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21 Guns

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'Did you stand too close to the fire? Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone' - Frank never meant to get Jamia into this, but through everything. He does love her

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A:N- I feel so good right now. You’ve got no idea :D This is based around the 21 Guns video. And as there is No Jamia/Frank stories. I thought this would be a good idea :D Comment please bobbles. And I’ll give you metaphorical cookies :F Has anyone seen the American idiot musical? If so is it good? I really wanna see it

Everything seemed perfectly quiet. Frank sat staring at the bullet in his hand for a moment. He flicked it about before allowing it to hit the floor. The ‘ting’ rang in his ears. His eyes soon dart up to meet the figure of his girlfriend Jamia. Her head seemed to have turned. Her hazel eyes watched it fall. “J-“Jamia wasn’t paying attention. She turned straight back to the window. She didn’t need Frank right now. He’d got her into this. It was his idea to break into that Bank. It was his entire fault. She stared out of the window. Her teeth becoming friendly with her bottom lip. The flashing lights. They stung the back of her eyes. Why had she even allowed herself to get pulled into this?


"So you speak now?"


Jamia kept her eyes set outside. Her fingers fumbled with the blinds until they closed. As soon as they closed, she tapped gently on the walls. They were soft; No wonder this room got so cold at night. “If you don’t come out we will open fire” Frank took another moment to look up at her before Jamia let a twisted scream run through her lips. She dropped onto the floor as bullets began to flail through the wall. “Frank get down!” As much as she hated him right now, She couldn’t let the one person who cared for her get hurt. Frank managed to fall backwards on the chair. His legs flailed slightly before he curled them against each other. As soon as the shattering noises stopped, Frank stuck his legs back up into the air with a small laugh. Jamia soon followed suit and laughed “Goddamnit Condom lips!” Jamia couldn’t help but smile at him.
It had been a complete accident with them meeting. Frank, being Frank, got lost on the way to his friends’ party. Jamia just happened to be out and about as he tripped in the snow. It seemed to kick off there, but she wouldn’t have helped him if she knew anything about him. You see, Frank is the son of Frank Iero Sr, The biggest ‘boss’ in New Jersey. Frank is part of the family who happen to hate. Jamia regretted falling for him.

Standing up slowly, Jamia bit down on her lip before looking at Frank. A look of sorrow filled his face. Frank hated her being like this; cooped up when it wasn’t her fault. He grabbed the phone which happened to be ringing, before tugging tightly on the phone cord. The plug hit his foot before he began to walk to Jamia. She backed up slowly against the wall. The spacing where she had hidden. Frank took a moment to push her lightly against it before pressing his lips to hers as more shots seemed to fly through the building. The space that was sheer wood, where Jamia had stood before, lay protected.

They seemed in total bliss. Jamia’s hands were all over him. A small satisfied smile on her face .The noise and the culminating death seemed to have left her head. She was happy to be with Frank. As he pulled away from her, Jamia gave a small smile. Her hands traced around Frank’s face before she smiled. Her hair dropping over her face as she sighed and bit down on her lip

“I hate you Frank Iero.”

“I love you too Jamia ”

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