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The Jedi Youngling that Anakin meets in the Jedi Temple in Episode 3 doesn't have a happy birthday...

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The sun light poured into the room of Jedi Youngling Zacc Retsof. It was the start of anything but an ordinary day for Zacc however. For today, he turned 9 years old. He was especially excited for the afternoon because that was when he would get a chance to talk to his hero, Anakin Skywalker.

To Zacc, Anakin was the perfect Jedi and he tried to be just like him in every way possible. Recently, Anakin had become the youngest Jedi ever to be elected on the Jedi Council. To celebrate his hero being put on the Council, Zacc had made Anakin a special cake and shyly presented him with it. Together, the two devoured the cake.

"Hey Zacc! Happy birthday!" Zacc's best friend Rene said warmly as he arrived at the breakfast table.

"Thanks Rene!" Zacc said, blushing. "We still on for our sparing match this afternoon?"

"Yeah! You're going down, mister! Wait 'til I tell Master Anakin you lost to a girl!"

"Whatever!" Zacc said as he stuck his tongue out at Rene.

Each time Zacc spared with a fellow student, he always imagined himself to be Anakin, the Chosen One, the "Hero without Fear."

Just before Zacc was going to meet up with Rene, Zacc was visited by his hero. "Hey Zacc! Happy birthday little buddy! I can't stay for very long because I have meeting with Chancellor Palpatine but I wanted to make sure and wish you a happy birthday first."

"Thanks Master Skywalker!" Zacc said, his smile as bright as the stars.

As Zacc watched Anakin hurry off to his meeting, he bumped into Rene.

"Hey Zacc, I can't spar with you this afternoon because I forgot I had a meditating class with Master Ti. But tonight, you're going down!" Rene said as she winked at Zacc.

"Alright, see you tonight!" Zacc said.

Darkness set in on the Jedi Temple. As Zacc and Rene were just about to start sparing, they heard the sound of blaster fire. Clone troopers were everywhere. Zacc and Rene couldn't stop the tears from flowing down their cheeks as they watched their Jedi comrades gunned down. "We can hide in the Council Chamber! Come on Rene!" Zacc said as he and Rene ran as fast as they could to the Council Chamber.

The two younglings arrived at the Council Chamber door and went inside. The door behind them closed. They noticed the 12 empty council chairs, quiet as a tomb. Zacc ran over to Master Skywalker's chair and hides behind it. Rene hid behind Master Kenobi's.

Rene began to cry when suddenly the door opened. It was Anakin Skywalker. Zacc emerged from his hiding spot, relieved. His hero had come to save them.

"Master Skywalker, there's too many of them. What should we do?"

Anakin looked down at Zacc with no kindness, no compassion, just pure hatred. He was like a dragon, about to unleash fire. Anakin ignited his lightsaber and Zacc slowly took a step back. "What's he doing? He's supposed to protect us!" Zacc thought as he felt a single tear run down his cheek. Anakin raised his lightsaber and with one swift strike, everything in Zac Retsof's world went pitch black.
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