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Left Alone 2

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Ok so I just got accepted by some complete utter stranger. But you know what? He's pretty harmless. He did mention it was a ways back to his place, but I said It didn't really matter to me. So we eventually get into a conversation, but one thing leads to another. We somehow get into the topic of preferences. Preference's? What preference? I had no preference.
"Your weird." I just said flatly.
"I'm sure your just as weird." He said just as quick as I said my part. I just made a face, and glanced away. He gave a small chuckle. My feet started to ache after a second or two. I just kept quite and was grateful that he let me stay a night(or maybe two).


After another twenty, thirty minutes of walking we finally reach the place. It was two and a half room apartment from the looks of it. Hey; I've been in worse. He pulls out a key and unlocks it and opens it up. The stench of cigarettes that wafted over me, made want to keel over and hack up a lung. He glances over his shoulder, "Don't be shy." I nod and follow him in, closing the door behind me but more so wanting to go back outside. I then noted a dark haired man, around my age and Tom's who just stared at me. He then made this grunt, and looked at Tom.
"The hell man." He said, his voice so deep and thick with a accent so bad, I could barley make out what he was saying. It didn't help that he slurred his words, and mumbled. I blinked. Tom sighed, and made this slight groan in irritation.
"Its just one night." He retorted. The other guy just snorted and rolled his eyes as he took another drag off the cigarette he was smoking.
"There is barley enough room for one person Tom." He replies, but again, I barley made any sense of it.
"Just shut up, and bite your tongue, He was going to freeze." Um. Ok. That works too, Tom. Little does he know I actually hope to stay a tad longer then that.
"Fine, whatever."
"Joe, remind me to brush your teeth with soap next time." Tom says firmly, as he then turns to me and sighs. "Steven, this Anthony, but he prefers to be called Joe. This was the person I was telling you about." My impressions of the guy was that he was some dick head. I'm sure that he thought the same exact thing. He then just glared at me, as I frowned. The fuck did I do? Nothing. I don't need this fucker making me feeling worse about myself then I already do. My self esteem is about down to zero. Tom then sees the look in my eyes of worsening.
"I'm sorry for the way he is behaving." Tom says apologetically, as I blink and shake my head.
"Its fine, He has his reasons I'm sure." No. He actually made me feel like a fucking nobody. I need a fucking escape. He put out his cigarette in the ash tray in front of him and sat up normally. I finally just looked at Tom.
"Um…. I don't mean to sound like a burden, or a homeless fool, but do you have anything to eat?" I asked in a fairly shy voice. Tom glanced at Joe, then back at me. He shook his head shamefully.
"I'm afraid we don't, Neither of us have ran around to the market."
"Its fine man, I can live." I replied as I looked around the mess of a apartment. I find a 'cleaner' spot on the floor, and go over and sit down. They both give me this look as if I was off my rocker. I give a 'what?' expression as they both shake there heads and glance away. I just lean back up against the wall. This was indeed going to be a long night. I closed my eyes for a moment then when I opened them Joe was right there. I made this squeal instead of a squeak and stiffened up slightly. He gave this laugh as he seemed to be humored. I glared at him and growled.
"The fuck is wrong with you man?!" I said as I hissed at him again as Tom came back in from the other room. He had a folded up blanket under his arm as Joe then just snickered. "I guess I have a new hobby." He said before he gets up and walks out the door and shuts it. Tm just sighs and tosses the blanket at me. I catch it and just set it beside me.
"Where's he going?" I asked.
"Probably to go shower."
"Isn't there one here?" Tom shook his head. "No, there isn't." Ok. I'm confused again.
"I'm confused." I said truthfully.
"There's a high school a few streets over, we use the showers there. We just wait until everyone leaves and such then walk through the field and use the locker room." Ok, that makes sense. Somewhat. Isn't illegal though….?


Joe finally comes back home three to four hours later. But me and Tom are just about falling over tired. But were sitting next to one another, but I'm kind of laying down so my head is in his lap. Tom himself didn't seem to care, but Joe just kind of stares as he huffs out smoke from the cigarette he was smoking. "….I don't even want to know." He says as he tosses his coat to the side as I roll my eyes. "Love 'ya too." I say briefly as I then sit up and rub my eyes, my hair then falls over my face. The fuck's my blanket? I get to my feet as I pass Joe on the way to picking it up on the floor.
"I call couch." Joe says, as Tom then shakes his head as he rubs his eyes as well. "But I w- fuck it, The floor is fine." Tom grumbles as I just sit down where I was earlier and make a little more room. I balled up the blanket for a pillow and laid down. I had my back turned, just incase my emotions decided to play with me. If you know what I mean.
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