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I Could Use A Wish Right Now

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Every time Frank stays outside he hopes to see a shooting star. He knew exactly what he would wish for.But Frank of all people knew wishing was almost as worthless as he was.

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Frank Iero laid on his back yard patio staring at the night sky and wishing he was anywhere but there. His parents had started fighting again and the back yard was the only place he could find that blocked out the noise. He didn't really mind sleeping out there though. He had the perfect view of the sky and he could watch his neighbor Gerard through his bedroom window. He felt like a creep but Gerard was the closest thing he had to a friend even though they've only had a few casual conversations in passing. Watching Gerard always made him feel less alone even though he really was and he knew it.

At the moment he could see Gerard painting the view from his window. He had his easel blocking him from view but Frank saw Gerard's head peek out from behind it every once in a while. Watching Gerard made Frank feel even more depressed so he switched his gaze to the stars again and let his mind wander.

On nights like these, which were becoming more frequent, Frank thought about his life and life in general. Tonight Frank's thoughts were absorbed with what he wished he had. Frank had a whole fantasy world in his head that he constantly visited. In this world he had friends, a boy friend, a loving family, and a bright future a head of him. Basically everything he didn't have in real life.

Every time Frank stays outside he hopes to see a shooting star. He knew exactly what he would wish for. He would wish for someone to love him and be there for him. But Frank of all people knew wishing was almost as worthless as he was. For all the countless nights he had spent out here he hadn't once seen a shooting star yet. He's lost hope in getting his wish. Frank's lost hope in a lot of things.

A cough startled Frank out of his thoughts. He lifted his head to see Gerard standing at his feet and looking at him confusedly.

"Why are you outside?" Gerard asked as he laid himself down beside Frank.
"It's too loud inside my house. My parents are fighting." Frank explained in a whisper. He felt that talking any louder might disturb the peaceful darkness of the night.
"They do that a lot, huh?" Gerard whispered, following Frank's example.
"Yeah how'd you know?" frank asked turning his head to look at the side of Gerard's face.
"I see you out here almost every day of the week." Gerard explained with a sad smile.
"It's not too bad. There's a good view of the sky." Frank said trying to mask his pain from Gerard, not wanting him to think frank was too broken to be friends with.
"Yeah it is beautiful. You must have been able to make a lot of wishes huh?" Gerard asked.
"What do you mean?" Frank wondered.
"You must have seen a lot of shooting stars." Gerard clarified while searching the sky trying to find one.
"No, I haven't seen any at all." Frank whispered sadly.

There was a small break in their conversation while Gerard took in the sight of the stars shining down on them and the airplanes flying by. Frank was thinking about how Gerard being there was comfortable but some how made him feel even more alone. Frank just felt so removed from everyone else.

Gerard however, was thinking about how broken Frank was. He knew that Frank was pretty much alone in his life and Gerard wanted to change that. For the past couple of months Frank had taken over his creativity. All of his art was in some way connected to Frank and Gerard knew that it was time that he actually acted on the obvious signs. Tonight he had expected Frank to be laying here and he had planned to come down here and actually talk to Frank and actually invite him to his house so Frank wouldn't have to sleep on the ground anymore. But it was more than just friendship, Gerard knew that he wanted to be Frank's everything. He wanted to save Frank.

"Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now." Frank asked breaking the silence that had fallen on the pair.
"We could. I'm not sure it would work though. What would you wish for?" Gerard wondered. He hadn't really meant for that to come out but he was taken by how much sadness Frank had in his voice when he had asked.
"If I told you it definitely wouldn't come true." Frank answered sounding weak like his life depended on his wish coming true.
"It's okay you don't have to." Gerard smiled at Frank hoping to lift the teenagers spirits a little.
"No it wouldn't have come true anyway," Frank sighed. "I would wish for a completely different life. One where I wasn't such a fuck up and people actually cared what happened to me." he explained.
"Why do you think you're a fuck up?" Gerard asked. He couldn't possible see how someone as beautiful as Frank could think that about himself.

"I'm failing almost all of my classes because I'm so stupid. I have no hope for the future, I'm going to end up on the streets. I have no friends at all. They say I'm too much of a freak to ever be close to anyone. My parents right now are arguing about who's fault it is for the way I turned out. They don't even care that I can hear them saying that it's not their fault that I'm basically 'not even human' as they say. Really it's my fault that I can't be anyone different than who I am." Frank whispered out while tears made slow tracks down his cheeks.

He was almost positive that his little outburst would award him with Gerard leaving and never talking to him again. Gerard rolled to his side and propped his head up with his hand so that he could see Frank more clearly before he started to speak.

"Frank don't ever say that again. None of that is your fault, it's theirs. Who ever you tried to be friends with is an ass. No one is ever too weird to have friends. Trust me, I know. You just haven't found the right person to be friends with yet. Actually I want to be your friend. Your parents are wrong too. They're blaming each other cause they hate each other, not you. And they can just fuck off cause none of the things they say about you are true. As for your grades you just need a tutor. Anyone that sleeps outside more than they sleep in their bed can't have good grades Frank. And you know what? I care about you. I know we hardly know each other but I do." Gerard told Frank keeping his voice strong and hoping that Frank believed everything he said because to Gerard all of it was true.

Frank cried harder at Gerard's last sentence. He had wanted someone to say that they cared about him for so long that now that Gerard had Frank felt so much happiness he couldn't help but cry.

Frank rolled onto his side and gave wrapped his arm around Gerard's waist and buried is head in Gerard's chest in an awkward sideways hug.
"Thank you." Frank whispered.
"You're welcome." Gerard smiled as he wrapped his own arms around Frank and hugged him back. They laid there and hugged for a little longer than normal before Gerard opened his mouth again.
"Lets go back to my house. We can sleep in my bed instead of laying on the uncomfortable ground." Gerard said as he untangled his arms from around Frank and stood up.
"Okay." Frank smiled and took the hand Gerard offered to help him up. He followed behind Gerard to his neighbor's back door. Gerard never once letting go of Frank's hand.
"You're always welcome at my house Frank. So next time your parents are fighting come sleep over instead of sleeping outside." Gerard told him. Frank nodded his understanding and smiled to show his appreciation for everything Gerard had done that night.

Frank smiled up at the sky one last time for the night. He wasn't afraid of missing his shooting star any more because he had a feeling that all his wishes were going to be answered by a star in the form of Gerard Way and he couldn't be any happier.

I wrote this really late at night and in a rush so i'm sorry for any mistakes or if it's terrible. I was inspired by the song Airplanes by B.o.B. feat. Eminem and Hayley Williams so if you haven't listend to it i suggest that you do. Thanks for reading! xo-Erin
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