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They said it was unsinkable.... and now he's never coming home.

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Gerard sighed and tightened his grip on a handful of grass. He pulled it up roughly. watching the dry blades slip back through his fingers and fall to the cracked ground. He was sitting in their place. High on a mountain, watching the small town they lived in shining in the warm glow of sunset. It was their one special place, where he and Frank would stay for hours, watching the sunset and talking.
He smiled, thinking of the secrets Frank had whispered to him here. Promises of love, and money, and a future... Even now Gerard could see the old twisted tree where Frank had carved their names close together, surrounded by a lopsided heart. Seeing the names again made his breathe catch in his throat, and he had to shut his eyes against the sudden burn of tears in the back of his throat.
He's come tonight to watch the sunset, amazed at the way the colors could still be so vivid and beautiful, even after his life had become dull and meaningless. It seemed cruel and unfair that the world could keep turning - mean even, that there could still be such beautiful colors in a sunset he couldn't see anymore. The earth had turned through death and destruction, and it would continue to turn long after he was gone.
The sun sank lower, and and suddenly it was gone, replaced by the image of a sinking ship - the Titanic the one that Frankie had been sailing on.

They'd called in unsinkable. Frankie had promised that he'd return, promised nothing bad could happen to him, to them... And Gerard didn't know that one final glimpse of Frank smiling and waving from the deck of a ship would be the last time he ever saw that beautiful face. Gerard wiped his face on a dirty sleeve, and watched the sinking ship fade back into the sunset. He couldn't bear the thought of never seeing his face again, never having him here again. Wiping the last few tears from his face Gerard stood, tearing his eyes from the fading colors of the sky and picking up the shuttered lantern he'd brought with him. He straightened, watching silently as the last bit of the sun's glow disappeared below the dark horizon.
Bathed in the new darkness Gerard flicked the shutters on the lantern open, illuminating the names carved into the tree again. He smiled sadly, memories and secrets painting a bright picture of Frank, carefree and happy - not dead, carving their names close together in the wood. He said he'd done it so anyone who ever came to this spot would now that Gerard would ever and forever belong to him. The happy memory steeled Gerard for another long day without him.
His world would not stop turning
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