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You're Just a Sad Song

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Frank stays at the end of the show to hear his favourite song. Find of a songfic but not really. (Oneshot)

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They were in Hoboken, New Jersey, in a small club with a stage that you really couldn’t call a stage. It had been an awesome show. The fact that the venue was so small made everything so much more intimate. Although the stage was much too small to run and thrash around on, My Chemical Romance felt a comforting closeness to the fans that night.

The show was basically over. There was only one song left to do, “Cancer”. Because only vocals and the piano were needed, Ray, Bob and Mikey left the stage to relax. Frank, however, stayed. “Cancer” was his favourite song off the record. He could never listen to it blindly, without feeling the emotion of the lyrics and music. The way that Gerard sounded on this track always got to him. Listening to it in public wasn’t possible due to the fact that by the time that last note was hit, he was in tears. Still out of breath from playing the previous song, Frank sat in the corner of the stage against the amps.

“This is the last song.” Gerard began. “Sorry, but there will be no encores.” The fans whined in protest. “We really loved playing for you guys tonight. We had a blast. So, thank you.”

When opening for “Cancer” began, the fans cheered in appreciation. After the intro had been played twice, and the fans settled down, Gerard began. “Turn away…” His vocal performance was always amazing, but he put extra feeling into “Cancer”. Such passion was put into every word, every syllable, it was impossible not to get choked up. Frank could already feel the lump rising in his throat, and they were only on the first verse.

“I will not kiss you… ‘Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.”
Frank’s vision blurred. He looked at Gerard. The man was swaying and looking lovingly at the people in front of him. He had such a strong connection to the fans. He treated them as if he knew them personally, as if he’d been through all their pain with them. The good times, the bad times. It was like Gerard had helped them get through it. And he really did. His voice had floated though speakers, radios and headphones into the hearts of millions of people and touched them, mended wounds and brought faith and happiness.

Tears rolled down Frank’s face as Gerard barely whispered the word “agony” in the second verse, like he was in so much pain, it hurt to speak. A fan tapped their hand on the stage beside Frank. The girl held a piece of paper with a happy face drawn on it. She was in tears too, a sad smile on her face. As he returned the smile, she handed him a tissue, which he gladly took. Frank mouthed a thank you. The girl nodded, looked at Gerard, and back at Frank. “You’re so lucky.” She mouthed. She didn’t look jealous and she didn’t mean it in a whiney way. Frank could tell that she truly admired Gerard. “I know.” He mouthed back. He looked at the man at the front of the stage. “I know.”

“And if you say goodbye today, I’d ask you to be true.” The fans belted the words back to their hero with an equal amount of love and passion. Most were crying. “’Cause the hardest part of this is leaving you. ‘Cause the hardest part of this is leaving…” Gerard paused and leaned against the microphone with a smile. He said another thank you and blew a kiss. “You.” He finished, his arms outstretched to the crowd. The fans screamed, yelling “Thank you”s and “I love you”s to Gerard and making hearts with their hands.

Gerard turned to Frank. Apon seeing his friend’s face, stained with tears, he smiled sadly. Reaching out his hand, Frank took it gently and stood up. The two shared a warm hug to which the fans “Awww”ed. They waved one last time and exited the stage arms around each others shoulders. Frank leaned his head against Gerard. Nothing really needed to be said.

The two friends opened the doors that led them outside. Greeted by the cool night air and their band mates waving at them from the bus, they both smiled and picked up the pace. Gerard squeezed Frank’s shoulder, who squeezed in return sharing thoughts not needing to be spoken. Silently, they boarded the bus and left the club behind, closer than ever.

A/N: I hope you enjoyed my first oneshot! My friend and I are currently obsessed with Cancer and I love the way it sounds live. I got inspired by The Black Parade Is Dead! recording of Cancer in Hoboken. I noticed that Frank stayed behind and was like "AWWWW!!!" and I imagined him crying. Hahaha so emo XD Anyways I didn't really write it as a Frerard but if you want it to be, then it is. :) Who am I to limit your imagination?
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