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Chapter Five

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I entered with a tired sigh and gave Helen my bag and coat to put away.I walked to my daddy's office with a smile.
I entered,though,to see no man sitting at the desk working.
"Helen!",I called.She hurried to my side.
"Yes,Miss?",she asked.
"Where's my dad?",I asked.
"Mister Ramirez went out for a meeting.He said that he'll be late so to not wait up for him.",she said.I nodded and murmured a thank you.
Weird.Daddy rarely goes to meeting.When he does,it's for something very,very important.
I sighed and went upstairs and remembered what Melinda said.
"Wonder why I need to bring gym clothes.",I murmured.I entered the room and saw the wolf whining by the door.
"Hi,little guy.What's wrong?",I asked.
"Miss,would you like to eat dinner now?",I heard Helen say.My eyes widened and I set him down and closed the door running downstairs.
"That's what.",I said,practically slapping myself on the face for being dumb.
The little baby wolf was hungry.I hadn't fed him in the morning since I was in a hurry.I am so dumb.
"Helen,I'm actualyl going out.But can you give me a single piece of steak and a bowl of water.",I said.
They ahd questions,but I blocked them and went running upstairs.Once I was locked in,I fed him.He happily ate barking happily.I couldn't help but laugh.
"I think I'll name you...Hachi.It's a very common name is Japan,learned it in school.What do you think about it,boy?",I asked petting him.He wagged his tail and barked.I smiled and nodded.
His name was Hachi.

"Welcome to the gym.",Melinda said.We entered a huge place that had boxers practicing,dancers practicing,karate people fighting karate.
It was scary,but awesome.
"What are we doing here?",I asked.
"You'll see.Let's go to the lockers and change.",she said.I nodded and followed her into some girl locker room.
We got into our gym clothes and walked out.I followed her up to the boxers.
"Yo,Melinda.",a guy said.He did some handshake with her and looked at me.
"Who's she?",another guy asked.
"This is my little rich friend.Boss of that millionare.Her name is Katalina.",Melinda said.
"So,your the pretty little rich girl.",the guy that hugged her said.
I simply nodded not knowing exactly what to do.He laughed and nodded as well.
"Well,my name is Victor.Pretty little poor boy.",he said.I smiled at his joke and nodded shaking his hand.
"So,she gonna practice too?",he asked Melinda.She nodded and grabbed gloves from him passing a pair to me.
"What's this for?",I asked.
"You're gonna learn how to fight.Box,technically.Don't worry,Victor's gonna go easy.He's just gonna teach you the basics.",she said and walked off with some guys.
"You ready,Princess?",he asked.I laughed nervously and bought up my fists.
"No.",I said shaking my head,but continued laughed.He laughed,and it was obviously AT me.
"Don't worry.By the time you're home,you'll be pumped up.",he said.

"I am so not pumped up.",I muttered entering the house.My muscles everywhere were sore and hurt so much.Pumped up my Aunt Carol.
My eyes went up and I noticed the light coming from my father's office.
"Daddy.",I murmured and walked towards it and entered.
But it wasn't my dad.
"It's nice to meet you finally.I've been waiting to see my future fiancee."
My eyes widened and I was never more angry in my life than at that moment...
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