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It begins

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A:N again this was an ATL fanfiction i wrote in Febuary. Just changed it because I wanted to and I need to get back into writing . It's a two part

It’s sunny, hot and humid – all the things that are signature for the Warped Tour. Mikey is sitting in a beach chair outside of the bus watching Frank fill a kiddie pool with water. Mikey doesn’t really have the heart to tell him that it’s a kiddie pool – it’s not going to do much to help him cool down.

“Are you going to come in with me?” Frank asks as he dumps yet another bucket of ice water in. “Because I don’t think you’re going to fit.”

“That’s okay – I’ll just watch you.”

“You can be the lifeguard.”

“Sounds good,Frank.”

Mikey leans back in his chair and closes his eyes. He hears Frank splashing around in the water, trying to cool himself down - and then suddenly, someone smacks him in the forehead. He jolts out of his chair, looking around for the culprit, but he can only see Frank. Then, he realizes there’s a post-it note stuck on his head. He reaches up and pulls it off.

"You’re looking extremely hot today ;)"

His cheeks are a light shade of red after he reads the words. He looks up only to see that Frank’s holding his own note. Mikey’s his eyes land on the retreating form of Bob Bryar, The Used's Drum tech, one hand shoved into the pocket of jeans and the other holding a pad of pink post-it notes.

“Fuck, he’s doing this again?” Mikey mumbles. Bob did this last year – leaving notes all over the place. He speaks only through the post-its. “What’s yours say?”

“That I need to shower. You?”

Mikey frowns. “Um… that I look extremely hot today. He’s such a creep.”

“Eww, why would he say that? You’re far from hot.”

Rolling his eyes, Mikey shoves the note into his pocket and forgets about it.


He forgets about it up until sound check. He’s waiting for Ray and Gerard to show up when Bob walks behind him, slapping him on the ass.

“What the fuck, Dude?! Stop harassing me!” Mikey shouts as Bob walks away. He pulls the post-it off of his jeans and blushes hard at the words – You have such a cute ass.

Gerard appears by his side, holding his own pink note. He hands it to Mikey who takes it and reads, ‘Stop drawing so much, it’s creepy.’

“Do you think it’s creepy?” Gerard questions, looking slightly depressed at the thought.

“‘Course not. He’s just being-”

“Wait – does yours say you have a cute ass?” Gerard asks, looking over Mikey’s shoulder. “That’s so weird. I think he’s trying to tell you something…”

Mikey opens his mouth to respond, but instead of his voice, he hears Frank shouting from behind him.

“Fuck you, Bobert! I haven’t showered in a week and I don’t plan on it!”


After their set later that day, Mikey is looking for entertainment. He started out by the My Chemical Romance Bus, headed over to the merch tent, and now he’s found himself watching The Used prepare . He’s standing close enough to the drums , watching as Bob fiddles around and makes The bands fans laugh

When Bob looks towards the side and his eyes land on Mikey, he laughs a bit as He's talking and then blows a kiss his way. Mikey feels his heart flutter, and he suddenly feels a bit light headed.

Mikey is pretty sure that Bob doesn’t do that to everyone.

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