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Chapter Seven

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I woke up the next day and yawned as loud as i could.In response,I earned Hachi's bark.I laughed and sat up petting him.
"But I have some problem to deal with.",I said and made a pouty face at him.I set him on the ground and went to the bathroom.
After a quick shower,brushing my teeth,and getting in the usual attire.
White t-shirt with shorts and knee-high socks.
I went downstairs to the smell of good breakfeast.
I also have to remember to buy Hachi a bowl for water and food.
"Be right back...I'll take this.",I said and grabbed four sausages from my plate and ran upstairs.After filling the glass bowl with water and putting the food aside for Hachi,I ran back downstairs.
My dad sat at the table eating and reading the newspaper.
"Hi,daddy.",I said.He looked up and grunted,his way of saying good morning.And a lot other things.
"Why were all the workers gone last night?",he asked.
"I...I asked for them all to leave.",I said.He nodded and drank some of his coffee.
"Did anyone come over?Yeah,dad.Who is Chase Vanderson?",I asked.He sighed and put down his cup and paper.
"I am working with Vanderson of Vanderson Interprises.Very good buisness and I am trying to strike a deal with him.He proposed that we marry his son and you.",he exlained.My eyes narrowed and I gasped.
"Daddy,you would actually do that?",I asked.
"No.That is why I am trying to set up another deal.In the meantime,he requests for both you and his son to spend time with eachother.",he said.I sighed and nodded.
"So?",I asked.
"So he is coming today to take you out for dinner.",he said.I nodded and looked down.
Once again,realization.
"Daddy!",I almost yelled.
"I am sorry.But if I want to make this work,I need some things to work.Just hang out with him,Kat.",he said.
"But dad,he seems kinda wierd.",I whispered.He sighed.
"Fine,then I'll put up a body-guard to watch you.",he said.My eyes widened and I immediately started shaking my head.
"No No!No,daddy!Forget it...I'll just hang with him.I do not need a baby-sitter watching me like a stalker.",I said and shivered at the thought.
"Fine.Eat your breakfeast and get dressed elegantly.You'll be going to a very fancy restaraunt.",he said.
"Fine.",I said and started stuffing everything in my mouth.
"Kat!",he said.I looked at him and smiled.He smiled and gave a chuckle,and I giggled.

I sighed and walked up to the mirror to see the dress I wore.
A red dress that reached down to mid-thigh and the sleeves went off-shoulder.I put on black heels and Helen did my make-up.
I sighed as Helen began doing my hair.
"I feel so nauseous.",I moaned.Helen gave a smile,and I smiled too.
"Done.",she said.I turned and smiled as I stared at my hair.Perfectly in a bun,with strands of curly hair falling at the sides.
"It looks so awesome,Helen.",I said.She curtsied and smiled.
Suddenly,I heard the doorbell ring.I stopped smiling and sighed.
"Oh,Miss,when did you get a dog...or...",Helen trailed off.
"Baby wolf?",I asked.Her eyes widened and I laughed.
"Don't worry.But be sure to take care of him,and don't let my dad find him.I'l ltell him some other time.His name is Hachi,okay?",I said.She nodded and I waved oing downstairs.
"There goes the Beauty.",I heard.I looked up regretfully to see Chase in a tux.
"Hi,Mr.Vanderson.",I said with no smile.
"Oh no,that's my dad.Call me Chase.",he said.I forcefully laughed and went down to him.
"Well,I hope you two have a good day.",my dad said.I hugged him and kissed him good-bye.
Once we got in the limo,I dared not to look at the nightmare.

"What would you like to eat?",the waitress asked.I looked at Chase waiting.
"I'd like to have the steak.",he said.As the waitress and him discussed the food,I looked around.
And my eyes caught the most unbelievable sight.
Zero was serving food to others.
I looked back at Chase and smiled.
"I have to use the bathroom.",I said.He nodded.
"May I have your order before you leave?",she asked.
" got hamburgers and fries?",I asked.She nodded and gave Chase a questioning look,which I received from him."Then I'll have it.",I said and went off.
I walked around the corner to where saw Zero leave and smiled at the sight of him standing there.
I walked up to him and smiled.
"Hey.",I said.He looked at me and his eyes narrowed in confusion,but he smiled and chuckled.
"Yo.What are you doing here?",he asked.
"Have a date with a jerk.The guy from last night.Turns out I have to make some kind of relationship with him work.",I said.
"Oh,well,that must suck.",he said.I nodded laughing with him.
"So,I didn't know you were working.",I said.
"Yeah.Saving up for something.Melinda would be too if she weren't boxing so much.She's made a career out of it.",he said.I smiled at the thought.
Melinda was really good at boxing the other day,and as surprising as it is,she may really become a box champion.
"Well,guess that's just her.",I said.
"It is.",he murmured.I looked at him and smiled.He gave me a soft smile back,and I blushed madly.
"Well,I should probably get back ot my nightmare.",I said laughing and looking away.
"Nightmare,huh?Don't worry.If he gets fresh,I can deal with it.",he said.I nodded and my blush got bigger.
"Thanks.Well...see ya.",I said and waved.He nodded and gave me a peace sign.I laughed and quickly left back to the nightmare.
"I ordered wine for us.Is that okay?",he asked.I sighed and motioned for the waitress to come.
"Yes,ma'am?",she asked.I looked at her and gave the best fake smile once again.
"Give him the wine.I'd like coke."
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