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Send My Regards To The Bride And The Groom.

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(It's really a Gabe Saporta Fic)I wrote this for a classmate and I feel like I did a good job with it. She asked me to write a story in where she marries Gabe. She gave me plot lines that were com...

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The speakers pounded with the loud reggaeton music. Girls with party hats were dancing across the hotel room. A loud laugh filled the air; the owner sitting on a purple tacky throne on top of a platform. Patsy Garcia sat on her throne, the plastic tiara resting proudly on her straight brown hair.

Lights flashed rapidly around the room even though the music was lowered when Chelsea got up on the stage and walked towards the mic. "Donde esta la musica?!"(*) Patsy yelled, clapping her hands demanding the music. "Calm down," Chelsea told her, laughing at her best friend. "We have a surprise for you." Patsy raised her eyebrows at Chelsea then at the guests. "A surprise?" Chelsea nodded, the hair balled up into a ponytail moved with her head. She called up Danilsa and Danilsa bounced up onto the stage, taking the microphone.

"Patsy is getting married in two days that means she can't look at anymore sexy men other than Gabe so we all got her this surprise." The girls whooped loudly as Patsy smiled to herself. She was fixing her tiara when three loud knocks echoed from the wooden hotel doors. The doors opened and a dark skinned man in a blue uniform entered without permission. He walked toward the stage, talking directly into the microphone. "I got a noise complaint," The man said, everyone noticing that he was wearing a cop's outfit. Techno music suddenly blared from the speakers and the cop threw his hat into the crowd and ripped open his blue shirt. "This party isn't loud enough!"

Patsy started to laugh when the man started to shed his clothes on top of her. "Holy shit, you got Domaldy as a stripper! This is fucking hilarious!" She kept laughing as Domaldy started moving his hips toward her direction, the blue short shorts (which NO ONE should wear) rode up leaving nothing to the imagination. Domaldy blocked her view of her guests but she can hear the cheers and cat calls from her friends. Trying to catch her breath, Patsy saw Danilsa appear on the right side of her throne with dollar bills in her hand. "Toma," Danilsa shoved the stack of bills in Patsy's hand, taking one for herself and stuffing it down Domaldy's pants. "Pay the man." Danilsa patted the stripper's butt before walking back to her friends.

Patsy wasted no time in putting singles down Domaldy’s pants. She was having fun at her bacholorette party and she was getting married in two days so hell yes, she's going to have all the fun she can have. About 20 minutes of shaking his ass in front if Patsy's face, Domaldy moved on to the guests, Emely first. "Oh my God!" Emely laughed. For a good hour, Domaldy danced on and with the guests before Patsy's little sister, Betsy, climbed up on stage and asked to hear the story of how Patsy and her soon-to-be husband met.

Patsy groaned in her throne. She was getting tired of Betsy asking to hear the same story over and over again. "Why?" She questioned her younger sister, now noticing that everyone's attention were on them. "Haven't you heard it a million times?" Betsy nodded her head viciously. "Yeah but it's just so romantic!" Betsy exclaimed. Patsy stared at her; Gabe and Patsy's meeting wasn't that romantic, more fucking crazy than romantic. "Come on," Amanda called out from the audience. "I don't know the story." A few scattered agreements here and there helped patsy make up her mind. "Fine, fine. I'll tell you guys. Give the mike." Betsy jumped from excitement, grabbing the microphone and handing it to her big sister. All the guests were focused on the bride to be, her tiara sparkling with fake diamonds, as she was about to relive one of her favorite memories. "Ok, this is what happened..." She started.

Patsy sat on the orange couch while resting her feet from dancing too much. The party just started to get crazy and Patsy could see her friends dancing and drinking from the couch. Through the corner of her eye, she saw a guy approaching her with two drinks in hand. The guy was dark, his hair curly (and as far as Patsy was concerned, not combed) and he wasn't even cute. She sighed deeply as the guy crouched down beside her; his greeting, "Yo mami,"

Patsy wasn't going to have any of that. "Uh, hell no." She simply said, raising her hand in the air, cutting the guy off. "One, if you're trying to get my attention you better have something better than 'yo mami' and two, why would you think I would give you my attention anyway?" People who were listening to Patsy over the loud music laughed under their breaths. She wanted to know what was so funny; she was serious. With a look of anger on his face, the guy stood up and walked away but not before muttering 'Bitch.' under his breath. Patsy shrugged it off deciding it wasn't worth her time. She just wishes that she could have taken the drink first because she was fucking thirsty.

Something shiny and purple caught Patsy's eye and she was grateful to see Taylor in a purple sequin dress, walking towards her, handing her a fruity drink. Travis, Taylor 's boyfriend, was right behind her laughing. "Holy shit Patsy, that was harsh." He told her as Pasty drank and then shrugged at him. "All I'm saying is don't come up to me acting like you know me. You'll look like a dumbass." Taylor smiled and nodded her head in agreement. "Isn't she perfect for him?" Taylor asked Travis even though her brown eyes were still on Patsy. Patsy eyed them both, hating the way they both stared at her smiling. "Why are you looking at me like that?" Patsy asked them feeling uncomfortable.

Travis took Patsy's hand and pulled her off of the orange couch and led her toward the back of the party. "What the hell are you doing?" She yelled as Travis led her closer to the speakers and was about to yell it again before Travis pushed her in front of a tall skinny guy dressed in a black hoodie with gold bats and blue skinny jeans. Patsy could see his tan skin even though the room was dark and she can clearly see the white teeth in his smile. "Hi." Patsy greeted as she looked him over again. Very sexy, Patsy thought. Lose the skinny jeans but other than that, very sexy. "Hi," the tall dude replied. "I'm Gabe, you must be Patsy." She looked behind her to shoot a glare at Travis but she nodded when she addressed Gabe.

If Patsy can sum up Gabe Saporta in a few words it would be: A sarcastic asshole that’s ready with smart ass remarks whenever he needs it along with a red bull and vodka while being incredibly hyper. In one word: Perfect. After the party, Gabe asked to see Patsy again and they did. They've been on about 5 dates to movies and dinners and several unofficial club dates before they decided that they should go on to the next level. "I feel like I can be with him for a long time." Patsy told Isomar, Naralin, Danilsa, Emely and Chelsea a few months later as they were looking through stores downtown. "You mean forever, right?" Isomar asked smiling. Patsy didn't really like the word 'forever' to describe a relationship but 'forever' seemed to fit. "I think so." She told them and they actually gasped at the news. Patsy laughed. "I know, I know."

Over the past few months, Patsy noticed that Gabe was acting little weirder than usual. During her overnight stays at his place, she noticed that Gabe was getting paler, more hyper (if that was possible) and becoming jumpier to any sounds he hears. Patsy was getting worried but didn't really pay any mind to it after Gabe says "I'm fine baby. Work gets me like this sometimes, that's all. Nothing to worry about." and ends the discussion with a kiss. Nine months into the relationship and Gabe brought Patsy to one of the clubs he randomly DJ's. She was sitting at the booth with Gabe's friends watching him pick music in his booth. Patsy saw Gabe drink more than he usually does and go to the bathroom more times then any person should. After his 11th time visiting the bathroom, Patsy walked up onto the DJ booth.

"Pat-" Gabe tried to exclaim her name but it came out slurred. "Pat- Baby!" He was swaying from side to side a little and he reeked of vodka. There was a difference between Patsy and Gabe. Patsy can hold her liquor; Gabe can't. "What the hell is wrong with you?" She harshly whispered to him so she wouldn't be heard by anyone else. "What do you mean? I'm fine, I'm more than fine actually. I'm in love!" Gabe quickly wrapped his arms around Patsy and yelled into the microphone. "If any of you motherfuckers are in love, let me hear you scream!" There were light screams across the club which made Gabe announce "Forget you then. You fuckers don't know what you're missing."

He smiled down at Patsy, the smell of alcohol stinging her nose. She pulled away from him saying "I love you too Gabe but you're hitting the red bull and vodka a little too hard." Gabe shook his head violently, disagreeing. "No I'm not." He slurred. "I'm just drunk on love!" Gabe wrapped his arms around Patsy again, pinning her to his body and kissing her harshly. "God," Gabe started when he pulled away. "You are so ah-" he hiccupped loudly then, right in her face. "Amazing!" Patsy glared at him and pushed him away.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" he didn't seem to listen as he moved toward his book bag, looking through his stuff for something. "Baby, baby, baby, look! I have something for you." He produced a black square box and got down on one knee. The only thing Patsy could do was stare down at him in horror. "You are not actually going to propose to me in a club, are you?" She asked, looking around to see only a few people looking their way. "Patsy Garcia," Gabe started, ignoring everything that Patsy said. "Will you marry me?" Patsy grabbed Gabe by the shoulder and pulled him off of the dirty floor. "Gabe, I think we should go home to get you sober and then we can talk about this marriage thing, okay?" With her hand still gripping Gabe's forearm, she grabbed his book bag. Gabe, still drunk, tried to snatch his bag away causing it to fall from Patsy's hand.

"What did you find? What did you find?" Betsy asked excitedly, interrupting Patsy's story. Patsy laughed at her sister's excitement and told her to calm down. "When the bag spilled, little glass bottles and syringes fell out. It turns out the reason why Gabe was acting so weird was because he was using heroin." Gasps rang throughout the audience and Patsy smiled.

"What the hell did you do after?" Delaney asked, waiting for Patsy to continue.

"Well, I took him home, leaving all his DJing crap behind and we fought until the sun came up. Ultimately, I told him that I won't marry or talk to him if he keeps doing drugs."

"So what did he do? What did he do?" Betsy was still jumping in her seat, asking for more. Patsy was starting to think if it was a good idea to make Betsy a bridesmaid.

"So when I woke up the next morning, I found a note from Gabe saying that Travis took him down to a rehab clinic and that he doesn't want to lose me." The girls awed at the
scene and Patsy cut them off. "I didn't believe him at first so I called the number he left me and he was telling the truth. I talked to his doctors and everything. He was getting clean for me." The guests awed again. "So with almost a whole year in rehab, he was clean of drugs and he proposed to me in central park."

"You are so lucky to have Gabe." Naralin said from the audience right when the hotel doors opened.

"No. I'm lucky to have her." Gabe walked up to the tiny platform Patsy was sitting on and just sat on her lap. Patsy pushed him off, laughing at her fiancée’s pout.

“Why are you here?” She asked. Gabe stood up towering over her and her purple throne when he answered. “My bachelor party ended so I’m taking you up to the hotel room with me.” He explained while waving at some of Patsy’s friends and stopped when he saw Domaldy in the corner of the room, pulling on his shirt. “Who the hell is he?” Gabe asked Patsy, pointing at the stripper’s direction.

“Oh him, that’s Domaldy,” Patsy said casually. “They got him as a stripper.” Gabe stared at her for further explanation but Patsy just looked at him. “What?”

“Why did you have a stripper?” Gabe questioned and Patsy shrugged her shoulders.

“Why are you getting mad? I didn’t plan it and you guys had a stripper too.” Gabe had no comeback for that and Patsy basked in her victory. Gabe picked Patsy up from her throne instead, bridal style and ignored the sting from the hits she was giving. The girls wooed and cheered as Patsy was taken out of the room in Gabe’s arm, practice for their honeymoon. They were out of the huge hotel room and waiting for the elevator to reach the first floor.

“You’re an idiot, you know that right?” Patsy said to her fiancé, still in his arms while they waited. Gabe chuckled under his breath and Patsy saw one of the reasons she was marrying Gabe. His undeniable sexiness.

“I know I am, but I’m your idiot.” He replied with a smirk on his face before kissing her. He kissed her with ease and then he laughed. “This honeymoon thing is going to be a breeze.” The elevator doors dinged open and Gabe carefully made his way into it making sure he doesn’t hit Patsy head on the way in. “You might have the honeymoon part down but we have to get through the wedding. You know, the ‘I do’s’” Patsy told, holding onto his neck for support.

“That’s the easy part,” Gabe exclaimed. “I have to say yes to spending all my life with you, why wouldn’t I say yes?” Patsy then started laughing. “When did you get so cheesy?!”


A flood of navy blue and lavender filled the girls dressing room, the bridesmaids excited for the moment they walk down the aisle and all eyes were on them before they pay attention to Patsy. "I am so nervous." Amanda confessed loudly, fidgeting with her bouquet of flowers. Patsy was sitting in front of a wide mirror, reapplying her lipstick. "Don't worry Amanda," Patsy said her focus on her makeup. "You're just walking down the aisle. You're not the one getting married. Consider yourself lucky."

Patsy smiled at Amanda after her small joke. "True," Amanda agreed. "At least the dresses are beautiful." Patsy smiled again. It was Patsy who picked the dresses and she loved them. Patsy stood up and walked away from the mirror, her white gown trailing behind her. She grabbed the slightly larger bouquet of lavenders from a white dresser and she called Betsy over so she can help her place the veil over her face.

"You look really beautiful, Patsy." Betsy told her for the tenth time that day. Patsy didn't care; she just thanked her sister again and took a deep breath to settle the butterflies in her stomach.

"Ok, Ok. Get in line!" Danilsa ordered when the time to start the wedding was approaching. The ten bridesmaid shuffled in line by height order: Amanda in front, Ruth at the end and Patsy, a few feet away from the blue and purple clothed girls, was fixing her silk gown skirt and adjusting the lace straps of her wedding dress.

Danilsa took the job as wedding planner and you could have noticed by the way she ordered the girls to move to back of the hotel and stop just before the glass doors. Patsy looked above her bridesmaids to see the Vegas back garden decorated just for her wedding. People were sitting on Navy blue and lavender sashed chairs, the groomsmen and the groom were under a huge white canopy, away from the suns rays. Gabe was standing there (Still, If you can believe it) waiting patiently for the ceremony to start. Patsy could see Gabe smile when he saw the girls at the glass doors.

The piano started up and the guests moved around in their seats to see Amanda lead the line of bridesmaids. The line moved quick but not as quick as Patsy would have liked it. Ruth walked down the aisle and the pianist started to play "Here comes the bride." Patsy took a deep breath before walking down the aisle.

She smiled at her family, her closest friends, and friends she hasn't seen since college or high school. She got up to the alter, smiling up at Gabe who looked even more handsome. Patsy picked at the lavender he had in his jacket pocket and he told her she looked beautiful. "Thank you but don't get all emotional on me just because it's our wedding." She joked whispering so only he can hear her. He only smirked as his reply. "Oh, you're the one who's going to get emotional when you hear my vow." Patsy softly scoffed her reply so only her soon-to-be husband can hear.

The pastor started by addressing the guests, then Patsy and Gabe. He talked about love and the sanctity of marriage and all that crap but Patsy didn't care about that. She wanted to get to the vows, the rings and the 'I do's'. Finally the pastor told the bride and the groom to share their vows. Patsy's vows were filled with jokes but from listening to it, it told anyone that she deeply in love with the man that was standing before her. Gabe's vows however were about his crappy life before he met Patsy.

He talked about how he only went to parties to find someplace to sleep since his parents kicked him out and how he was in a dark place. (His drugs addiction) he talked about Patsy being the best thing that happened to his life even though he was in a successful band. "Patsy was the sun to my rainy day. I am so lucky to have her in my life and I have no idea why she's marrying me."

Patsy could see some of the guests and the bridesmaids wiping away their tears and she could feel her own tears about to fall but as much as she loved Gabe, she wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of her getting emotional at her own wedding. She looked up at the sun so her tears can disappear. She smiled at him nonetheless.

The pastor was at the part where he told Patsy and Gabe to repeat after him and say those powerful two words. Patsy repeated the pastor first, placing the ring on Gabe's finger and said 'I Do.' with feeling. Gabe did the same. Gabe lifted the veil and kissed his wife before the pastor uttered the words "You may now kiss the bride."

"Now for the first time anywhere, Mr. and Mrs. Gabe and Patsy Saporta." Travis's voice echoed from the speakers as he yelled the greeting from the DJ booth. Patsy and Gabe entered the hotel ballroom which was decorated for their wedding reception. Patsy almost cried out in surprise and excitement when she saw Aventura(*) standing on the stage, preparing to start singing. This was the only time she didn't to be married to Gabe because Romeo just smiled at her.

Patsy had an amazing time at her wedding because well, it was her wedding. Gabe booked Aventura for the wedding because he knows that was her favorite band from their first couple of dates. Patsy almost cried as they played during Gabe and Patsy's first dance. Patsy did most of the wedding traditions such as the throwing of the bouquet. Ruth caught it after most of the girls fought for it. Most of the petals were gone from the Ruth didn't care. Patsy just thought it was funny to see the girls almost kill each for that plant.

The newlyweds cut the large wedding cake together and Gabe managed to smear some frosting on her nose. She laughed it off vowing that she will get him back later. They both posed for pictures with the bridesmaid, groomsmen, family and friends. Everyone congratulated them when the reception was over and Gabe carried her bridal style to the elevator again. "It's not even our honeymoon yet." Patsy told him but didn't want him to put her down. "I know," Gabe said "I just want to do it."

"That was sweet." Patsy told him, hanging on to his neck. "What was sweet?" "Your vows. It was sweet." Gabe smiled at her. "I thought you didn't like it." "I told you I wasn't to yet emotional at my wedding." Gabe laughed at Patsy's reply and kissed be lips gently. "I love you Mrs. Saporta." She smiled at her new name. She is going to love married life.
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