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Whatever They Call It

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KakaGai. He now knows why Gai fights so hard for his attention.

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Kakashi wondered one day when a jounin meeting was over and he was crowded by well-wishers for his birthday, despite knowing he had been assigned a job for just later that day: How can they not notice Gai? - knowing full well that it had been Gai's birthday a week ago and, as far as Kakashi knew, hadn't spent it with anyone but the white-haired shinobi himself. And then he realized, bright as day, /why Gai fought so hard to keep being noticed by Kakashi/: he was the only one who paid attention at all.

It was then, surprising everyone who had circled around him in the first place, that he grabbed Maito Gai's arm as he was about to leave the hall via the window and challenged him. It had been the first time he had done such a thing, and rambled on about birthday privilages in a weak imitation of Gai's technique earlier in the month while watching the light come on in dark eyes and a slow, hesitant grin fill Gai's face.

Kakashi ended up breaking his nose, and Gai his ankle when they tried to see who could meditate under a waterfall for the longest and ended up in a wrestling fight with no idea who had been the one to flick the water first.

It was only much later, when Kakashi had been in danger of loosing himself entirely, that he realized how much Gai had personified him over the years. It was impossible for him to be the cool, lazy, perverted jounin without an overly enthusiatic, optimistic active jounin Gai to back him up and occasionally 'force' him into a play fight or five. He had a feeling that Gai knew all too well that were he to loose Kakashi he would never have himself again.

He clearly didn't know this well enough, though, because it wasn't untill he nearly killed himself to prevent leakage of information and found Gai at his bedside, the only one closest to family that the hospital could think of to call, that he saw the half-terrified, wild smile that looked like tired relief break over Gai's face.

It wasn't untill he was a Jounin again that he realized that he was quite married - with children and the whole deal! - and hadn't even had the pleasure of sex with his life partner (as it seemed to be termed these days). It was then that he introduced Gai to Icha Icha Paradise and his favorite uncle who wrote them, and learnt himself the pleasures of an equil relationship in sex.

They would probably grow old together, he couldn't help but hope, and the kids would grow up and kick the world's asses the way they were meant to, and they'd finally end up moving in together, and hang up their uniforms, and play board games in the park instead of out-run-the-kunai in the training fields. Except, they were still young, their children had all run away or were killed or dealing with war, and no one could afford a few less Jounins these days.

It was all the same, in the end. One war was much the same as another, and in this case it was especially true.
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