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All It Takes To Admit That My True Saviour Is Death

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really sad one shot. Frerard

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another random one shot. This is really terrible btw...worst thing i've evry written to eb exact

'Darkness. Bittersweet, elegant darkness' was all I could think about. He was no longer mine. And I couldn't take it. I choked back tears as I stared at all the photographs lined up neatly on my nightsatnd in the exact positions he had placed them in just days earlier. He had been happy, laughing and smiling, racing up and down the house, being his usual hyper self, right up to the moment I heard what had happened. And that moment... it was like someone had thrown me to the ground, kicked me and then stabbed me multiple times. I couldn't breathe, let alone speak, and tears just wouldn't stop falling... racing down my cheeks.

They wouldn't stop.
And the nightmare didn't stop.
It still hasn't ended.
Because MY Frankie would never have killed himself.
He would never have hung himself with his school tie.
He wasn't like that.
There really is two sides to everyone.

I recall the exact moment. It was the exact moment everything froze. Everything stopped. Everything ended. ButI knew that one day we'd be together again. It was a promise. I'm still not sure when... or how it was made, but it was imprinted in my mind.

I also remember the words I scribbled down as my suicide note. Yup, all my suicide note was... was words that described how I felt. It was a list.
The words were:

The last one's barely a word, I'll admit it, but my Frankie had to be a part of everything... and anything i ever did. Right up to the moment everything ended for me. I remember telling my brother how I felt, and how he tried to help. Didn't though, because 4 days later I was found in the bathing in a tub full of my own blood.

I knew my parents would be angry. Mad in fact. And I was pretty sure my brother would hate me...

But none of that matters now, because I have MY Frankie.
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