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Blind Dates

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Jean Havoc is forced to go onto a series of blind speed dates when Colonel Mustang is unable to attend. Will Havoc finally find his one true love or will this all end up in complete disaster...

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Author's Note: This is set before the Fullmetal Alchemist timeline when Mustang and his crew are still working in the Eastern Headquarters, around a year before the transfer to central. I'm mainly writing this for fun and for my lovely friends who geek out over FMA just as much as I do... so without further ado...

A single sweat drop appeared through the forest of messy blonde hair and trickled down his forehead. It silently rolled down his slightly rouged face and traced gently along his jawline before dripping down and dampening one of his black leather boots. Lifting his head, he wiped the sweat off his forehead with his jacket sleeve and placed his cigarette between his lips, taking a long drag. He looked up at the leaves in the trees, but not even their shade offered much protection against the beaming sun. He sighed, releasing the smoke into the dense air and let his head hang again.

It was an unusually hot day in Amestris, so hot that Black Hayate didn't even bother to accompany Jean Havoc on his usual smoke break. He gently tapped the butt of his cigarette, flicking off ash. It didn't matter if he had company or not, nothing could get in the way of Havoc's beloved smokes. The world could be falling apart and he'd still have a damn joe drooping between his lips. Absolutely nothing, unless it came in the form of an hourglass shape, two legs, nice eyes, and a great personality to match. A woman. Havoc took another drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke out from his nose. He shook his head remembering the past relationships that ended abruptly.

"Is it so much to ask for a nice woman?" He grumbled, wiping a sweaty palm on his white undershirt. "Maybe I should just give up. Become a lone wolf..."

"Uhm, excuse me Lieutenant Havoc..."

Havoc abruptly looked up, his blue eyes meeting a young red headed girl clad in an Amestris soldier uniform. Her long hair was rare for military women and was neatly braided, casually hanging over one shoulder. Although the blue uniform horribly contrasted with her dark red hair it accented her slightly sun kissed skin. She fumbled with her paper work and averted her olive-green eyes as Havoc looked up at her. He scratched his head recognizing the familiar pretty face.

"Ah, Irene," he threw the cigarette to the floor and stomped it out on the edge of his boot, "what brings you out here?" He put on his best smile and leaned up against the tree.

Look natural. Like Mustang... Wait! No! Not like Mustang! Like Havoc! Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc the sexy Lone Wolf and Irene Jaston is the lost sheep...Dammit! She's not an animal, she's a secretary! Sweat beat heavily down his face now and he felt his throat growing dry. He was starting to regret throwing the cigarette out.

Irene took a step back and eyed Havoc who looked like he was about to faint or lunge at her. She didn't want to end up in either situation.

"Uhm, Colonel Mustang has an important duty for you and requires you to meet him in his office immediately," she quickly said as she bowed her head and began to walk off.

Dammit, I've lost my chance! He thought as he watched her walk away. Or maybe not! Go after her! Havoc began to follow her, the sun beating down on his back.

"Irene, wait!" He called after her. She stopped and turned around, smiling. He felt a lump form in his throat. "I uhm..." he looked at the ground and fumbled with his hair nervously. "I uhm..." he stuttered again.

"What is it, Lieutenant?" She asked curiously.

Now or never Havoc! C'mon!

With a surge of confidence, Havoc stretched out his arm and pointed at her. "Would you like to go out on a date with me?" He yelled, slightly trembling from nervousness.

A few seconds of silence passed the two just staring at each other intently. Havoc stood in the same position, frozen as he waited for an answer. The smile grew on Irene's face as she gently shook her head raising her hand towards Havoc's. His smile widened.

She's going to say yes! He squealed in his head.

"I'm engaged," she held her hand out to Havoc, the diamond on the ring slightly glimmering in the sunlight.

A boulder fell from the sky and crushed Havoc to tiny pieces, or at least that's what it felt like.

"En...gaged?" He managed to choke out, biting his lip.

Irene pushed her lips to one side of her face and dropped her hand. "I'm sorry Havoc, I thought everyone knew..."

With that, Irene entered the East Headquarters building, leaving Havoc out to fry.

"This always happens to me," Havoc grumbled, dragging his boots against the pavement as he entered the building and headed towards Mustang's office, head down and craving another cigarette.
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