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July 4, 1978 (part 4)

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Joe and Steven talk. In the middle of their conversation, Steven asks Joe a surprising question.

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July 4, 1978
Joes POV

I looked at the gun, sighed and looked back at Steven "Come on man, lets talk." 
Steven shrugged his shoulders "Sure why not."
After I told everyone to go inside the house, Steven and I sat on the steps outside my front door. 
"What's your problem? Why did you do that to me earlier?" Steven asked, while he lit a cigarette. 
"I heard what you did to Cyrinda and I'm not going to lie, but I really hate the way you treat her. She showed me her bruises and told me everything. Why did you hit her?"
"Because I know what you two did that night. She told me everything. I must've snapped because next thing I know she was on the ground."
"Thing is, you always hit her. You two argue over everything, and I mean everything!"
He exhaled his cigarette "It's pretty much over between us. We don't love each other anymore."
I hope he's being serious. If she tells me Steven is trying to get back with her by stalking and begging her, I will be mad at Steven. 
"Oh." I looked down and stared at a rock on the grass. 
"May I ask you something?" 
I looked at Steven "Go ahead."
"Have you ever considered... Uh..." He cleared his throat "Hooking up with a... Dude?"
I gave him a confused look. "What?"
"Well I uh heard you and Cyrinda the other night and you were making her scream...."
"Yeah..." Oh no, I think I know what's coming next. 
"And I've been thinking, maybe you should do what you did to her, to me."
I stayed quiet. 
"Joe, I love you." He paused "Would you... Consider it?"
Great now I have to break his heart "No Steven. I'm straight. I would never have sex with another man."
"Oh ok..." He said quickly and stood up "Catch you later." He walked away from me. I watched him pick up his gun, get in his car and speed away. Later that night, when Elissa was asleep, I wrote down everything that happened today in my journal...
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