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[[Frerard]] *Please Read*

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The 3 girls flounced down the hallway, every head seemed to turn and stare at them. It was sort of like those moments in teen movie, when the popular girls come strutting down the corridor, in slow motion with Britney Spears playing in the background. You know what I mean?

The girl in the centre was the most stunning.

Rebecca Craig.

She was the shortest of the three girls, but still stood about an inch or so above than me. But considering my size, I've become comfortable with girls being a little taller than me... it doesn't really matter. Her hair was dark, falling in thick curls down her back. Her face had a slight roundness to it and her skin was an olive shade and perfectly smooth. Her eyes were beautiful and possibly the one thing I liked about her the most. They were a navy blue with flecks of light blue surrounding the pupil. They had this amazing sparkle to them. Her figure was slender but she was well proportioned.

She continued her stride through the school, her friends trailing closely behind her. She brushed right pass me and out the double doors of the school. My eyes followed her until she was completely out of sight.

"God, she's perfect," I mumbled, opening the door to my locker, ignoring its squeaks in protest.

"Yea, she's... something," Mikey said absentmindedly, his head tilted to one side.

I shoved the books I needed over the weekend into my back-pack, "She's more than just something, Mikes. She's..." I thought about it for a moment, trying to find the perfect word.


Mikey looked at me, amused, "Really... is that the best adjective you could come up with?"

I rolled my eyes at him and slammed my locker door shut. We made our way outside the building and started the walk home. We both lived in the same neighborhood so we usually walked together.

"You still want to come over tonight?" Mikey asked, kicking a rock off the pavement and into the road.

"Um, yea I guess."

He nodded, "Gerard's coming home today"

I sort of cringed at the mention of his name. It's been about 3 years since Gerard went off to college. I always thought he was sort of... strange. I mean, he is Mikey's older brother and all, but he just creeps me out a little bit. And the fact that he's gay doesn't make it any better. Don't get me wrong, I'm no homophobe, but being around him makes me feel sort of... uncomfortable.

"You can still come over though, I'm sure no one would mind," Mikey said after a short pause.

"Um, I don't know Mikes... I don't want to ruin your whole family... togetherness."

"Oh, don't worry about that Frankie," Mikey said, tossing his arm around my shoulders and drawing me close to him, "You won't be"


My first story... ever!
What do you think? :)
- Cam
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