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A Little Piece of Heaven

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Liz gets a surprise [oneshot]

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eh, I don't think it's very good.
Special Thanks to Avenged Sevenfold for the title :D

"Manda Panda lets go!" "Sorry Liz, can't go. Find someone else." "I can't! No one else is available!" "Well I guess your not gonna see A7X tonight!" "God, I hate you!" "But you love me." "Yea, whatever." Then the doorbell rang. When I opened it, I didn't know who the man was that was standing in the doorway, but he was short, had dark red hair with a black fringe, gorgeous hazel/green eyes...that were accompanied by black X's, and he was hot! "Can I help you?" "Um, yea, that's why I here. Can I borrow your phone?" "Uh, yea, sure. Come in." "Thanks." He walked passed me as he entered and I led him to the phone. Then Manda came down the stairs. "Who's that?" "I don't know. He needed the phone." "Mmm, he's cute." "I saw him first." And she stuck her tongue out at me. All of a sudden, the mystery man yelled..."yea, well thanks for nothing" and slammed down the phone. He looked at me and said "sorry for that. I'll leave now." "Wait, what happened?" "Our bus broke down and we need a ride to the Nokia Center in downtown LA. We have to play a show there tonight but the helpy people can't come till tomorrow. Now we have to cancel." "Wait, 'play'?" "Yea, I'm in a band called My Chemical Romance. Ever heard?" 'I've heard the name, does that count?" He laughed, "I guess." He stuck out his hand, "I'm Frank." I took it and smiled, "I'm Liz. Maybe my friend, here, and I could help." "Hey, I'm Amanda." "How many people are you transporting to said venue?" I laughed at my professional-ness. "Well, the good thing is everything and everyone is on the other bus, so umm [looks at his fingers] 6." "Okay, well I know exactly where the Nokia is, we can drive you if you want." "Nuh-uh!" "Yuh-huh!" We both laughed. "Oh my God, thank you so much! We have having to disappoint the fans. Let me go get the guys so you could meet them." He left, yelled something, then came back through the door followed by 5 other incredibly gorgeous guys...who I'm guessing is the band. "Guys, this is Liz and Amanda. Amanda and Liz, this is Gerard, our singer, Mikey, our bassist, Bob,our drummer, Ray, our lead guitarist and shred master, and Brian, our totally awesomest manager. And, like I've said before, I'm Frank and I'm the rhythm guitarist." He looked back at the guys, "dude, they offered to take us!" Gerard came up to me with an amazing smile, "oh my God thank you so much!"

So we drive over to the venue and get to concert just on time for their soundcheck. "You guys are welcome to stay. You can stay backstage the whole time or just come after the show." "Cool. I think we'll stay in the crowd. We like getting the full experience by being in the mosh-pit." "Okay. Just take these and show them to the security guards on the floor area and again when you come backstage later." Gerard handed us two laminates and quickly walked away towards the stage with the other guys. "Good luck!" Manda and I walked out to the front waiting for the show to begin.

Showtime. They're actually a really awesome band both song wise and live performances. I say they're one of the best bands live (along with Green Day xD). I really love their lyrics. They really seem to speak to people. So after the show ended, we went backstage (going through the crowd of teeny-boppers was pretty dangerous after they noticed we had laminates =/...xD). Frank came up to me and was rather hyper. "So what's you think!?!?" He asked while literally bouncing up and down. I laughed, "it was great." I didn't notice, but everyone left. Me and Frank were the only ones in the room. He took this opportunity to the max and grabbed my waist. "What do you thin about this?" And he kissed me! "Hmmm, even better." "I'm glad I went to your house for help." "I'm glad I didn't leave to the Avenged Sevenfold concert right before you knocked." He smiled...actually, more like smirked, "I'm glad too." And he kissed me again. Can this day get any better?
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