pillow.

‘What a fucked up weekend’ I said to no one. Venom appeared out of nowhere and jumped up onto my tummy. She head butted my hand until I rubbed the back of her neck. She soon got over my poor attempt of affection and became interested with the ring on my finger. So interested that she wrapped her little mouth around the stone and started chewing at it. I quickly retracted my hand from her mouth, my action was so fast that I scared the poor kitty and she ran off into the kitchen.

My attention became transfixed on the ring. It was absolutely stunning. I was staring at a 18k princess cut, white gold diamond ring. On either side of the diamond lay four smaller diamonds. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I watched as the diamonds sparkled in the light. I could seriously blind someone with this bling.

I was broken out of my trance by the sound of a text message received on my mobile phone. I reluctantly pulled myself off the couch and rummaged through my handbag for my mobile. It was Gerard.

Gerard: Hey Vee! How are you going baby girl? Why didn’t you come and say bye before you left this morning?
Shit! I completely forgot to visit him this morning.

Virginia: I’m so sorry, this morning was insane and Chris wouldn’t leave my side. I’ve just got a minute to myself now.

Gerard: Don’t apologise, it’s ok. I was hoping you could come see me tonight?

Virginia: I would love to come see you tonight! Details?

Gerard: My office 7pm, bring nothing, just yourself, clothes are optional ha-ha

Virginia: Hey who said you were going to get lucky, it's out first date! xoxo

Gerard: I can hope! :p xoxo

I grinned to myself as my eyes began to close. The exhaustion of the weekend was finally taking it’s toll on me and I needed to get some rest before my first real date with Gerard tonight.


A loud banging on my front door woke me from my nap on the couch. I fumbled looking for my phone only to find out that it was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I let out a groan as I made my way towards the door. The person on the other end was persistent with the knocking. I swung it wide open to see Chris standing on my front step. ‘Hey sweetie! How are you feeling?’ He stepped over the threshold and into my living room. He placed a kiss on my lips as he made himself comfortable on the couch.

Shenanigans made her way over to Chris and jumped onto his lap. Chris has and always will be Shanny’s favourite. Chris began to scratch behind her ears as I sat down next to him. ‘So how are you after this crazy weekend?’

‘It all still seems like a blur.’ I answered honestly.

‘I was worried that Courtney was going to let slip to you what was going on. I was going to be so disappointed if she did. I really wanted to surprise you.’

‘Oh you surprised me honey, believe me you did.’ He pulled me into his chest and held onto me tightly. We cuddled on the couch with Shanny in-between us for awhile. Chris soon broke the silence ‘So, I was thinking, why don’t we go for a nice little Sunday drive?’ I thought it over and agreed to go on a drive with him. I put my shoes back on and followed him out the door to his car.

He owned a beaten up little blue hatchback. It was literally a crap mobile, but Chris loved it. He always told me that his car had personality and he would only get rid of it when it wouldn’t run anymore. We headed out the drive way and I turned the radio up so I could prevent us from making small talk. As we got onto the highway Pink’s song ‘Bad Influence’ flowed threw the speakers. A smile crept along my face as I stared out at the scenery. ‘Bad Influence’ was Gerard’s and mine song. He told me that every time he heard this song he always thought of me…

Gerard and I were sitting behind the desk at the Hilton Airport Hotel. He was staring with great concentration at some figures on the computer screen in front of him. The lobby was completely deserted and I was becoming increasingly bored as the seconds ticked by. I ripped little bits off little bits of paper, scrunched them up and started to throw them at him. He either didn’t notice, or was trying his best to ignore me.

I really wanted his attention and was failing. I started to push myself on my chair closer towards him. Every time he would look up I would stop and look in the opposite direction. This went on for a few minutes until I was right up next to him and my chair collided with his. ‘Okay Vee, I give in. What do you want?’

‘I want you to entertain me.’

‘And how do you propose I do that?’

‘Mmmm, I dunno. Surprise me?’ He looked at me for a moment and then got out of his chair. ‘Where do you think you are going?’

He smirked at me ‘I’m surprising you, for entertainment.’ He made his way out the door to our back office. As soon as he disappeared I followed through after him. Once I turned the corner his hands grabbed onto my sides and he started to tickle me. I started squealing and giggling, begging him to stop.

‘I can’t stop, you said you wanted to be entertained!’ He kept tickling me while I thrashed about in his arms. ‘Are you going to be a good girl and stop throwing paper at me?’ He whispered into my ear as he held me.

‘I’ll be good, if you be good, and you can start by letting me go.’ He removed his arms from around my stomach.

‘But I’m always good!’

‘No your not, you’re just as bad as I am. And that’s the reason why you are IT.’

‘IT? How am I IT?’

‘Cause, tag, you’re IT.’ I tapped his shoulder and made a run for the door. I managed to make my way out of the back office and out to the smokers area near the dumpster. Gerard caught up to me grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall. He was breathing as heavily as I was from the run. He pressed my shoulders tightly up against the wall.

‘You are such a bad influence you know that?’ I looked at him with innocent eyes.

‘Who? Little old me a bad influence?'

‘Yes you. You have no idea what you do to me Virginia.’ As he pressed his body up against mine I could feel his erection pressing into my thigh.

‘I think I have an idea about what I do to you Gerard.’ I directed my eyes down to his pants and he followed my line of sight. He lifted his head back up and looked at me. ‘See I told you bad influence.’

‘Hey babe we are here!’ I broke out of my daydream and looked out the window. Where the hell were we.

‘Um, babe, where exactly are we?’ We were parked in a suburban street lined with houses. Each house was double story and had immaculate gardens out the front. A few houses down from where we were parked two children were riding around on their bikes.

‘We are in Paterson Lakes. What do you think of the area?’

‘It seems nice, but I have never heard of Paterson Lakes before.’

‘It’s just a new suburb that was developed about three years ago.’ I looked at the houses again and realised that they all did look relatively new. Chris got out of the car and I followed his lead. He walked over to me, stood behind me and held me in his arms. ‘I think it’s a very pretty place. What do you think of that house?’ He pointed to the white double story home directly in front of us.

‘It looks very pretty. You know I have always wanted to live in a double story house. And I like the rose hedges out the front.’

‘I’m glad you like it hun, because it’s ours.’
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