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Amy talks to Izzy...

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Before I knew it, Christmas had come around again. This Christmas, Steven had invited me over. The invitation had really taken me off guard. For one thing, Steven and I hadn't seen each other for a very long time. For another thing, I hadn't even talked to the members from Guns 'n Roses since the whole episode with Erin and Axl. I hadn't told Steven whether or not I would go to his house or not. I just couldn't decide if I wanted to or not. Part of me wanted to go. After all, I might have a good time! Seeing Steven again would be fun. It definitely beat spending Christmas alone. Part of me wasn't sure if I should go to Steven's though. I didn't know him all that well and I had never been to his house before. Going other there might not be such a good idea after all.
Tommy had called me earlier today to tell me about his Christmas. He was spending a rather intimate day with Heather, so that's why he hadn't invited me over. He did tell me about a refuge staying at their house though. Want to know who the refuge was? You'll never guess. It was Nikki's new girlfriend, Vanity. Apparently, Vanity had gone over to Nikki's house the night before. The two of them had sat under the Christmas tree and had taken drugs all day long. Not a good way to spend Christmas, huh? Unfortunately, the very next day, the two of them had ended up in a big argument. Mercilessly, Nikki kicked Vanity out of the closet where they were taking drugs and had pointed towards the door to her with his gun.
Why Nikki had so many guns around, I did not know. Tommy said that Nikki was afraid that everyone was out to get him. I wasn't sure why he would think that all of the sudden. After all, it wasn't like Nikki had ever been stalked before or anything like that. Maybe drugs make people paranoid. I didn't really know. Anyways, Vanity ended up staying at Tommy's house for Christmas. Vanity and Heather had gotten along pretty well, so they were having a pretty nice Christmas day.
Mick was having a nice little Christmas with his family. He had been invited to a few parties, but had rejected all the invitations. Mick seemed to like to be alone a lot lately. I hoped he wasn't becoming a recluse. He wasn't nearly as bad as Nikki yet, but things could always change in the future. I really thought Mick needed a girlfriend though. He needed someone to be his. In the same way, I needed someone for me too. Sadly, I was still single.
Vince was probably having the best Christmas of his life. At first, I had thought his divorce with Beth Lynn make take a big toll on him. Vince had really seemed to love her at one point of time, and he had had Beth's baby after all. But no, Vince seemed to think that the divorce with Beth was one of the best things that had ever happened to him. He was living it up on Sunset Boulevard, going to all his favorite clubs and bars. He came home to his house with at least five girls every night. I hadn't even bothered to try to get in with Vince. After all, Tommy had said he already liked that Sharise chick. I probably didn't have a chance with him, so there was no point in even trying if I was going to end up with a broken heart.
So here I sat, wondering what the hell I should do on this Christmas Day. Finally, I decided I might as well go over to Steven's house. Nothing bad could happen, right? I mean, it wasn't like Steven would kick me out of the house. I might as well take a chance and head over there. There was nothing to lose.
Impulsively, I stood up, grabbed my coat and headed straight for my jetta. I brought my phone along with me because Steven had left the directions to his house on a message on my phone. Since I had never been to Steven's house before, directions were mandatory. I popped into my jetta, listened to Steven's message, and then headed towards the direction of his house.
Just when I had gotten to Steven's house, I realized that I wasn't dressed for a Christmas party or anything. I was wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a black sweater. It wasn't fancy and it certainly wasn't sexy. I would definitely have to be more careful with what I decided to wear from now on. Then I realized I hadn't bothered to do my hair or makeup either. My hair was in the normal, boring ponytail from earlier and I only had some mascara and lip gloss on. Great. Maybe impulsiveness wasn't so great after all.
Knowing that it was too late to do anything about my appearance, I slipped out of the car and started towards Steven's door. When I was about halfway there, I lost my nerve. What the hell was I doing here? I shouldn't be at Steven's party! I barely even knew him. Suddenly deciding my decision to come here had been stupid, I turned around and started back to the car.
Just then, the door to Steven's house burst open and talking and laughing voices met my ears. I froze, feeling like a criminal caught in the act of a crime. What should I do now? Wondering if anyone had noticed me, I turned around and peered over my shoulders to see who was in the doorway. To my surprise, everyone from Guns 'n Roses was there. Slash and Axl were laughing over something, Duff was smiling politely even though I don't think he really understood what Axl and Slash were laughing about, Izzy was standing quietly off to the side, and Steven was blabbing away to everyone like usually. Then, to my major disappointment, I noticed a slim brunette girl besides Axl. It was Erin.
Before I could try to get away, Steven saw me. When he recognized my presence, his grin widened and he ran over to me, "Hi Amy! I was really hoping you could make it here. We were just heading over to The Rainbow. Why don't you come with us? I'm sure we'll have a great time." Before I could protest or even say anything at all, Steven grabbed my hand and started leading me towards Axl's truck. I looked behind me helplessly, wondering what I was suppose to do.
Slash gave me a little wave and Axl's eyes widened when he saw me. There was a mixed expression on his face for a few moments, and then he gave me a forced smile. It was a smile that seemed to tell me that he wasn't glad to see me. Well that was just great. Now Axl hated me for no good reason. Seriously, whatever had I done to him?
Deciding to just ignore Axl, I turned back to Steven and flounced to the truck. I might as well make the best of this situation and just try to have a good time. Maybe Steven and I could get a table to ourselves without Axl and Erin. Who knew?
Luckily, the trip to The Rainbow didn't take long, and we were there within a few minutes. I didn't have to say much during the trip because Steven talked on and on about how glad he was that everyone could make it to the party and a bunch of stuff like that. I didn't pay much attention to Steven's blabbing. Instead, I kept glancing behind me to see what Axl and Izzy were doing. I knew that I really had to get over Izzy, but it certainly wasn't a very easy thing to do. We had broken up over a year ago, and here I was still looking at him to see if he had brought a girlfriend along with him.
Steven parked the car in one of the front parking places and motioned for us all to get out of the car. All of us tumbled out and followed Steven inside the building. It was packed and was almost impossible to move through. People were everywhere! Finally, Slash pointed to a far table on the left side of the building and shouted, "Hey guys, there's a free table over there! Let's go sit down!" Everyone followed Slash's gaze, and sure enough, there was an empty table!
We immediately began pushing and shoving our way through the crowd so nobody could steal our table before we had a chance to get to it. Somehow, we were able to make it to the table before anyone else did. I plopped down on the seat at the end and dumped my purse under my chair. Axl took drink orders while the rest of us sat down and arranged our stuff. When Axl asked me what I wanted to drink, I paused and then said, "I'm okay."
I just didn't feel like drinking tonight. I guess I wasn't in the mood for it for some reason. I had been kind of depressing lately, so getting high didn't seem like a good idea. Axl just shrugged at my response and headed towards the bar. To the far side of the room were the dancers. Slash was eying them delectably. Duff and Izzy were talking quietly at the other end of the table.
"Hey Steven," I whispered when I didn't think Izzy was paying any attention to me, "Where's Izzy's girlfriend?" Steven looked at me with a blank face for a moment before answering my question, "Oh, Izzy's girl? I don't know where she is. He doesn't bring her along with him very often. To be honest, I highly doubt they're still together."
My heart all of the sudden seemed to leap and I immediately found myself in a much better mood. I stared down the table at Izzy a little closer. He didn't seem to be paying a bit of attention to me. My good mood faltered just a little bit. Deep inside, I really wanted to catch him alone for a few minutes and talk about us. I mean, what exactly had happened to the "us"? We had used to be so close, but somehow we ended up drifting apart for what I found to be no good reason.
Axl brought the drinks back a few minutes later. Everyone continued talking and laughing, but I kept my gaze focused on Izzy. I was so focused on Izzy, that I didn't even realize how much Steven was drinking. After a while, I finally looked over to see that Steven had emptied two bottles of some sort of drink and was starting on a third. He was talking loudly now and his cheeks had gotten quite red. It occurred to me that I had never seen Steven drunk before.
Just then, Izzy stood up from the table, whispered something to Duff, and then started off towards the other side of the room. I knew now was going to be my best chance to get Izzy alone and talk with him. I glanced over to Steven, who was still talking, and quickly made up an excuse, "Uh, Steven? I'm gonna go to the ladies' room for a sec. I'll be back in a bit, okay?" Steven nodded cheerily and turned to start talking to Duff. I swear that guy never shuts up!
Keeping my eye on Izzy, I followed him through the dense crowd and tried to figure out where he was going. It took me a while before I realized Izzy was heading towards the door of the building. I changed my direction and headed towards the door as well. He reached it first, and slipped outside a few moments before I did. When I finally reached the door, I pushed it open quietly and stepped out into the cool, starless night. Izzy was standing by the doorway, smoking a cigarette.
"Um...hey," I greeted him awkwardly, walking to stand next to him by the door. Izzy glanced up from his cigarette with an expression of complete surprise. He stared at me like that for a long, tense moment. Finally, he nodded and greeted me back, "Hi Amy." A long silence fell again. I was starting to think I had made a mistake by following him outside.
Just when I was losing my nerve and thinking that maybe I would go back inside, Izzy spoke again, "You're probably wondering why I broke up with you, aren't you? I should've told you a long time ago, but I thought maybe it would be easier for you if I just kind of let our relationship drift off. Apparently I was wrong about that."
Now it was my turn to stare at Izzy with surprise. He had never once mentioned before why he had broken up with me. Actually, he had previously refused to admit that we had broken up at all. Maybe I was finally about to get some answers. Not wanting this opportunity to slip away, I nodded and asked, "So why did you break up with me then?"
"Two reasons really," Izzy started, taking a break to lift his cigarette to his lips, "The first reason was the drugs. I've gotten pretty addicted to heroin lately. Slash and I have kind of become drug buddies. We have to take heroin before our shows and we have to take it immediately afterwards. The last thing I want for you is for you to be in love with a druggie. I'm sure you understand?" Truth be told, I didn't really understand. I could care less whether or not Izzy was a drug addict!
I shrugged my shoulders and prompted, "What's the second reason?" At this, Izzy bit his lip slightly and passed his cigarette from his right to his left hand, "It's really too hard for me to have a steady girlfriend right now, Amy. Life in a band is a lot different than you'd imagine. We get a lot of groupies and girls chasing after us. I wouldn't want to end up cheating on a girlfriend with one of them, so it's easier just not to have a girlfriend. See?"
I wasn't quite ready to give Izzy up just yet. I protested, "I wouldn't care if you had one-nighters with those girls." Izzy gave me a you-are-crazy look and re corrected my sentence, "Um, yes, you would care. You know you would." Deep inside, I knew Izzy was right. I would indeed be hurt if he slept with another girl.
Knowing that there wasn't much left to say, I nodded to Izzy and quickly said, "I guess you're right. It's a little cold out here so I think I'm going to go back inside." Without waiting for his response, I turned and hurried back into the club. Izzy's words had hit me a lot harder than I had thought they would. True, I had figured that Izzy had officially broken up with me, but I still couldn't help but hope that maybe there was something inside of him that still wanted me. Apparently not.
Blinking back tears, I retraced my steps through the crowd back to our table. For the rest of the night, I just sat at my chair, dwelling in my misery. I pretended to listen to Steven's chatter and nod and smile at him politely, but in reality, my thoughts and mind were far away.
After what seemed like an eternity, Steven finally decided it was time to head home. I was very thankful for that. Izzy's words had cut straight to my heart and I didn't feel like partying or anything. Actually, the only thing I did feel like doing was going home and relaxing for a bit. The night was suppose to be a relaxing occasion, but it had ended up being much more stressful than relaxing. I couldn't even seem to look Izzy in the eye anymore for fear or bursting into tears. I guess it was officially over between us now. I had kind of known it all along, but this time, I actually heard it straight from his lips.
So what was I suppose to do now? Go boyfriend hunting? Nah, that just sounded stupid. I should probably just hang out and wait for some guy to come to me. Unfortunately, guys didn't have a habit of just coming up to me. Maybe I seemed unapproachable or something. I wasn't really sure. Actually, the only guy who had ever approached me was Nikki from way back in high school. At the thought of Nikki, my heart clenched even tighter. I didn't think this Christmas could get any worse.
"You guys ready to go?" Duff asked us as we gathered our belongings and started to make our way towards the door. Everyone nodded. Everyone was either really high or really low. The only two people who were weren't drunk, were Izzy and me. The two of us avoided eye contact and walked as far apart from each other as possible.
Steven, really drunk at this point, was oblivious to my bad mood and chattered away as we jumped into truck. I was starting to wish he would shut up. His ongoing blabber was starting to drive me nuts and give me a headache. Normally, it probably wouldn't have bothered me, but tonight wasn't exactly a normal night.
Just when I thought I was going to scream from frustration or start cursing, Steven let out a random whoop, "I'm on the night train!" Everyone in the car paused and looked at Steven with a questioning looks on their faces. Steven just continued to grin at them drunkenly. Axl rolled his eyes in the mirror at Steven and added to his sentence, "And I'm ready to crash and burn."
"Hey Axl, that actually kind of has a good rhythm to it," Izzy stated in his quite manner. "Why don't you try adding some more lyrics to that?" So on our drive home, Axl, Steven, and Izzy took turns composing lyrics to a song that had come about by Steven's chatter. By the time we reached Steven's house, the band had composed a song that would later be known as "Night Train." It was pretty interesting how Guns 'n Roses came up with their song lyrics. But hey, who cares how they come up with it as long as it's a good song, right? Besides, this was more fun than having Nikki make up all the lyrics for the Crue songs.
When we reached Steven's house, I quickly jumped out of my car door and hurried over to my jetta. I waved at the guys from the band and started heading towards my jetta. I was feeling really irritable tonight and just wanted to get home. Calling over my shoulder, I yelled, "It was fun going to The Rainbow with you guys tonight. Thanks a bunch for inviting me. I think I'm going to head home now though. I'll see you guys later."
"Aw, don't you want to stay?" Steven frowned for the first time that night. I shook my head in an apologetic manner. Steven shrugged and called, "Okay, I suppose it is getting late. I had a fun time with you tonight too. You should drop by the house more often. You're welcome here anytime. Just come on in if you ever want to stop by."
I nodded and watched as Steven and the other band members headed into the house. I was just about to slip into the jetta when a hand touched my shoulder. Jumping a mile, I whirled around to see who had touched me. At first I thought it might be some criminal since it was so late at night, but when I turned around, I saw Axl smiling at me.
My lips immediately formed a dreamy smile and I felt myself become hypnotized by his beauty as usual. I swear that he looked even better than usual standing in the dark with the moonlight illuminating one half of his face. He was wearing a pair of old, ripped jeans and a white tank top that showed off his lean, muscley arms. could one get more gorgeous than that?
"Sorry that I didn't pay much attention to you tonight," Axl apologized in a genuine manner. "I kind of had to be with Erin all night. I owed that to her since I invited her to the party. Seriously though, you and I should do something sometime." I raised an eyebrow, wondering what that was suppose to mean. Axl smiled at me and added, "I mean do something just the two of us without Erin along. We could do whatever you want. We could go to a movie or club or something. It's up to you."
Was Axl invited me out on a date? My heartbeats quickened and I tried to break out of my paralysis. Feeling nervous and excited, I answered, "I'd love to go somewhere with you. Going to a movie might be fun. Wanna give me a call when you feel like going? You have my phone number, right?" I decided going to a movie would probably be better than going to a club for a few reasons. First of all, going to a movie got rid of awkward silences. Secondly, there wouldn't be any other pretty girls to distract Axl at a movie most likely. Clubs were full of drop-dead gorgeous women.
"Yeah, I'll give you a call sometime soon," Axl replied, nodding. "Anyways, I should probably get back inside before Erin wonders where I am. It was really nice talking to you tonight though. I'll see you later?" I nodded, pausing a second before getting in the car. Axl reached out and gave me a quick, little hug before blushing slightly and heading towards the door to the house. I watched him leave and then slowly got into my car as if I was moving through jello.
As I started up the jetta and heading towards home, I found myself in a much better mood. Axl Rose had actually invited me out! That must mean that he was losing interest in Erin or something. I guess the night hadn't been worthless after all!

~ ~ ~ ~

Two months later, I stood at the airport with Vince, Tommy, and Nikki. Somehow, Nikki had managed to get his creative juices flowing again and had managed to write enough songs for a new album. I had to admit that his methods for coming up with the songs were quite odd though. Nikki wrote "Wild Side" based on a dismantled version of the Lord's Prayer while he sat around in his house naked and shooting up as usually. He also bought a book called "Five Years Dead" that helped him write a song with that exact title. After that, Nikki came up with the songs "Veins" and "Hollywood Nights" after buying a coffin. Don't ask me why, but somehow he thought that helped inspire him to write more songs. Vince didn't like either of those songs, so Nikki was forced to come up with two more. Those last two ended up being "Dancing on Glass" and "You're All I Need."
Now that the Crue had completed recording their new album, Tommy and Nikki had decided to fly to New York to overseeing the mastering of the album. Tommy had invited me to go with them, but I had refused. It almost pained me to see Nikki in such a sickly state. I swear that I didn't even recognize the guy who had used to be my best friend sometimes.
I know what you're thinking. You're wondering what I was doing at the airport if I wasn't going to New York with Tommy and Nikki, right? Well, I wasn't going with Tommy or Nikki, I was going with Vince. Vince was going to Atlanta for a "vacation", and had invited me along. Now that Beth Lynn had been taken care of, I had seized this as the perfectly opportunity to get in close with Vince. I couldn't wait to see what this vacation had in store for me.

~ ~ ~ ~

Five hours later, we had bid our farewells to Tommy and Nikki, and were entered a hotel at Atlanta. Vince had been kind enough to get us connecting rooms. If you don't know what a connecting room is, it's when there are two rooms that are joined by a door on the inside of each room. I honestly didn't think I would've minded staying in Vince's room, but I supposed that Vince would probably drag me in there if he got drunk enough anyway.
Once we had reached our hotel rooms, I dumped my suitcase on the bed and looked expectantly up at Vince. He had followed me into the room and was looking everything over carefully. The room was really quite nice. The bed comforter was a pretty light blue color and the walls and cushy carpet were coral-colored. There was a picture of a palm tree hanging above the bed and there was a window on the far side of the room that allowed me to look down at the pool area. Several bikini clad women was swaggering around and men were chasing after them. I almost laughed.
Returning back to the prospect of how we were going to spend our day, I looked up at Vince and asked, "So...what are we gonna do today?" Vince hurried towards the window and peered out at the pool area. His eyes widened with delight when he saw all the beautiful women hanging around the pool deck. I rolled my eyes and tried to bring him back to reality, "Uh...Vince?"
"Huh?" Vince was momentarily distracted before he realized what I was asking him. "Oh, there was this local strip joint I wanted to go to. Bon Jovi is hanging out there. You wanna come with me?" I paused to think about this for a moment. Vince was always going to strip clubs and bars. Was there ever a time that he just wanted to spend some quality time with me somewhere? To be honest, I just wanted to be alone with Vince for a while before he got too fucked up. But if Vince was convinced on going to this strip joint, I might as well go with him. I hadn't met the guys from Bon Jovi before either.
"I guess I'll come," I said rather reluctantly, still wishing Vince had invited me to go to a movie or go to the beach with him instead. Vince must've sensed the reluctance in my voice, because his next few words were, "Are you sure you want to come? You don't have to, you know. You can just stay here and go down to the pool to relax or something."
"Nah, it's okay," I reassured him. Hanging out at the pool and watching other happy couples wasn't really something good for me to do. All it did was make me jealous and remind be that I was still single. Besides, the whole point of this vacation was to spend time with Vince. Wanting to change into something more suitable, I gave Vince a shove towards the door and said, "I'm gonna change. I'll meet you in the lobby in a few minutes, okay?"
Vince nodded. I think I saw a flicker of annoyance in his eyes though. Maybe he had thought I would let him stay in the room while I stripped and redressed like old times. I probably would've let him stay in the room a while back, but it wasn't like old times anymore. We weren't really dating or anything. As a matter of fact, we were nothing more than friends at the moment. Oh well, maybe by the time the vacation ended, I would change that.
Just as Vince started to slip through the doorway, I added, "Hey Vince?" He turned around and gave me a questioning look. Smiling at him while I riffled through my suitcase for something to wear, I asked, "Are the guys from Bon Jovi nice?" Vince frowned at me as if I was asking a stupid question. Maybe it was a stupid question, but I wanted to know something about this band.
"Sure, they're nice," Vince said, shrugging. "I don't think I've ever met any band members who have been 'mean' or anything." Vince's eyes narrowed and he suddenly grinned, "Wait, did you mean to ask me if any of the guys from the band were good looking? That seems like the more important question if you ask me."
I blushed and started to deny Vince's accusation, but Vince held up a hand to stop me, "Oh, come on, Amy! Don't be stupid. You know that everyone knows you're still single. It's about time you put a guy in your life. I liked Izzy, but apparently he was too daft to realize that you were the perfect girlfriend for him. So now that Izzy's out of the picture, you've got to find someone else. There are other guys out there, Amy. It's time to move on."
My mouth moved silently for a few minutes while I sat in a stunned silence. How did Vince know about my break up with Izzy? Thinking that maybe this was the time to talk about my romance with Vince, I put a seductive smile on my face and walked towards Vince. Placing a hand suggestively on his chest, I fluttered my eyelashes at him and said, "I've moved on. I don't think about Izzy much anymore. Besides, I've already found the perfect guy. Whatever happened to us?"
Now Vince was the one to look shocked. I swear I didn't think I had ever made Vince Neil speechless before that moment. It took Vince a few minutes before he was able to answer my question. When he finally did, his jaw was tight and his aquamarine eyes were wary, "I really like you, Amy. It's just have a girlfriend."
I pulled my hand off of his chest as if his skin had burned me. Since when did having a girlfriend stop Vince from messing around with me? Before, Vince had been married and hadn't given a damn about it when he had come over to my house to make out with me. So what had changed? Either Vince must have a really nice girlfriend or else, he must've lost interest in me.
"Is it Sharise?" I asked suddenly, thinking of the mud wrestler Tommy had told me about. Vince, still looking uncomfortable, nodded and started backing towards the door, "Yeah. I've been going out with Sharise for a while. I don't want you to take this the wrong way though, Amy. I love you as a friend, but that's all we can be. Okay?"
I nodded silently and turned back to my suitcase so Vince couldn't see my face. There was a soft clicking noise as Vince finally fully exited the door and shut it behind him. As soon as he was gone, I wiped my eyes and let out a little sniffle. This was definitely not how I had expected this meeting to go. Seriously, who would've thought Vince would turn me down? I guess he must just have lost his interest in me. Sharise must be a lot prettier or something. Who knew?
Trying to put Vince to the back of my mind, I concentrated on finding something in my suitcase to wear. My fingers clasped around a pretty green dress. It was an olive green and was made of a sheer material. Not wanting to waste time trying to find something else to wear, I decided this was going to be the dress for tonight. I just hoped it would make me look sexy and somewhat attractive. Vince was right; I really did need to try to find another guy. Tonight was going to be the perfect opportunity for that.
I yanked on the dress and took a good look in the mirror. The dress was something a lot more skimpy than I would usually wear. The low neckline showed a lot of my chest, the skirt was a good foot above my knees, and the rest of it clung tightly to my body, showing off every curve of my body. Unfortuantely, I didn't really have many curves. My mom said I still had the body of a little girl. I suppose I hadn't really grown right because of the anorexia, but there wasn't really much I could do about that. Maybe someday I would have to get plastic surgery done or something.
Sighing, I turned away from the mirror and flopped down onto my bed for a second. Now I felt kind of stupid. First of all, here I was willing to do plastic surgery and literally anything for a boyfriend, and yet, I was still single. Second of all, I felt kind of stupid for how I had behaved around Vince. I had sort of automatically assumed that he would still want to get with me even after all this time. Sadly, my feelings towards him were one-sided.
Telling myself that I was not going to be an idiot and cry over Vince, I took my anger out on my hair instead. I ripped the brush through it until all the snarls had disappeared and my hair was as shiny as it was going to get. Now that my hair was done, it was probably time to leave. I pulled on a pair of heels that were literally impossible for me to walk in, but were pretty nonetheless.
After that, I took one last look in the mirror before leaving. I looked a little slutty with my bright makeup and skimpy dress, but hey, slutty girls got a lot of attention at clubs. Trying to look confident and not like I had just been rejected by a guy who I had been in love with for such a long time, I swung my hair over my shoulder and headed towards the door. It took me a long time to cross the hallway and make it to the lobby because of my shoes. The heels were much higher than I was used to wearing, and I felt like I was at danger for toppling over at any moment. My sense of balance was not the best.
Somehow, I finally made it downstairs though. When I did, I found Vince was already waiting for me by the doorway, looking as handsome as ever. His long platinum hair was brushed to perfection, his makeup was applied to exaggerate his features, and he certainly looked like he was ready to rock the club. I bit back the feeling of longing inside me at seeing Vince look so good and instead smiled politely at him and walked to his side.
"You look pretty tonight," Vince commented, eyes wandering over me as usual. Even if Vince wasn't interested in me, he still wanted to check out my body. Great. Vince really wasn't good with self control around women. Still feeling a little bad at him about what had happened earlier, I replied kind of coldly, "Thanks. Let's go, shall we?"
Vince nodded and we walked to the little blue car we were renting in silence. I slid into the driver's seat since I wasn't going to trust Vince with a car anytime soon. The whole incident with Razzle would not be forgotten for a long time. To be honest, I highly doubted the incident would ever be forgotten. Murder isn't something that is washed away overnight. It's something you remember for a lifetime. It scars you in ways the cannot be ignored.
Vince told me the directions to the club as we went along. Besides for that, we didn't talk though. Vince seemed to know that he had upset me earlier, but there wasn't really anything he could do about it at this point. At this point, I was just going to have to get over Vince and move on. Unfortunately, moving on wasn't something I was good at.
Once we finally reached the club, all I wanted to do was go inside, get drunk, and get away from Vince. Maybe I could forget all my rejections that way and just have some fun. Vince, however, wasn't going to leave me alone just yet. As I hurried towards the club, he caught my hand and laughed, "Where are you going so fast? I wanna introduce you to some guys."
Part of me wanted to pull away from Vince and tell him to go away, but another part of me was interested in meeting the guys. After all, one of them could be really hot. So I stayed silent and let Vince tow me into the club. Inside, the music was playing loudly, couples were dancing, and a band was playing in the corner. I instantly liked the music that was playing. It was a lot like the Crue's kind of stuff, but it still had its own style to it.
Vince and I watched the band until they had finished playing their song. After heavy applause from the audience, the band members bowed and dispersed around the club. Vince grabbed my hand tightly and pulled me through the crowd until we had reached two of the band members. The first one had straight, dark hair that fell to his shoulders. He was wearing a hat, so it was kind of hard to get a good look at his face. The second man had curly blonde hair, pink cheeks, and a cute smile. He was kind of cute, but probably not someone I wanted to get serious with.
"Hey Richie! Hey David!" Vince greeted them by name. It was pretty obvious they had met each other before. David's grin widened as he saw Vince. He clapped him on the back and explained, "Hiya Vince! It's good to see you again. I've heard you had some problems with the law in Los Angeles. Sorry to hear about that."
Vince shrugged. I could tell he didn't really want to think about killing Razzle or anything like that tonight. Taking his hint, Richie, the dark haired one, took Vince's hand and started pulling him towards the stage, "Well, now that you're here, let's jam for this place, hm? We have some new songs that you can try out. Tell us if you like them."
Vince nodded eagerly, the momentary darkness that had surrounded him had faded. Before he left with Richie, he pointed to me and said, "Guys, there's someone I'd like you to meet. This is Amy. She's been traveling around with the Crue ever since the band was formed. She met Nikki way back in high school." The way Vince said "way back in high school" made it sound like high school had been decades ago. But in reality, it had only been around five years ago.
David eyed me curiously and held out his hand in greeting, "Hi Amy. It's nice to meet a friend of Vince's. Are you his friend or girlfriend?" Oh god, why did he have to ask such a personal, embarrassing question? I just needed to forget about my love life for a while, not talk about it. Thankfully, Vince saved me from answering the question by saying, "She's just a friend."
David nodded, showing a bit more interest in me. He finally released my hand and waved to me as he started pulling Vince towards the stage, "Well, nice to meet you, Amy. I hope you like the show tonight. You'll have to tell us what you think when we're done. For now, why don't you have a seat and enjoy yourself?"
Usually, I didn't take suggestions from strangers, but today, I did exactly as David had said. I walked right over to the bar, ordered a tequila, and sat down at a table by myself. The music had started playing again, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I had earlier. I supposed that was because Vince was singing this time and any memory of Vince just made my heart ache.
I took a sip of tequila and looked around the room with a bored expression on my face. But then, someone caught my eye. A gorgeous guy with blonde hair and eyes even bluer than Vince's, was staring right at me with a casual smile on his face. Immediately, my heartbeat quickened. Who was this guy?
I wasn't sure what to do. Part of me wanted to go over and talk to this guy, and another part of me told me that I should stay exactly where I was so I didn't end up making an idiot out of myself. I was already feeling pretty stupid tonight after what had happened with Vince. The last thing I needed was to make myself look even worse. If the guy was really interested in me, then he'd just come over to me...right? I decided to hope so.
Pretending to be watching the stage and the band, I ripped my eyes away from the guy I had been looking at. As I did so, I took another large swig of my tequila. I wasn't sure if I was trying to get myself drunk or not. Apparently, I must be trying to get high since I had almost downed all the contents in my glass already.
I called for another drink and continued to fake watching the band so I wouldn't get caught staring at the really cute guy in the corner of the room. I drank my second drink almost as fast as my first one, and was soon ready for a third. By this point, I was feeling really happy. Everything seemed right with the world. My heart was light and free and the world was...spinning? Why was my surroundings blurring in and out of view? That wasn't exactly a good sign. I decided that maybe those drinks I had taken had been a lot stronger than I had thought they were. Figuring it was probably best not to order a third drink, I closed my eyes and tried to get the queasy feeling out of my stomach. My depression had been replaced with nausea. Great.
"Hey, are you okay?" there was a gentle tap on my shoulder and a voice in my ear. Thinking that I could probably risk opening my eyes, I blinked and turned around slowly to see who had just spoken to me. To my surprise and shock, it was the guy who I had been staring at earlier tonight. His eyes looked even bluer up close and his mouth was curved into a friendly but concerned smile. I must be looking pretty bad if he had actually noticed I wasn't feeling well from all the way across the room.
"I'm okay," I said a little breathlessly. I guess I was getting over the shock of having him so close to me! "Thanks for your concern and everything." The nausea was fading a little bit now, but now my head was pounding in a terrible headache. The music I had enjoyed only moments earlier now reminded me of the sound of fingernails scratching on a chalkboard.
"No offense, girl, but you don't look okay," the guy remarked, surveying my clenched fists and slightly green face. "Why don't we get out of here for a bit? There are some nice chairs and a little pool behind the club. We could sit out there for a bit. Get some peace and quiet." The offer sounded almost too good to be true! It was like this guy had read my mind.
Wasting no time, I nodded eagerly and started to get up. Unfortunately, I moved too quickly, tripped on my heels, and started falling to the floor. It felt like everything was happening in slow motion. The floor seemed to be rising up to meet me. I quickly closed my eyes and waited for the smash of my skull thudding against the floor. Surprisingly enough, it never came. The guy who had invited me outside had caught me just at the last moment.
His arm was wrapped around my back and I was able to get an even closer look into his face. Oh god, he had the most beautiful face I had ever seen. I wanted to act flirty, but in my drunken state, that wasn't really possible. I settled for a simple "thank you" as he helped me back up to my feet. To my relief, he held my hand on the way out the door. If it wasn't for his steadying hand, I probably would've gone sprawling to the ground once again.
Once we made it outside, the guy steered me around the building into a private little area in the back. Just as he had said, there was a pool right behind it. The water was crystal clear and looked inviting. If I had a swimsuit, I would definitely want to go swimming. Opposite to the pool were lounge chairs and a cushy chair that looked like two lounge chairs that had been pushed together. I sank down on that chair and found it to be very comfortable. To my delight, the guy I had walked out with sat down next to me. Even though everything inside me felt thick and muddled, I still felt a little rush of adrenaline.
"So," the guy next to me said, "You obviously know Vince Neil. So are you like a groupie or something?" I blushed at that. I probably did look like a groupie with my skimpy dress, flashy makeup, and the heels. Shaking my head in embarrassment, I replied, "Nah, I'm not a groupie. I'm Nikki Sixx's friend. I met Vince through him. If you know Vince Neil, you must be part of the Bon Jovi band, right?" I kind of automatically assumed that everyone who knew Vince was from Bon Jovi.
"Mm hm," the guy replied, smiling at me. "So where are you from?" It took my mind a few seconds longer than usual to process his words. Part of the reason for that was the fact that he kept looking right into my eyes. The other part was because my brain felt sluggish and lazy at the moment. I made a mental note only to have one drink at clubs from now on.
"I'm from Los Angeles," I replied, "You?" I wasn't really saying much, but that was for fear of slurring my words all together. I didn't really want this guy to know just how drunk I really was. The man next to me nodded, "I thought Crue was from LA. I'm from New Jersey." He took one look at my face and then gave me a knowing look, "You're drunk, aren't you?"
Seeing no point in trying to hide it, I shrugged. He leaned closer to me and took a strand of my hair in his fingertips. Playing with my strand of hair, he added, "You look kind of sad. What's wrong? That's why you tried to get high, isn't it? So you could forget about something that's bothering you." I gave the man next to me a look of astonishment. I was surprised that someone I had just met could read my thoughts so easily. Maybe I was more predictable than I had thought.
"Nothing's wrong...not really..." I trailed off. Normally, I wouldn't have even considered sharing my love life problems with a guy I had just met, but tonight was different. I really wanted someone to complain to - yeah, I know that sounds selfish - and have someone to let my feelings out to. So being the idiot that I was, I went into an explanation, "Well, Vince and I used to date each other. He got divorced and I thought going on this vacation with him would be the perfect opportunity for us to get back together again. Apparently, I was wrong though. Vince isn't interested in me anymore. He's into this 'Sharise' girl."
The man sitting next to me nodded and tilted his head towards me curiously, "Hm, I don't think Vince Neil will ever settle down with a girl. You see, band members have a different kind of lifestyle than most people. We have what you might call 'short term relationships'. They don't always last, but you enjoy them while you have them. Vince is the kind of guy who's going to end up having a lot of girls in his life. I highly doubt he'll be settling down with one girlfriend anytime soon. Also, I know this is kind of a personal question, but do you have a boyfriend?"
I shook my head, feeling dejected and depressed again. The guy nodded as if he had expected this. He went on, "So when was the last time you did have a boyfriend?" To be honest, I couldn't even remember the last time I had had a boyfriend. It had certainly been a long time ago though. It was probably way back when I was with Izzy. Estimating, I replied, "It was a long time ago. I'd say about two and a half years, but I really have no idea."
The thought saddened me and I opened my mouth up to say something else. A finger on my lips stopped me from uttering me next words. The guy next to me leaned close to me, removing his finger from my lips, and then he actually kissed me.
The kiss was long and gentle. I felt myself literally melt into the other guy's lips. I knew I was probably doing a pretty crazy thing. After all, I barely knew this guy, and yet, I was kissing him like I had known him for years. For some unexplainable reason, I trusted the guy I was sitting with. He seemed genuine and true. They way he was kissing me was so sweet and tender that I pretty much forgot everything in the world except his soft lips.
His strong arms gently snaked around my waist and we scooted closer together on the couch. Darkness was falling and the only source of light came from the twinkling stars above. Engulfed in the romantic moonlight, I opened my eyes for a moment to see what the man next to me was doing. He pulled me closer to him and brushed my hair back from my face as if it was in the way. Our eyes met and time seemed to stop completely. Those eyes of his were so blue that I felt like I was being lost in an ocean when I was looking into them. His golden hair caught the moonlight just perfectly and shimmered. Everything about this guy was perfect. For a few minutes, I wondered if I was in a dream.
Indiscreetly, I pinched the skin on my lower right arm hard in an attempt to wake me up if I was really in a dream. To my delight, nothing happened when I pinched myself. This wasn't a dream after all. The guy sitting next to me pulled me against his chest now, and I could feel my nipples perking against his smooth skin. Suddenly, I realized that I wanted him to take his shirt off. He was handsome with it on, but without it...oh god, I would probably end up fainting or something from his beauty.
Half drunk and making impulsive decisions, I cautiously slipped my hands under his shirt and let my fingers rest against the hard curves of his belly. As if asking for permission, I looked up at him and tilted my head in a soundless question. The blonde smiled sexily at me and nodded his head ever so slightly. Wasting no time, I pulled his shirt off, dumped it behind us on the couch, and took in the view. His chest was pretty much all muscles. I honestly doubted the guy had an ounce of fat on his body. His sexy chest was really starting to turn me on. If we were in a room by ourselves, I definitely would've had us both in bed right now. Sadly, instead of being in a bed, we were stuck outside where anyone could see us if they walked behind the building.
Just as I was trying to figure out how to get us into some hotel room or somewhere private, I felt the guy's hand flick the corner of my shirt upward. His hand crept up under my shirt and played with the edges of my lacy bra. A spontaneous moan fell from my lips and I found that I was pretty much willing to have sex with this guy right here and now...even outside. Looking back, it's pretty obvious to me just how very drunk I was this night. Getting drunk made me forget all logic.
In a fluid motion, the guy stripped me of my shirt and pressed me back against the side of the couch so he could get a better view of me. I flopped limply in his arms and gazed up at him with an adoring smile. He returned the smile, leaned down, and started kissing me some more. I let my tongue press into his mouth as our kissing became more intense. This was turning out to be such a perfect night. Who would've known it would've started out so badly?
"Amy?" a voice called from a distance away. It was definitely Vince's voice. My heart sank and I hoped for a minute that I was just hearing things. Unfortunately, I knew I wasn't hearing things because Vince called me again. The guy next to me easily slipped my shirt back over my bra. I was glad he had remembered I was shirtless because I had been so lost in the moment that I had completely forgotten about that. The last thing I needed was for Vince to see me in a bra.
Hesitating, I started to stand up. I knew I should go see what Vince wanted, but I really wanted to hang out and get a room with this guy. As if reading my thoughts, the guy stood up and helped me get to my feet, "You'd better go see what Vince wants. He can have a nasty temper when someone makes him mad."
Knowing he was right, I nodded and started towards the area where Vince's voice had sounded from on the other side of the building. Suddenly, I stopped in my tracks and turned around. Almost shyly, I asked, " you going to be here tomorrow?" I couldn't help but ask that. I needed to see this guy again. I would do pretty much anything to see him again.
"Yeah, I'm gonna be here with the band tomorrow. What do you think about hanging out at the beach together tomorrow?" the guy suggested, running a hand through his blonde hair. My heartbeat quickened and I felt ecstatic, "That would be great! I'll definitely be here tomorrow. I'm sure Vince will want to hang out with the band anyways."
The guy nodded, waved at me, and then retreated into the moonlight. I forgot all about Vince and just stood there, watching him disappear. When a hand clapped down on my shoulder, I jumped and spun around. Vince laughed and grabbed my hand, "What? Did you think I was a ghost or something? Where were you all night anyway?"
"Somewhere," I replied dreamily, still thinking about the blonde guy. Vince gave me a funny smile and brought me around to the parking lot. The two of us climbed into his Porsche and started to the hotel. I was in such a good mood that I actually started humming while we were driving along.
Vince gave me an incredulous look and asked, "God, I don't even remember the last time I heard you humming! Something good must've happened to you tonight. Did you might a guy?" I thought about keeping my romantic night to myself, but then found I actually wanted to tell someone about it. So instead of denying it, I just nodded happily.
Vince laughed as we pulled into the parking lot of our hotel, "I figured. It's about time you met someone. Don't get too attached though, Amy. We're leaving in two days. We have to do a video recording with the rest of the Crue for the 'Girls Girls Girls' song. So who was the guy you hooked up with anyways? Was he from Bon Jovi?"
"Um hm," I admitted. "I...uh...didn't catch his name though. He invited me with him to the beach tomorrow. We're going back to that club tomorrow, right?" We better be going back to the club tomorrow! I would do everything possible to make sure that date on the beach really happened.
"Sure, we can go back," Vince said, eyes twinkling. "I haven't seen you this happy in a long time. Sometimes, a little vacation in paradise can be a good thing." I nodded happily. Vince was right; this vacation was just what I had needed.
Before I knew it, the night was over and it was time to head back to the club with Vince. I was standing in my bedroom, trying to figure out what swimsuit I should wear. I had a black bikini and I had an even skimpier polka-dotted one. Holding them up, I couldn't decide what one would look better on me. Black was usually sexier, but of course, revealing more skin was sexy too.
Tap, tap, tap! I heard the sound of someone rapping on the door to my hotel room. Still holding up the swimsuits, I called, "Come in!" There was the creaking of my bedroom door opening, and then there were footsteps behind me. Suddenly, a finger pointed at the black bikini and Vince's familiar voice said, "I think you should wear that one."
"This black one?" I asked him. I was kind of surprised that Vince would've chosen that one. Vince usually liked to see girls as close to naked as he could. I was also kind of surprised because I had thought the polka-dotted one would look better on me. But trusting Vince's judgment, I tossed the spare swimsuit aside and headed towards the bathroom to change.
Vince dumped the other swim suit into my suitcase for me and replied, "Black looks better on you." Once I was in the bathroom, I quickly stripped down, dressed it the black bikini, and then did some touch ups to my make. I was still going after the slutty look, so I used dark lipstick and thick black eyeliner. When I came out of the bathroom, Vince looked at me approvingly.
"You look good. Are you ready to go?" he asked, taking my hand casually. I nodded and tried to ignore the spark that went through me at Vince's touch. As much as I was trying to forget about my feelings towards Vince, I still had to admit that they were still partially there. After all, feelings like love didn't just go away overnight. They took a while to go away.
Vince and I plodded down the stairs and out the hotel door to Vince's Porsche. We entered it and then sped away to the club. Luckily, the club was only a few minutes of a drive away, and we were there in no time. Vince parked the car up close to the front of the club and unlocked the car doors. I jumped down onto the ground and adjusted one of my bikini straps under my shirt nervously. I still had a hard time believing that the guy I had met last night was for real and that I hadn't just made him up during one of my midnight drunken fantasies.
Vince, on the other hand, was anything but nervous. He hurried towards the door to the club and swung it open jovially without noticing that I was still standing by the car door. Taking a deep breath, I squared my shoulders and followed Vince into the club. As usual, it was boisterous in the club with loud music and lots of dancing people. Standing in the midst of all the people, I looked around for my date. My heartbeat started to quicken with apprehension when I didn't see his face. He wouldn't just have left me here alone...would he have? That would be a really cruel way to break a girl's heart.
Abruptly, there was a tap on my shoulder. I spun around and found myself looking into deep blue eyes. I immediately relaxed; so he hadn't abandoned me after all. The guy took in the sight of me standing in my shorts and tank top before swinging an arm casually over my shoulder and leading me back out towards the door.
As the two of us walked through the crowds, I could see several other girls gazing at my guy with glazed eyes or looking at me with jealous looks. They seemed surprised that I had managed to get myself such a good looking date. And truth be told, I was pretty shocked that I had been able to attract this guy too. He was so perfect and I was so...uh...not perfect.
The two of us stepped outside and a cool, tropical breeze met us. It was a sunny, cloudless day; perfect for swimming. I started to walk towards the parking lot, but my date caught my hand to stop me, "I was wondering, do you want to change plans and just swim in the pool at the back of the club instead of going to the beach?"
I was silent for a moment as I thought about this. I had really been looking forward to going to the beach, but I didn't want to make my date upset. He quickly added, "The reason I thought we would stay here was so we could get more privacy. There's lots of people at the beach, but obviously not so many people at the pool."
His logic quickly won me over. I smiled happily and nodded, "Oh, good idea." We changed our course of direction and meandered over to the back of the club. The pool was glistening in the warm sun and looked very refreshing. To my surprise, there were fluffy white towels laid out on one of the lounge chairs and two drinks setting out on one of the table next to the chairs. Wondering where all that stuff had came from, I asked, "Are some other people already out here?"
The guy, who had already stripped off his shirt and was eying the pool, looked over his shoulder at me and laughed, "No, that stuff is for us. Wanna go for a swim?" Of course I wanted to go for a swim! Nodding vigorously, I pulled off the tank top and shorts I had put over my bikini and threw them carelessly over one of the lounge chairs. Wanting to show off my swimming skills, I ran towards the pool and did a graceful dive into the deep end. I was lucky that it ended up being a graceful dive, because usually my dives ended up looking more like belly flops than actual dives.
My date grinned at me and then dove into the water next to me. He sliced through the water in such a perfect dive that I swear he could've won the Olympics with it. Once we were both in the water, the guy pointed towards the shallow end and suggested, "Shall we swim down there? I'm not very good at treading water." To be honest, neither was I, so I was only too happy to go and swim towards the shallow end. That was something I really liked about my date; he seemed to read my moods perfectly.
After some easy side stroke, the two of us reached the opposite end of the pool. Here, the water reached up to about my neck, so I was able to stand easily. Without waiting for anything else, my date slid over closer to me, took my chin in his hands, and kissed me right on my lips. I was instantly in bliss. What could be better than standing in a pool being kissed by a handsome guy on a nice and warm tropical day?
The sun beat down on my back, engulfing my body in a warm golden sunlight. Next to me, my date's skin glistened from reflection of the sun on the water. The palm trees surrounding the little pool swayed slowly back and forth with the breeze and bright pink hibiscus flowers surrounded the enclosure.
As the guy I had been kissing parted from me for a moment so we get both get some air, I quickly asked, "Hey, what's your name anyways?" My blonde date suddenly smiled at me cryptically and tilted his head to one side, "You know, I'm starting to think it might be better if you don't know my name."
To me, that made absolutely no sense at all. Why would he not want to tell me his name? I had told him mine - well, at least I thought I had - so I only thought it was fair that he returned the gesture. Pulling my lips down in a pout, I said, "But you know my name. I'm Amy. So why can't I know your name? It seems weird that we're going on a date without even knowing each other's names if you know what I mean?" I had to admit that even though I wanted this to be the perfect relationship, the two of us really didn't know each other all that well. I mean, he was really just some random guy that I had met at the bar. Actually, that wasn't quite true. He was anything but a random guy. He was special; that much was obvious to anyone.
"Do you remember what I told you about how band members can't really get involved in long term relationships, Amy?" the guy asked me, raising a blonde eyebrow. The truth was that I did indeed remember him telling me this. I had thought that that had only related to Vince though, not to all band members I nodded to his question and waited for him to continue.
The guy continued, stepping back from me slightly in the water so he could get a good look at my face, "Well, I don't want you to get the wrong idea from me. You're a great girl and it's an honor to date you while we're both here together, but in a few days, our little fantasy will be over. I'll go back to New Jersey and start touring with the band again and you'll probably head back to Los Angeles with Vince and continue to do tours with Motley Crue, right?"
Knowing that he was right, I nodded again. I didn't think that I liked the direction in which this conversation was headed, but I decided not to say anything until he was done speaking. He went on, "You're not thinking this is gonna be a long term relationship, right? I wouldn't have got you into this if I had thought that was what you were thinking..."
So basically what my date was saying was that this was going to be a short term relationship. I obviously wasn't too happy to hear this news, but I had to admit that he had made some good points. It would be pretty hard for us to continue dating if he was in New Jersey going on tours with Bon Jovi while I was going to be touring with the Crue around LA.
Putting all my feelings aside, I put on a smile and said, "I know this isn't going to be long term. I suppose I just wasn't think about it being long term or short term, you know?" The guy laughed a beautiful, tingling sound that seemed to ring in the air. He answered, "Yeah, I know. Let's know let this ruin our day though. This will probably be our last day together, so let's just enjoy it while we can, hm? I don't get to relax very much these days. It's nice that Vince is doing the vocals with the band in the club."
He was right. It was best to just enjoy this last day together. I would put aside thoughts of going back to Los Angeles until tomorrow. Today, I just needed to relax and have fun. Nodding my head in agreement, I said, "Yeah, let's just have some fun." I leaned back towards him and started to kiss him. However, he pulled me back just before our lips touched and shook his head at me with an amused smile on his face, "Did you know that your lips are purple? Maybe we should think about sitting on the lounge chairs and drying off for a while. I don't want you to get sick."
Until that point, I hadn't even realized that I was shaking from the cold and that my teeth were chattering. Looking down, I could see my fingertips were purple. Wrapping my hands around myself tightly to keep my body heat in, I stated, "I don't usually get this cold! But yeah, maybe we should sit out in the sun for a while. I need to work on my tan anyways."
"You're pretty even without a tan," the man next to me commented, running his hand along my shoulder. I felt an electric current pulse through my body from where he had just touched me. It was like his touch had heated my body back up again and I was no longer cold. Strange things could certainly happen when you were in love.
The two of us collapsed onto our lounge chairs once we were out of the pool and positioned our chairs so that the sun beat directly down onto us. My date wrapped a fluffy white towel around me to keep me warm. This guy was so polite and perfect. It was going to be such a shame to have to go back to Los Angeles tomorrow. Maybe I could see if I could convince Vince to extend our vacation here in Atlanta for another couple weeks. I certainly wasn't in a hurry to get home.
Once we were sitting side by side, I took the drink from the table besides my chair and took a tentative sip of it. To my surprise, it was really good! It was definitely some sort of fruity drink with a tinge of alcohol in it. Taking another sip, I said, "This stuff is really good. What's it called? Is it some sort of new drink?"
"Yeah, kinda," my date agreeing, looking over at me. He had just put on a pair of black sunglasses and was looking even sexier than before if that was possible. "I had the bartender create something new for you. I thought you might like fruit-flavored drinks, but I thought it would be best if we didn't put too much alcohol in it..." He trailed off and I knew we were both thinking of the night when we had first met and I had been completely drunk. That had been embarrassing!
"Thanks," I said, not really wanting to talk about me being drunk when we had first met. I didn't usually get drunk. Well, at least not nearly as drunk as the Crue members usually got when they were partying. Things could get really out of hand when Nikki, Mick, or Vince got drunk. They were always known to start commotions.
Seeing my date look so attractive lying on that lounge chair next to me, I decided it was time to get this party really started. Moving over to one side of my chair, I fluttered my eyelashes and said, "Hey, I'm still a little cold. Wanna come sit by me?"
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