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Alone In This Bed

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Waking up without you, doesn't feel right.

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Sleeping use to be something I loved waking up to seeing you laying there peaceful moments I would never change. You were the last person I seen before I fall asleep and the first person I see when I wake up, but now all I see is your pillow. I sleep every night just dreaming of memories of you; I do not see how I made it this far without you. I know you are here sometimes because I swear I can feel your warm breath on my neck at night when I am sleeping. I sometimes think that any moment I will wake up from this awful nightmare to see you laying right next to me but all I do is wake up to a lonely bed.

Waking up without you It doesn't feel right

Every night I wish I could hear your voice once more just to know I am not alone and that you are here watching over me. I just want to feel your arms wrap my waist so that I can feel safe again. I just want to hear you say I love you once again to know that I am loved and I do not have to question it. I miss waking up to seeing your hazel eyes looking at me with that smile, your pale skin that matches the shit wrap around your body. Your fingers going cross my arm making goose bumps on my arm, getting that warm feeling I love so much when you do the littlest stuff for me is no longer there.

Tonight I'm reaching out to the stars I think that he owes me a favor

I wish I could touch you once more just to know that your real and your not all in my head. I still look at pictures of us; I do not think it will ever get easy without. I could look at your smile all day I wish I could just see you smile one last time, to know that your still here with me. The plans we had will never happen were suppose to spend the rest of our lives together. I am all alone you promise you would not leave, you broke your promise. We were even going to explore the world together but I know it will never happen I would not won’t any one else to go with me, it would not be the same.

I wish I can hear your voice Don't leave me alone in this bed

Every night I climb on the rooftop of our house to look at the stars something we use to do every night before we go to bed. I swear I can feel you here with me looking at into the stars, I wish every night that you would came back to me but my wish never comes true.

I swear that if I could make this right, You'd be back by now

It gets harder every night trying to sleep without you here; I do not think I can sleep through the night. Every time I wake up it is from another dream about you. I still look on your side hoping your right there sleeping but all I see is an empty space with just pillow. I miss you Gerard I wish I could hear your voice once more, but I’ll keep the memories of your soft, sweet voice in my thoughts. Tonight I will sleep alone without you here holding me. I just ask you do not leave me alone this bed.

Don't leave me alone in this bed

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