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Birthday Madness

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It's Gerard's Birthday...[oneshot]

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I wrote this originally for his birthday and sent it to him. Just thought I'd put it up.

One day Gerard Way woke up feeling pretty damn excited. Why? Because it wasn't any ordinary day. It was April 9, 2010. Why is this date so exciting? Was it because it was a Friday? No. Was it because it was a warm spring day? Pfftt, no. It's because it was his birthday!

He rose from his bed, wondering what adventures awaited him for that day. Once he was ready and full of Frankenberry (awkward mix) he headed outside. He walked and walked, searching for a familiar face to talk to, but no one was around. He wondered hmmmm, i wonder where everyone could be and headed to the nearby park. When he got there, he sat on a bench and looked at the scenery around him. He pulled out his sketchbook and started drawing. He spent maybe a whole hour there, yet he received no phone calls and no text messages that wished him a happy birthday. Frankly, we was a little disappointed. Was my birthday forgotten? He didn't feel like heading home quite yet, so he walked over to each of his bandmate's houses, hoping that maybe they were still asleep. At each house, he saw no car in the driveway. He, apprehensively, knocked on each door, just hoping the wives took the cars. When he knocked, no one answered. He was saddened by this. He was bored, no one's supposed to be bored on their birthday. He wanted to hang out with someone, but no one was home, and no one answered his calls. He was sad. He thought where the fuck is everyone!?!? These asshole better not have gone to Disneyland without me! (xD). He decided to just head home. He's been out for hours and made no progress in finding someone to hang out with. "I can't believe everyone forgot my birthday." When he got home, the lights were off. It was 6 PM, you'd think the lights would be on. He turned them on and jumped back when a crowd of people yelled "surprise!" "Ahhh holy shit!" His family and friends threw him a surprise party! "Ah no wonder on one was around all day. I thought everyone forgot my birthday." "w, we could never forget your birthday. We love you!" He felt special. Everyone was there to help him celebrate: The rest of his bandmates, the memebers of TBS and A7X! And even the guys of Green Day! (And many more people). It was a happy day for everyone.

When it was time to blow out the candles of the cake, everyone gathered around. After Gerard blew out the candles, somehow a full on food (or cake rather) fight thanks to Tré Cool and Frank =/...xD. At the end of the day, everyone went home happy. Gerard thought what a great day. I love my life =)


....RIP The Rev =(...he was there in spirit =)...
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