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This Is My Revenge

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rydon/ryden one shot

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one shot. i hope you like it. it's the shortest thing i've ever written

Brendon's POV

I will never love again, my dear. I won't let myself.

And, honey, I will kill that motherfucker that killed you, that stole you from me so cruelly.

The person that snatched your hair, your voice, your talents from me.

Babe, a life without you isn't really living, I swear.

But I'll keep on going, just for you.

It's like a present, it's a sign of my never ending love for you, sweetheart.

And this, just a note full of my thoughts, is enough to make me break down.

I still can't believe I'll never wake up to you laughing at my morning hair.

Or hear you sing in the shower.

Or smile at me when I flirt with you.

I wish I could though, darling.

I guess that soon I'll finally understand what it is with 'revenge' though.

I mean it.

When I find that evil man, sugar, he won't ever see the light of day.

And I'll be able to sleep peacefuly at night know he can't hurt us anymore.

And one day, Ryan, we'll see each other again.

And we'll lay side by side, hand in hand, watching the never ending sunset, the time when the day meets the night, at nine in the afternoon.
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