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We'll be a dream

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Do you remember?

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A:N - I'm like really not in the mood. So I thought I'd post my sisters story for her to get some reviews on. IT ISN'T MINE. i'm not claiming for it to be mine. She took the time to write this. not me. I'd like it if you could review my story thunder and give your opinions on a couple and a storyline you'd like for me to write? I need something to write

Do you remember?

Ray remembered. He remembered the nights where they would lie together under the stars, just staring up at them and talking or laughing or saying inappropriate jokes; even renaming the strange sparkling things sometimes. Strange names like Yourmothersdirtyvag or Masturbationia would just fall from their lips with hurried breaths of laughter or strange, luminescent grins that the full moon would make look brighter than they actually were. The jokes that they would make and the plans that they started, but never finished, swam through his head constantly.

Do you remember?

Mikey remembered. He remembered the silly little plots that they once had to stop going to school; to drop out completely and become famous in the music industry. Those foolish dreams that they had to escape their fail of a town and run off to be one of the stars in the night sky that they constantly renamed were always there back when they were young, crazy and reckless teenagers. They’d run off to their secret spot, that place where barely anyone else knew about and nobody ever went to, and then they’d lay there in the grass and stare up at the sky, plotting to be one of those brilliant, sparkling objects…or celebrities, it depended on how strange their thoughts were at the time.

We’ll take control of the world.

My Chemical Romance. Chosen after some obscure reference from a Irvine Welsh book ; that was what they were going to name their band. They were going to be music gods; going to see the world and make absolutely everyone fall in love with the inappropriate awesomeness that was their band. They were going to hit the big time and show the popular songs that were full of fail lyrics and cheesy but catchy beats what real music was. Real music was when someone’s heart was exposed; when they bared their soul, and they knew just how to do that. They knew how to write, how to play their instruments and how to be pretty kickass when it came to their raunchy actions and even raunchier thoughts. They could hit the big time, they could be the it band and not lose themselves. They could.

It’s all we have to hold on to.

“Ray?” Ray looked up from where he was idly running his fingers over the wood grain of the table they were sitting at, his fingers trying to memorize every single nook and cranny that was buried in the wood. “Yeah?” he asked quietly, his eyes locked on Mikey, a smile slowly spreading across his face.

“Stupid idiot, come on. We’ve got a show to do.” Ray grabbed onto the hand that was reaching out to him and he stood up, only stopping to press a quick kiss to Mikey’s cheek before tugging the man, his best friend, his boyfriend, the love of his life, off to the stage.

we’ll be a dream.

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