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Chapter 16; Part 2

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Still in Pete's P.O.V // Written by Ruth. :D

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The silence was roaring through the ear piece, too over whelming too handle. I could see Brendon now, basking in the silence, biting his plump lip to keep his sobs to himself.
“Fine.” Was the reply that broke the irritating silence and to my surprise, his tone was steady, calm, and if my ear weren’t deceiving me, indifferent.

“Have fun with Stump, you arrogant prick.” The sudden dial tone was deafening but that didn’t matter since I chucked the cell phone onto the couch and ran out of the house.

The cold air slipped around me as my sneakers thudded against the concrete of my driveway. The sky was darkening as I ran, my breaths getting heavier yet I somehow evened it out. Halfway running to Patrick’s house, I see a lone figure occupying the sidewalk; its head hung low with hands stuck in his pockets. I skipped towards it, my hand gripping the pale arm to make him stop walking. Patrick looked up at the action and looked away once he saw it was me but not before I caught a glimpse of his blue-green eyes now stained with red. He tore his arm away from my hold and quickly found his steps.

“Patrick!” I pleaded loudly, exasperated. I just didn’t want him to leave me glued to this spot.

“Wrong name Wentz,” his words were shaky, lined with emotions he couldn’t bear to show. “You should be calling Brendon’s.” That particular name seemed to be lined with poison. Patrick was facing me and even though he was feet away, it was clear that his face was wet with tears. “It’s over! I ended it; you’re the only one I want and need.” My own tears stained my face, but I didn’t care. I just wanted him.

“How do I know you’re not bullshitting me?” His angelic voice was softer now, the hurt more evident. My feet moved on instinct and I was pressing my lips softly on Patrick’s before it registered in my head. Patrick kissed back just as softly, making me moan in anticipation. I tasted the salt from our tears as it mixed in with our passionate kiss but neither of us seemed to notice or care. I pulled away from his lips to place a quick kiss on his forehead. He held on to my hoodie tightly, pressing me against his curves, not showing any signs of letting go.

“I never want to be the cause of your tears ever again.” I whispered onto his green knit cap that I was growing fond of and Patrick chuckled against my shoulder. “Why are you laughing?”

Patrick wiped his tears with the cuff of his sleeve and chuckled once more. He linked his fingers with mine before answering. “You sound like a cheesy soap opera.” I squeezed his hand in reply and started to walk him toward his house. “You love it Stump, cheesy soap operas have the best looking guys in the acting biz.” He bumped his shoulder against mine and replied with “I know.” We made our way to his house. The house was silent and dark and showed that no one occupied it. “Your parents?” I asked simply. Patrick just shrugged as he tugged me into the house. “Out somewhere, hopefully killing each other.”

Past the door, past the living room, up the stairs and on Patrick’s bed. The movements were here and gone in an instant and all that I know now is that Patrick is on top of me and that’s all I care about. His hands fumbled with my shirt buttons, popping them off rapidly. I gripped his wrists to stop and he stared at me with wide, questioning eyes.

“What’s wrong?” He breathed. I rolled him over, laying him on his side, facing me. “I just want to stay this way. No sex. Just us.” He smiled. “I love you Pete.” He placed a quick kiss on my lips before burying himself into my arms.

Before resting my head on his and drifting off to sleep, I replied with “I’ll always love you more.”
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