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Chapter 22- Anthanasius

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Chapter Twenty Two- Anthanasius

Cosmas and Damian carefully made their way toward the DADA classroom, the halls practically empty of students and staff. They had purposely been lazy the whole week, letting their homework pile up so they could have an excuse to stay at Hogwarts for the Hogsmeade trip. Shyamal had caused a scene last night when he had asked them about their homework, adding more cover to their plan.

Hermione and Ron has been successful in asking McGonagall to assign Professor Black to supervise the Hogsmeade trip, helping to provide a more peaceful mind to the students who were worrying about an attack on their school trip. The trip would take most of the day, giving the Suha twins ample time in entering Professor Black's office, search for and scan the Auror badge.

"Hogwarts, is there anyone inside?" Damian asked quietly, facing the stone wall slightly. To him, it felt weird talking to open air.

"The classroom and the office are empty. The surrounding halls are void of people as well." The disembodied voice of the school drifted to them.

Damian reached out, turning the door knob and opening it. The door creaked but Damian opened it enough for him to slip in. Cosmas followed, closing the door. The two made their way through the desks to the staircase where they paused.

"He is an Auror." Cosmas said, leaning forward slightly, eyeing the simple stone steps. "And he's friend with Mad Eye."

"Constant vigilance." Damian agreed. "Are there any spells on the stairs and the office door?"

"There are no spells except for the spell on a trunk hidden in Professor Black's closest in his personal quarters." Black's quarters were with the rest of the professors and staff on the fourth floor, except for Professor Dumbledore and Professor Snape.

"Let's hope the badge isn't in the office then." Cosmas muttered as he led them up the stairs. "I don't plan on entering Professor Black's room."

The office was simple, a large red cherry desk with gilded edges across the room, two plushy chairs in front. On one side was two book shelves filled with books on DADA and subscriptions to professional Auror magazines. Opposite was a large calendar with multicolored boxes all over it.

"Lupin's doing, I bet." Damian said as he started searching the left side of the desk. "You check the other side. Shyamal told me it was in here somewhere." Damian opened the first drawer, dismayed to see that it had an enlargement charm on it. "Bloody hell." Cosmas echoed it when he opened the first drawer on his side.

"This is the seventh year." Cosmas noted, flicking through the folders. "Ugh, it's going to take us forever."

"Check the ones without the school papers. I can't see him putting his badge with school papers." Damian closed the first drawer which contained the folders for the first and second year classes. The second drawer held the third and fourth folders while the third drawer held the fifth and the sixth. Damian opened the final drawer and began shifting around carefully, trying to not mess with the clutter too much. Cosmas went to the second drawer which held what looked like letters.

Dear Padfoot,

Everything is crazy here at the office. Kingsley is a good Deputy Head but I miss your presence here at the office. . . .

"What is that?" Damian noticed his brother wasn't looking. "Come on, we have to find that badge."

"I found one of Dad's letters addressed to Black." Cosmas tilted the letter so Damian could see the familiar scrawl of their father's handwriting. "He's talking about what's happening at the Auror office. Not much info as the letters are being monitored by Umbridge."

"Put it away. We have to find the badge first. Once we find it, then we can read whatever he wrote. Shyamal might be interested in what's going on between those two."

"There's a reason why you're my twin brother." Cosmas grinned before turning back to the drawers. "Merlin, he has a lot of junk in here." The second drawer only held letters so Cosmas moved onto the next one. "More junk. Damn, Black's a hoarder."

"It could be worse. He might have taken after Moony or even Moody and then we would have been in trouble."


Shyamal cursed under his breath, wondering of Cosmas and Damian had broken into Professor Black's office and scanned his Auror badge yet. Quietly, he followed the throng of students back to the point where the carriages were arriving, each one being filled to the brink quickly, ignoring the protests of some groups as they were split up into different carriages. The staff that had been assigned to the trip formed a protective circle around the main throng of students, wands out and ready.

He scanned the crowd, searching for Ron and Hermione but seeing no sign of them. He knew that the two carried a slight fancy toward each and often disappeared to be by themselves. He searched for a sign of his sister. He didn't see her.

"12 students to each carriage! No whining." Professor Black yelled, out. He flicked his wand at the next twelve, blue rings of fire around their arms. "Come on, quickly!" The 12 students piled into the carriage that just pulled up.

There only had to be a reason why they were being herded back.

There was an attack somewhere.

The group of Aurors positioned around the village had shrunk as three-quarters had Apparated away with loud-sounding cracks. The ones left behind were patrolling the village now, wands in hand, eyes studying each person that scuttled across the street near the Hogwarts students.

A ring of purple fire curled around his arm, pulling him toward the carriage coming to a halt next to Black.

"Come on, come on, move!" Shyamal grabbed the sides of the door and pulled himself up, taking a seat next to a scared small Hufflepuff, Zacharias Smith taking the seat on the other side of Shyamal.

"I wonder what's happening." Shyamal recognized the Ravenclaw as Padma Patil, Parvati's twin sister. "There has to be something going on to freak out the Aurors and the professors." The carriage squeaked ominously, starting up the path to Hogwarts at a fast clip.

"There's an attack somewhere. The Aurors and teachers are possibly worried there will be a Death Eater group showing here." Shyamal answered quietly. He leaned back against the seat as he felt the leather bracelet around his wrist warm up, signaling that the Auror who had the twin bracelet had activated the Protean Charm on them. He needed to find a secluded area as soon as possible to head to the attack.

A boy with a navy blue and grey tie who Shyamal didn't recognize nodded grimly. "No doubt the Head Auror believes the Dark Heir will come after his only son."

"The Dark Heir is his son too, Kevin." Padma argued.

"Pfft." Zacharias scoffed. "You heard what Auror Potter said. The Dark Heir is no son of his; he's been disowned ever since they found out that it was his fault his younger siblings died. I would do the same thing if my child joined You-Know-Who."

Padma stared out the window. "I don't know. Why would he do something like that? I mean, why not just take a knife and stab the Boy Who Lived in the back? There were so many things he could have done and gotten away with. Yet, he allows himself to be identified as a Death Eater? Plus, no one has seen the face underneath the mask. It's only speculation on a witness' statement that it was him. It could be anyone under that mask. I mean, how much effort does it take to change one's hair color and eye color? The facts don't add up or are too vague."

Zacharias laughed darkly. "That's what's wrong with you Ravenclaws. Everything has to be logical. When you're a psychotic killer, normal logic doesn't apply. Maybe he gets his kicks out of seeing the pain his parents are going through and likes how they are trying to protect his arrogant Gryffindor brother from his evil twin brother."

"What do you think, Shyamal?" Kevin asked.

"Padma has a good point. The Dark Heir could have done much more damage if he had kept himself undercover. Either way, it does not matter who the Dark Heir is, he has to be taken down." Shyamal said quietly.

"Who do you think will do it; you?" Shyamal's eyes went to the boy who had spoke, catching sight of the silver and green tie. "Just because you fought Potter in a duel and won, you think you're a brilliant duelist?" The boy sneered. The three students closest to the Slytherin boy inched away from him, sensing the rise in tension in the carriage.

"I would shut up, Nott. You're the only Slytherin here. Don't want to take the chances that something might happen to you between now and when this carriage reaches the gate." Kevin answered.

"Oh, acting like a Gryffindor, are we? I thought Ravenclaws were supposed to be smart."

"Thanks for giving me an excuse, Nott." Shyamal pulled out his wand, making sure Nott's eyes fell down on the slender wood. He tapped the tip against his knee, studying the Slytherin boy. "I'm sure everyone here will pretend nothing happened. Just that you leaned too much against the door causing it to suddenly spring up. I hear that bone doesn't hold up well against a hoof coming down at 200 pounds or the weight of a fully loaded carriage."

Nott paled. He turned away, scowling out at the scenery. Shyamal slipped his wand back into his holster, leaning back against the seat, arms crossed on his chest.

The rest of the journey passed in a tense silence.

With a creak of its springs, the carriage came to a stop at the steps of the Entrance Hall. The twelve students piled out, joining the students already waiting at the oak doors. Argus Filch and Professor Snape were there, identifying each student as they passed through. The moment they entered the Entrance Hall, the students broke apart, heading toward their respective dormitories. Thanks to the Marauder's Map, Shyamal had remembered the secret passageways near the Entrance Hall and when the chance came, he slipped into one, the secret door sliding shut behind him. He pulled out his wand. "Lumos!" In the light of the spell, he pulled back his sleeve, checking the message.

est 30 Death Eaters
Need reinforcements

Shit. Shyamal cursed. The school would be filled with students again and patrolling staff, increasing the risk that someone would see Cosmas and Damian coming out of Professor Black's office. "Hogwarts, can you keep a watch on my brothers to make sure no one catches them?"

"Of course, Shyamal; I'm already monitoring the students heading their way."

"Is my sister here or is she still at Hogsmeade?"

"Your sister followed you to the carriages but she never got on one, choosing instead to come back at the castle. She has been haunting the third floor since then." Shyamal's head rose at this, a small frown appearing on his face. Third floor? Why would Hala haunt the third floor? Shyamal shook his head, putting the thoughts away for later, knowing he couldn't focus on that at the moment. "Will you be heading to the attack site, Shyamal?"

"Yes." Shyamal touched his necklace, whispering the password that activated the necklace. With a shimmer, his Hogwarts robes disappeared as the Elven armor appeared. Eclipsis. With a whisper of his mind, Shyamal called his phoenix to him. In a burst of white and black flames, the white phoenix appeared, winging his way to Shyamal's shoulder. "It's time; to Diagon Alley." Shyamal sent a mental image of where he wanted to appear.

The magic around them began to build up, spreading from the edges of the black leather boots to the very top of his head, the gentle warmth increasing until finally the magic ignited, white and black flames engulfing him. In a fraction of a second, the two were gone.

Kingsley grunted, snapping the port-key to the fallen Auror's belt. "Mudbloods rule." The password activated, the medical port-key turning a bright blue before the Auror disappeared.

"Protego!" James yelled the shield snapping in front of them as a Death Eater let loose a volley of Exploding Hexes. Kingsley stood, moving until he was side by side with James.

"I wonder why they are attacking here." Kingsley grunted as a powerful Entrails Expelling Hex struck his own shield, the purple dome shattering. "Why not attack Hogsmeade where the students are visiting?"

"Perhaps, he wants to prove a point. Bombarde!" The hex scattered an approaching group of Death Eaters, forcing them to take cover. "I'm glad they chose this place."

Kingsley spun around, wand pointing directly in the face of an approaching Death Eater. "Everte Statum!" The spell picked up the wizard, throwing him into the window of Kayla's Wizarding Appliances. "Incarcerous!" Ropes shot out of Kingsley's wand, wrapping tightly around the wizard's wrists and ankles. He quickly cast temporary Anti-Port-key, Anti-Animagus, and Anti-Apparating wards.

"Avada Kedavra!" James ducked as the Killing Curse missed him by inches, striking the wall behind him. The Head Auror repositioned himself, sending back a barrage of spells to pin down the Death Eater who had tried to kill him. Kingsley moved around and with a Cutting Hex, distracted the wizard long enough for James to break through and stun him.

More cracks sounded through the air as another group of Death Eaters appeared. An explosion rocked the telescope shop, small metal pieces clattering around Diagon Alley. Fire began licking the water vanes running along the edge of the ceiling, an unnaturally dark red color; a sign of water-resistant fire.

"We need more back up." James growled as they gave up ground to the reforming Death Eater line marching toward them. Their shields snapped in time to block every spell the Aurors threw at them in an attempt to stop them.

"We have everyone here. The Hit Wizards are on the other side of Diagon Alley to keep the Death Eaters from heading toward the Leaky Cauldron and into the street beyond." Kingsley grunted as a Cutting Hex broke through his shield and struck him in the upper arm. Blood began running down his arm, dripping to the cobblestones. Kingsley switched his wand to his other hand, continuing to throw hexes and jinxes.

The approaching Death Eater to James' left fell as three Stunners sped across the battleground, the first breaking his hastily erected shield. The two Aurors turned enough to catch a glimpse of the new comer. "Sorry for the delay, gentlemen, I had some trouble."

Ducking and dodging was an individual dressed in foreign battle clothes, a silver helmet hiding his face, his red cape flowing around him. His wand was out, casting a continuous barrage of spells toward the Death Eaters.

"Who are you?" James demanded, ducking a Cruciatus Curse.

The newcomer bowed to James before back flipping away from an Exploding Hex. "I am Anthanasius. I come from Romania to help you."

When Shyamal arrived, he could immediately tell that the Death Eaters were slowly gaining the upper ground, forcing the few Aurors back. Eclipsis trilled as he flew up and into the fray, heading straight toward the closest injured person.

From where he was standing, he saw the Death Eaters were spreading from the entrance to Knockturn Alley, a well known Dark wizard sympathizers. The Dark Heir himself was standing casually near the Ice Cream Parlour, watching the fight calmly. None of the surrounding Aurors were able to take a shot at the assumed leader as the Death Eaters kept them occupied. James Potter and his Deputy Head were slowly being forced back from where they were near the entrance to Gringotts. A female Auror on the other side, cried out as an electric blue spell caught her on the leg. Painfully, she activated her medical port-key, barely escaping in time as a Killing Curse struck where she had been.

A Death Eater was slipping his way toward Potter even as a stray hex caught the tall dark skinned man on his right arm.

With a flick of his wrist, Shyamal's wand shot into his hand even as he began to cast. The red jets flew over the street, striking the Death Eater in the chest and knocking him out.

"Sorry for the delay, gentlemen, I had some trouble." Shyamal said as he entered the battle. He twirled his wand, casting a barrage of Exploding Hexes, Dart Spells, and Slime Jinxes.

"Who are you?" Potter asked.

Shyamal bowed to the Head Auror, knowing he couldn't keep an antagonistic attitude toward him without due cause. The hairs on the back of his head stood up; Shyamal quickly forced himself into a back flip from the awkward position. As he landed, he answered Potter's question. "I am Anthanasius. I come from Romania to help you."

The Death Eaters rushed them, ending the conversation. Two came straight at Shyamal.

He pointed at the ground before the first Death Eater. "Glacialis solum!" He dodged out of the way of an incoming spell, watching as ice began to form over the ground. The Death Eater was too busy trying to hit Shyamal that he didn't notice the change in the environment until his foot stepped onto an ice covered stone. The Death Eater yelled out trying to regain his balance on the icy floor. His partner looked at him confusingly, momentarily distracted.

"Expulso!" The ground underneath the stumbling Death Eater and one of his legs exploded, sending him and his partner against an unforgiving wall. "Incarcerous!" Magical ropes began twisting themselves over the wizards' ankles and wrists. He flicked the first Death Eater into the store, setting him down hidden behind the store window. The second Death Eater followed, Shyamal propping him next to the other secured Death Eater.

Shyamal was about to cast an Anti-Apparition Jinx and Anti-Portkey Jinx when his instinct kicked in again. He rolled out of the way, a Killing Curse missing him and striking one of the bound Death Eaters.

"Fuck!" Shyamal turned around, dodging another spell as three more Death Eaters fell down on him.

"Who do we have here?" The lead Death Eater asked, her dark eyes slightly unhinged. "Do we have a little elf boy here who think he can play with the adults?"

"Ah, is the poor skinny bitch before me missing the body of her husband? I wonder if she's wanking off with her Master since she can't shag her man." Shyamal taunted back, knowing immediately who the voice belonged to.

"Why you little piece of shit! Avada Kedevra!" The woman yelled.

Shyamal wordlessly called out his next spell, moving away as he did so. Murus Marmoreus! A slab of marble appeared, absorbing the sickly green jet of light before shattering into little pieces and dust.

"What the – The Killing Curse can't be stopped! It's not possible!" Bellatrix Lestrange screamed, grabbing her mask and tearing it off.

"And you call yourself knowledgeable in the art of dueling." Shyamal laughed at the confusion he could hear in the incantations being sent his way. He retaliated, conjuring more marble slabs to block the Unforgivables as he shot back with spells of his own. Shyamal increased the distance between him and the others, giving him more time to react to the barrage of spells coming at him. As he ran past another dueling pair, h e slid out dagger from his belt and flicked it at the Death Eater, catching him in the side. The Auror took advantage and sent a stunner, knocking him out. Shyamal continued on, Bellatrix and her goons not letting up.

Even then, three against wasn't fair. He had to quickly even the odds. "Silicis Vallum!" A giant earthen wall appeared, rising from the floor and hiding Shyamal from his three opponents. "Gemino Illusio!" A second later, the wall collapsed, revealing seven Elven warriors in battle armor.

"Kill them all!" The female Death Eater yelled. The seven warriors broke from each other, all of them independently moving from the others. As one cast a stunner, a second threw a Slime hex and a third cast an Exploding Hex. Bellatrix focused herself on trying to find the real one, studying each one carefully as she began throwing Killing Curses in an attempt to wipe out the seven warriors.

Shyamal laughed silently as he carefully made his way around them until he was behind the three Death Eaters. "Expluso! Acerturbo! Expulsum Viscus!" The first Death Eater screamed in pain as his lower back exploded outward, blood seeping from the wound as he fell to the ground. Lestrange howled in fury as an invisible wind picked her up and began twirling her around and around. To all who could see, it was like she had been caught in a small tornado. She slammed into the window of Flourish and Blotts, her wand clattering just outside. The final Death Eater was struggling to get out of the hardening slime that was now encasing his lower legs. "Accio Wands!" Three wands flew into Shyamal's hand. He slid them into a pouch on his belt, making sure to add an Anti-Summoning Charm. "Expulsum Viscus!" More slime covered the final Death Eater, spraying from Shyamal's wand and onto the wizard's chest and arms.

"Little brat! Get me out of here before I get you!"

Shyamal didn't say a word as he stunned the slime-covered Death Eater. He was about to head toward where Potter was dueling five Death Eaters when something struck his right thigh. Shyamal hissed through his teeth as he spun around to face what had attacked him -

- Only to stare into the furious green eyes of the Dark Heir.

"Damian, the students have begun returning to the school. Reports have alerted the staff to a Death Eater attack in Diagon Alley. Normal procedures are being followed."

"Out of all the bloody days, they chose to pick this one." Cosmas cursed, slamming the drawer shut. "Is Black on his way here?"

"Yes as he is a staff member of Hogwarts."

"We haven't found the badge yet." Damian stood up, trying to think where the badge would be Shyamal had told him it would be in the desk as that's where the badge had been seen last. Was it possible Black had left it somewhere else? "Where would it be?" He let his eyes roam around the room, trying to see what would be out of the ordinary. "Accio Black's Auror badge!" In the silence of the office, the twins heard something rattle just loud enough for them to hear. "Did you hear that, Cosmas?"

"Yeah, it has to be here. Do the spell again after I change." Cosmas' body began changing, his clothes fading way until a large werewolf was standing there. Damian uttered the spell again. Cosmas' ears pricked forward, head tilting slightly. Damian cast the spell a third time and Cosmas bounded toward the book shelf, nose nudging a shelf with DADA books. Cosmas shifted back, hand reaching out to pluck a small, hardcover book. He opened it, revealing the badge in a compartment cut out from the pages in the book.

"If Hermione saw that, she would have died."

"Screw Hermione, imagine Madam Pince?" Cosmas grinned, pulling the silver badge out and casting the necessary charms on it. Damian pulled out the parchment Shyamal had given to him, linking the badge to the parchment. A spell later, the runes were writing themselves across the beige surface.

"You will pay for what you just did, Elf!" The Dark Heir hissed. He pulled his arm back and lashed out, the tails of a flaming whip arcing toward Shyamal who dodged again, casting more spells.

"Expulsum Viscus!" The slime shot toward the Heir, but before it could even land, it turned to sand, blowing away on the slight breeze. Silver darts formed in the air before the Dark Heir, zooming toward Shyamal who Disapparated and appeared a couple of feet away from the Dark Heir, sword drawn and swinging down. It was about to connect when something slammed into him, hissing and thrashing. Distracted, Shyamal grunted in pain as a spell connected with his stomach, throwing him clear across the Alley into the door to Madam Malkin's, sword falling away.

Shyamal grabbed the thing that coiling around him and pulled. Reptilian eyes bored into Shyamal's, yellow and glaring with a hate only seen in humans. Feathered wings beat across his helmet, the clawed feet trying to get through the mithril armor on his stomach.

Eclipsis! Shyamal yelled out. A flash of white and black flames appeared, the thing on Shyamal crying out in pain as his phoenix joined the fray.

"Get away, you stupid bird, I said get away!" The Dark Heir screamed. Eclipsis ignored the Dark Heir, wrapping his talons around the clawing hind legs as he snapped at the lunging head of the creature. "Vritra, kill the bird!" The thing launched into the air, hissing and biting at Eclipsis. Shyamal got up, finally recognizing the thing for what it was.

It was an Occamy, a winged serpent with hind legs. The long serpentine body was the color of the Killing Curse, a web of dark green lines running down. Dark grey wings, sprouted from near the neck, the feathers lined with black. The two legs that stretched from the lower half of the serpent were shaped like those creatures found in Muggle museums, the first digit higher up and curved into a sickle-shaped claw. The Occamy opened its mouth as it hissed, revealing the one inch fangs.

Eclipsis let out an angered shrill, twisting and clawing at the Occamy.

Shyamal saw the Dark Heir aim his wand, murder in his eyes.

Watch out!

"Avada Kedvra!" The green spell flew toward Eclipsis, the Occamy disengaging from the fight. Flames erupted around his familiar, the bird appearing right next to Shyamal. Silence dropped down, blanketing them as the din of the other battles continued to erupt around them

"You have a phoenix. Only one person has a phoenix and he is very well known." The Heir's eyes fell on Shyamal. "Who are you?"

"I am Anthanasius." His fingers tightened.

The Dark Heir tilted his head. "Why don't you join us, Anthanasius? My Lord has the same dreams as you. Join and he will grant you immortality."

"Everyone dies. It is a fact of life. Your Master will die." Shyamal answered calmly. His sword was six feet away, the hilt facing away from him. His wand was tucked safely in his arm holster but a single movement and the Dark Heir would react.

"My Master is more powerful than you can imagine, Elf. Once he conquers this country, he will slowly make his way to your homeland. Your brethren will fall and burn in everlasting fire as he watches." The Dark Heir moved.

"We'll see." In a blink of an eye, Shyamal summoned his sword, the hilt falling right into his hand as he moved out of the way of the Killing curse the Dark Heir threw at him. Eclipsis and the Occamy re-engaged back over their heads, clawing, biting, snapping, lunging, and twisting in the air. He sheathed his sword and slid his wand back into his hand.

Shyamal submerged himself in the instincts born of intense physical training under Miroslav's watchful eye. He ducked, rolled, dodged, spun, flipped, and Apparated out of the path of the spells the Dark Heir was sending his way. There were times where Shyamal had to step into the path of a less dangerous spell, risking the chance of injury as he avoided the Unforgivables and the unknown spells he could not identify by sight.

Shyamal back flipped away and Disapparated in mid-flip as the Occamy broke free from Eclipsis long enough to chase him as the Dark Heir sent a barrage of Killing Curses in his wake. He appeared ten feet from Voldemort's apprentice, quickly sending a mixture of curses back.

Eclipsis gave a shriek as he dived at the Occamy who was near the ground, talons out. The Occamy hissed, writhing as the silver tips dig into its back, black blood squirting out. It snapped back, catching Eclipsis in the underbelly. Shyamal twisted around, feeling his familiar's pain. His gloved hand grabbed the dagger from his right boot and flicked it at the Occamy. The Dark Heir jerked back to cast a spell but the blade was already sinking into the tail of the Occamy.

Shyamal grunted out in pain as a Bludgeoning Hex caught him in the back, sending him crashing into an abandoned stall. Pain throbbed from his lower back as he rolled away, climbing to his feet. The Dark Heir stalked him, wand held out.

"Glaciartus!" The electric blue jet flew out from the Dark Heir's wand, barely missing Shyamal's hand as he threw himself away. Shyamal hissed in pain as the injury protested the movement.

"Fervidus Phoinix!" A red flaming phoenix erupted from Shyamal's wand, winging its way toward the Dark Heir. The wizard bellowed angrily as the edge of his robe caught on fire. As he conjured water to put out the fire, Shyamal threw himself at the Dark Heir.

The two of them tumbled to the ground, Shyamal's holly wand clatter into the street gutter. Shyamal drew his non-wand arm back and sending it into the Dark Heir's jaw. The head flew back, mask slipping. Shyamal quickly grabbed at it, trying to rip it off but a hand wrapped itself around his wrist, gripping painfully. The Dark Heir grunted as he tried to twist his arm around. Shyamal's hand shot out and wrapped around the Dark Heir's hand, trying to keep the wand from every point of his body.

Luckily for Shyamal, casting a Killing Curse at such a close range would be suicidal for both of them. Shyamal twisted his body, flipping himself on top, knee pinning the Dark Heir to the cobblestones. His muscles were straining as the two fought for control.

"Release me, Elf, and you will die a fast death." The Dark Heir hissed at him, green eyes flashing with pure hatred.

Shyamal didn't say anything as he twisted the Dark Heir's wrist until with a loud sounding crack, Shyamal broke the Dark Heir's wrist. In the distraction, Shyamal's hand was free. Just as he was about to cast a wandless Stunning spell, he was thrown forward as the Occamy crashed into his back, forcing him off the Dark Heir. The wizard climbed to his feet, cradling his broken wrist to his chest.

"Retreat! Vritra!" The Occamy lashed out with its tail, catching Eclipsis in the head before flying back and coiling around the Dark Heir like a gruesome scarf before the two disappeared with a sharp crack.

"It's done." Damian checked the parchment, looking for the runes signifying the end of the scanning. He found it and released the scroll, watching it roll up by itself. "Come on. Let's get out of here before Black comes." The two brothers quickly fixed the room, covering up their magic signatures, straightening out little things, checking the drawers, and wiping off fingerprints before leaving.

"I can't believe Black didn't put up wards." Cosmas whispered as they stomped down the stairs and ran between the desks. "Hogwarts, is it clear?"

"Yes, no staff for the next couple of halls."

"Good. We can get into the secret passage behind the Statue for Ferdinand the Loyal." The two of them slipped out.

Shyamal picked himself up, gingerly laying a hand on his throbbing back. No doubt, if he hadn't been wearing the dragon leather, the spell could have possibly killed him from internal injuries. At the best, he was looking at a painful and deep muscle bruise. He checked his weapons, making sure his wand was safely tucked into its holster.

"I cannot believe you fought him!" Shyamal turned around to see the young man he had helped gawking him at him. The man was holding out his knife, hilt first.

"What do you mean?" Shyamal grabbed the dagger and quickly stuffed it into his boot, scanning it for any tracking spells. He found none so he rose to his feet again.

"The Dark Heir, of course! Every Auror or wizard that has gone up against him has died. You're the first to have survived a personal fight with him."

Shyamal gave a grunt as he walked to where he had dumped Bellatrix Lestrange, cursing loudly when he didn't see her among the wreckage of the shop.

"One of the Death Eater went to her before they retreated, no doubt taking her with him. Wilson, go and check to see the status of the Hit Wizards." James Potter stated as he came up on him and the Auror who nodded before jogging off. "We were able to hold onto the Death Eater you caught before Lestrange showed up. The one in slime has also been retrieved. However, the one with the back injury is dead."

Shyamal's back tightened. "How are your Aurors?"

"We have three dead, two in critical condition, and quite a few supporting non-fatal wounds." James looked him over. "How did you know about the attack?"

"That would be me." Kingsley said as he approached them. "Dumbledore." He muttered toward James. The Head Auror slowly nodded, knowing he would have to ask the Headmaster when he could. "That was unconventional fighting, tackling the Dark Heir like that."

"You do what you can to survive." Eclipsis flew down on Shyamal's shoulder, trilling softly to the two Aurors. "It's time for me to leave. You know how to reach me."

Kingsley nodded. Shyamal took a step back, flames rising up around him. A second later, the two Aurors were the only ones standing there.

James turned to his friend and comrade. "You and I will have to talk about this soon." The dark-skinned Auror heard the order hidden in that sentence.

"After all the paperwork has been filed."

James looked at the spot where the Elf had disappeared. "Did you know that he had a phoenix with him?"

"Dumbledore didn't tell me much about this Elf. Just to call him using the device he gave me and that he was a friend." Kingsley said.

James massaged his temple, frowning at the floor. "We're going to have to find a way to explain how he came here otherwise Fudge will be on my arse about this."

"Dumbledore came up with an explanation." Stepping closer, Kingsley quickly gave him a run-through of the cover-up Dumbledore had told them to tell Fudge and the reporters. "As long as he keeps quiet about how he knows about the attacks, it should hold up."

"It should." James took one last look around the damaged street, noting the heavily damaged stores, one still burning in the inside. "I'm heading back to the office. No doubt Fudge will want a quick update on what's happening."

"Can't say I envy you, James." Kingsley knew that Fudge would take the opportunity to snap at his friend. Ever since last June, Fudge had taken to ridicule his Head Auror in front of everyone at the Ministry, including the Daily Prophet reporters who took an unnatural glee in printing those ridiculous articles.

"See you." James gripped his wand and Disapparated with a soft crack.
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