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Damn you Gerard Way

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You're a real jerk off Gerard Way.

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You’re a real jerk off Gerard Way.

Yeah I said it.

I want to know who the hell you think you are. Sauntering all over the damn place like Queen Elizabeth, you got some nerve. I put up with it for so long, but no more sir.

I’m tired of the endless nights of you staying up, shining that damn light in my eye while I’m trying to sleep. Thanks to you, I see black spots everywhere now, I appreciate it oh so much. Why I never said anything to you, I do not know. I only remember glaring at those damn drawings you did, and wishing I could rip them up to pieces, but I know you wouldn’t like that.

I hate the way you always blame me when your eyeliner, or your clothes, or whatever you have goes missing. Do I look like Sherlock Holmes to you? Am I supposed to play detective for everything little thing you lose? If you said yes, I swear on this earth, I’ll murder you Gerard.

I hate that you’re so dramatic about everything. You’ll cry if your pencil breaks for crying out loud. I spent countless times trying to shut you up, but nope, not thing worked for you, you princess. Now I know I’m not exactly a walk in the park either, but I think it’s pretty obvious who takes the cake here.

I also don’t like the way that when I wake up every morning, you always take the coffee that I set up for myself. I even told you to stop drinking my coffee, but you just don’t listen! I don’t understand why you torture me like this? What did I ever do to you? Are you still mad at me for not getting you that hamster? If so, you need to realize I really did try, but we’re on the road so much, who’s going take care of it? It sure as hell won’t be me. I know Mikey won’t touch those things, that damn germaphobic. Perhaps Ray would…then again he might lose it in that hair of his…only jokes of course. And I think we all know Bob might just accidentally crush it with those hands of his…

See here I go again, losing my concentration again, because of you. I hate that so much, you have no idea.

Want to know what else I hate?

I hate that fact that you’re smile will affect mine in only a matter of a second. I hate the way that when I’m not with you, I go absolutely crazy, and even a phone call will not suffice for anything. I hate how you can cheer me up so quickly, even when I’m pissed at you. I also hate that I never CAN be pissed at you. Because you’re that good.

Because even through your faults, and my faults, nothing can keep us away from each other. I couldn’t even if I tried, and believe me, I have tried.

You’re fucking amazing, and I can’t help but despise that. I wish I could be like that, but I simply can’t.

The way you don’t care what everyone thinks. The way you could proudly raise your middle finger in someone’s face when they pissed you off.

But I really hate…the fact I don’t really hate you. I never could. Never will.

I hate the fact that you inevitably own my heart. God, knows there will never be another you.

This is my third attempt to write this angry letter, and looked how it turned out.

Damn you Gerard Arthur Way.

You win again…

Love, Frank Anthony Thomas Iero.

P.S. I love you.
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