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such noisy neighbors

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It's actually Avenged Sevenfold! Kim has some extremely noisy...and hot neighbors

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ok, so obviously Gerard isn't in this. but you know, its required to put down a character. Since there is no A7X categorie, i just put it here. Thank you to themission for giving me this idea :D
For Noelle (Kimberly) since i told her i would write her one :D
kimberly POV

God there's that damn music blasting again! Don't these people ever sleep!? I thought after being woken up at 2 AM for the 3rd time this week. This used to happen to me all the time when I lived in LA, which is why I moved to Huntington Beach. I thought it would be quieter...obviously not.

"Fuck, I can't take this anymore!" I got out of bed and went outside over to my neighbor's house. When I got to the front yard, I couldn't help but laugh at the sight before me. There was a tall man passed out on the beer can covered front lawn. Fucken drunk losers. I knocked on the door and when it opened, I opened my mouth to complain but stopped. I was taken aback at the image before me. I have never seen that much green in someone's eyes before. "Yea?" "Um..." "What do you want" he slurred. "Um, can you turn the music down? I'm trying to sleep." "On a Saturday night? Just, just come on, come on in. Party with us!" "Um, okay." U just couldn't say no to that angelic pierced face.

"So what's your name?" 'Kimberly. But my friends call me Kim or Kimmy." "Cool, cool. I'm Zacky, the guy on the lawn is The Rev, he [points] is Synyster fucken Gates, he is Johnny Christ, and he is M. Shadows...or M....or Matt. Whatever suits you." "Cool." Everyone said hi to me...I think. They're all too drunk for me to know what they're saying or thinking. Then the song changed, it was 'Bat Country' by Avenged Sevenfold. "Oooo I love this song!" "Of course you do, it's ours." I looked at Zacky with wide eyes. "You're Avenged Sevenfold!?" He smiled and nodded.

After a few drinks (or at least I think it was a few) I stumbled home. I looked at the clock that read 8 AM. I completely sobered up at that point. "Holy shit cakes! I'm late!" I ran around the room like a chicken without a head on, I took a "quick" shower and did my hair and make-up and was out of the door by 9:30. Jeeze, I really need to learn how to get ready quicker. Just as I got into my car, I heard Zacky calling my name. "Hey Kimmy! Where're you going?" "Oh, uh, I gotta meet someone." "Oh." "Yea, I gotta go! Later!" 'Bye."

"Hey Jaime, I'm so sorry I'm late. I had a pretty crazy morning [laughs]." "Um yea, okay." "So what'd you need to talk to me about?"' "How do I say this nicely? Um, it's--" all of a sudden, a tall blonde shows up behind him. "Jaime, babe, have you told her?" "Excuse me, 'babe'?" "Um, Kim, it's over. I've found someone else...recently." "Honey, he's been cheating on you since February." "Excuse me? You made me leave my party with a bunch of hot guys just so you could say it's over?" "Wait, a the morning...with hot guys?" "What the fuck!?" "You're not sad?" "Sad? I'm not sad. I'm just pissed I didn't get to do it first!" "What?" "Babe, I've been out of love with you sinceFebruary. Peace, honey." "Uh--." I left happy...yet disappointed.

I got home and sat in my car. Why do I feel like crap if I haven't felt anything for James for months? I got this feeling in the pit in my stomach, like something bad was going to happen. "What's wrong?" 'Oh my god Zacky you scared me!" "Oh, sorry. Well, what's wrong?" "I don't know if I should tell you. I mean, I just met you this morning." "Yea, but you partied with us. That entitles me to, uh I don't know, friendship I guess." "Uh, okay. More friends are always nice." "Okay, so what was wrong a minute ago?" 'My boyfriend just broke up with me." "Oh, I'm sorry." "I'm just sorry I didn't get to do it first. I didn't love him anymore. I just stayed with him because I felt sorry for him." "Ahhh, so you're single now?" 'Are you hitting on me Zacky Vengeance?" 'Uhh, no. Anyways, you wanna hang out?" "Okay."

Zacky's POV

1 month later

Okay, so it's time to say it. I love Kimberly. I just don;t know how to tell her. I've hinted and I've flirted, but she just blows me off. What am I supposed to do? I know, I'll call Syn.
- "Hey Syn. I need your help!"
- "With what?"
- "Making Kimmy mine."
- "Ahhh okay. I know. Here's what you do."

Kim's POV

"James, just leave." "Nom, Kimmy, I can't." He got a hold of my face. 'Kimmy, I love you, I need you. I made a mistake in letting you go." "James, I don't want you here anymore. I found better, uh, friends." He grabbed my wrists. "I know. I've been watching you. You've been spending an awful lot of time with that pierced faced freak." "Don't call Zacky a freak! The only freak I know is you!" His face got red and his hand gradually moved from my wrist to my face. I screamed as I felt the stinging pain of the hard contact of his hand on my cheek. "Come on Kimmy, you'll never find anyone as good as me." His hand collided with my face again. This time I could taste blood. "You'll never be as good as Zacky, James." Next thing I know, there's things flying around the room and I'm in the fetal position on the floor.

Zacky's POV

Just as I was about to knock on Kimmy's front door, I stopped dead in my tracks. I could hear crashes and cries of terror. I managed to knock down her door and saw the most horrific sight ever. I called Syn.
- 'Syn, our plan is ruined. Come to Kim's house and bring the guys."
- "Okay."

I yelled at that guys, 'HEY!" He threw Kim to the floor and looked at me, "what the fuck do you want, you freak!?" "Get your damn, unclean hands off of Kimberly, now!" "And what if I don't?" "You'll have to go through me before you can touch another hair on her." "You? You puny little thing? Piece of cake." I head Syn's voice behind me, "us too. You mess with our friend, you mess with all of us." This guy stopped for a split second as if trying to think about this whole situation. But then he quickly continued. 'Bring it bitches!" Next thing I know, I see him running at me with a knife in his hands. I managed to get in a few punched and kicked him in his 'manhood', but then I felt cold and fell to the floor. The room was spinning and I felt as if I was going numb. And then I blacked out.

Synyster's POV

"ZACKY! You motherfucker! You just fucken stabbed my best friend!" The guy looked at Zacky and looked a little surprised and shaken up. Johnny had called the cops as soon as we saw what was happening. So we just have to keep him busy till they come and haul is ass away. "Get him!" We all jumped on him and managed to hold him down till we see the red and blue flashing lights. We would beat the shit outta him ourselves, but we'd probably get in trouble too, and Zacky actually did a pretty good job of that himself. "You, motherfucker, are in for it now." The cops threw him in the backseat and I looked down to Zacky and Kimmy both lying in a pool of blood. "Call an ambulance!"

Kimmy's POV

I woke up to an annoying beeping noise, white calls, and a killer headache. "Uh." "Kimmy?" "Syn?" "Yea." He came to my side where I could see him. 'Where am I?" "A hospital." "What happened?" "It was your ex. He beat you." "What?" 'I'm so sorry. We tried helping, but he got to you too fast. And, unfortunately, not all of us made it out awake and breathing." 'What? Who?" He looked to the side, and my eyes followed his. I saw a bruised Zacky sleeping in the bed next to me, tubes coming everywhere out of his body. Oh fuck. "Zacky..." "He was stabbed." I started crying, "shit. I'm so fucken sorry" I said just above a whisper, more to Zacky than Syn. "It's okay." "No, no it's not. I put his life in danger, all of your guy's lives, just because of my stupid beef with that fucken bastard." "No, we needed to step in. You probably would've died. We could never forgive ourselves if we let that happen." 'Um--." "Get some rest. I'll go and tell the guys your awake." "Okay." I watched him walk away and wished that I didn't put them in this situation. I'm so sorry everyone. I never meant to put you through this. I never could ask for suck better friends. How did I get so lucky? Just them I heard Zacky waking up. "Uh, ow." "Zacky." "Kimmy, are you okay?" 'Yea, are you?" "I think so [sigh]." 'I'm so sorry." "It's not your fault. You needed help." "Why?" "'Why' what?" 'Why did you help me and get hurt instead of just letting me be?" "I couldn't live with myself if I let that happen. Kimmy, I [sigh] I love you." "Wh-what?" "I love you." The doctor interrupted us when he came in, "Miss Johnson, your being discharged today. As for Zachary Baker, he has to stay for about a week." "Um, okay."

2 weeks later

Zacky's been out of the hospital for about 2 days now, and although he's still very sore, he's better now than he was 2 weeks I decided to talk to him. "Zacky, about what you said in the hospital." "What did I say? Was it funny?" I was all drugged up on all that morphine, that's probably why I said it." And he started laughing which made me laugh. "Come on Vengeance, you know what I'm talking about. I--." He cut me off when he put his lips to mine. "I do remember. Like I said before Kimmy, I love you." "Uh," I just smiled. I knew he wasn't high enough to forget that. "I love you too Zacky Vengeance." And our lips met once again. Gotta love my noisy neighbors.
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