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All That I've Got

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Gerard gets drunk again and Mikey doesn't like it but he doesn't do anything to stop him.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Mikey Way,Gerard Way - Published: 2010-06-23 - Updated: 2010-06-23 - 335 words

Mikey's pov

Gerard is drunk.Again. it was the third time this week. His girlfriend had dumped him last week for the new school linebacker. she told him that he was too much of a pussy for her. I don't even know why gerard ever liked her. Everyone knows thats shes a total whore. Though gerard has gone through about 13 girls in the past nine months. so he might be a bit of a whore himself.
Okay so back to the fact that Gerard is drunk out of his fucking mind. Hes been locked up in his room for the past three hours.drinking away at all the booze he has hidden in his room. im afraid to go down there because hes gets a bit testy when hes drunk.The only reason hes getting away with this is becasue our parents are on a month long cruise and won't be back for another week.
If our father was here he would be screaming at Gerard about how much of a worthless shit he was. but hes not so gerard is just wasting away surrounded by self pity. He does it alot now a days. while hes doing that im sitting on he couch watching a boring documentary about sharks.God television has gotten so lame over the years. Before they got to the part about how the mate i turned off the boob tube and went to check on gerard. i walked down to hes little basement of a room and peeked inside. he was fast alseep and snoring loudly.his tv was on so i turned it off and noticed he had some new art on the floor. i picked it up and looked at it for a good long time. it was a picture of my and him swinging at the park by our house. after lookiong at it for a bit more i yawned and layed down on Gerard's bed without thinking and just drifted off into a wonderful nights sleep.
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