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Fragile Hearts.

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A young girl struggles to get over an 'accident' that occured a year ago. Pretty soon everything is at cost as she tries to forgive and forget...

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A pretty much short story, I find stories likes these interesting, so I’d thought I try it out. It’ll probably be maybe 5 chapters at the most, it’s still undecided. Just written for the fun of it. Any comments are appreciated. Consider this the ‘intro’. Enjoy.

Lila hunched over the bathroom sink and in pain as she clutched her stomach. She gasped as the pain only got more sudden and sharper. Tears filled her eyes as she collapsed on the floor sobbing from the pain. She whimpered as she crawled on her knees before falling again, her body too heavy to move. She panicked as she shook her head.

“Please don’t let this be it. Please don’t this to me!” she begged softly as she felt something warm run down her legs, she gasped as she touched the warm liquid and cried harder as she saw the crimson river run down her thighs. She shook her head and begged once more before crawling back on her knees as she managed to make it to the bedroom with difficulty. She reached for her cell phone and speed dialed number 5 before answer came.

“Hey baby.” the voice said as she couldn’t speak, but whimpered in pain.

“Lila? Are you okay?” the voice asked as she shook her head.

“Lance…come…quick….hurry.” she said slowly as Lance’s eyes widened.

“Lila?! What’s going on? What’s the matter?” he urged as she sputtered on her words before she felt lightheaded and before she knew it, everything went black…

He rushed through the house as he called out her name. His heart was pounding, he felt anxious as he searched the house.

“Lila!” he yelled as he ran upstairs before running into the bedroom as he screamed at the sight before him.

“Baby!” he shouted as he ran to the unconscious girl on the floor, a small puddle of blood staining the beige carpet as he carefully grabbed her fragile body and called her name desperately.

“Oh God!” he yelled once more as he looked at her. She looked so lifeless.

“Lila! Wake up sweetie, wake up please.” he begged as she didn’t respond. He grabbed his cell phone and dialed 911 with such speed before he started to cry as he called her name.

“911, what’s your emergency?”

“My fiancée is unconscious and she’s bleeding! Someone please help me!” he cried.

“Sir, what happened to her?” the voice said calmly.

“I don’t know! She called me on the phone, and she couldn’t speak, suddenly the line went dead. I rushed her and I found her lying on the floor!” he said impatiently.
“Sir, what’s your address?”

“1244 Element St. Please hurry!” he begged as he hung up the phone and cradled the girl as he cried over her.

“Stay with me baby, please.”

Lila gasped as she sat upright and clutched her heart and struggled to breathe. She looked at the clock, it read 3:45 am just it has been the last couple nights. She caught her breath and sighed as she shook her head as she faintly touched her abdomen and began to cry silently to herself as she felt the hollow soft skin.

“Why?” she asked in her head, asking two questions; why had this happened to her? And why were these dreams coming back? She shivered and she wiped her tears, doing no good as more only came down her tan cheeks. Her black clung to her face and she sniffled carefully to herself, careful not to wake the sleeping man next to her as he snored softly in his sleep.

She sighed to herself and put her face in her hands. She would never be able to let go of what happened, no matter how she tried…her life had been permanently scarred, and she knew deep down in her heart, nothing would help her…
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