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“What did you say?” said the Doctor. “I’m sorry, I said something?” Aliyah mumbled, surprised at her ability to form words. “You said, ‘The Doctor Donna will have her reign,’...

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Aliyah Mayer was thirteen when she met the Doctor. She was sitting on her porch, reading a mystery novel, and sipping raspberry lemonade in the summer of 1979. She heard the most peculiar noise, in her neighbor’s yard. She walked over, to investigate, and saw a blue Police Call Box, laying in the petunias.
A man stepped out, with a red headed woman in tow. Both were squabbling in Hebrew, saying things like, “Weren’t we supposed to be in Egypt?” and “Tardis” and other gibberish words. She assumed “Tardis” was English. She didn’t speak a word of English.
The man she saw was the tenth incarnation of the Doctor, as humans are aware, and the ginger was Donna Noble, the most important woman in the cosmos. Both were dressed in robes of cloth, looking completely ridiculous in the Austrian suburbs. But, Aliyah didn’t know this. She only knew that these people were Jewish, for why else would they be speaking Hebrew? A fellow Jew was always a friend.
“Hello,” she said in accented Hebrew. “My name is Aliyah.”
T he man in the cream robe turned to her, his large eyes looking a bit startled to see her there. When he spoke, it was perfect Hebrew. “Hello, Aliyah, I am the Doctor. Could you please tell us where we are?”
“You’re in Austria, Doctor,” she replied, politely, as her mother taught her. “And, might I ask, why are you in Austria with a blue box?”
“Because this bloke can’t drive for his life,” said the woman, also in perfect Hebrew.
“Donna, shush,” said the Doctor. He paused for a moment, hand out to quiet the woman, lost in thought. “Austria…are we speaking German?”
What an odd question, thought Aliyah. “Well, of course not,” she mused, almost to herself. “You’re speaking Hebrew.”
“Hebrew! How lovely,” said the Doctor, smiling at the woman named Donna.
Then Aliyah felt the most peculiar sensation, as if cool water was trickling down her spine, over her bottom, down her legs, into her sandals. The cool water numbed her to everything but that one feeling. She was aware of the water covering her front, glazing over her eyes with blue infinity, seeping into her mouth and encasing her tongue, making her say things. But, she too enjoyed the coolness on the hot summer’s day to pay the slightest attention to what she was saying, thinking, doing.
Then, the opposite happened. She felt boiling liquid covering her, following the same paths as the cool water. She wanted to cry out, but the coolness still held her tongue captive, then the hot water took it, twisting it and turning it in ways contradictory to the cool water. Her eyes filmed over red, and her head filled with hot pressure. Then it stopped, and her head cleared. Her eyes slowly adjusted to the stunned looks on the uncanny visitors.
“What did you say?” said the Doctor.
“I’m sorry, I said something?” Aliyah mumbled, surprised at her ability to form words.
“You said, ‘The Doctor Donna will have her reign,’” said Donna, seeming almost angry.
That was the day Aliyah became a background factor in the Doctor’s life. She was forgotten, but for her words. After that day, neither Gallifreyan nor Human remembered the day they accidentally wound up in Austria, but both remembered the words “Doctor Donna,”. And the Doctor Donna had her reign, however short. Aliyah didn’t see the Doctor after that day, nor feel the temperatured water, until she was fifteen, when she had an encounter with the Bad Wolf.
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