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Love At First Sight

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One girl gets more than she bargained for when she takes a trip backstage at a 30STM show

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A/N - I just wrote this in an hour so sorry if it's bad! I delibrately didn't include a description of Jared so you can choose you fave look for him! Jen xx

'Anyone coming backstage tonight?' asked Jared Leto, the lead singer of rock band 30 Seconds To Mars.
'Yeah,' replied the guitarist, Tomo Milicevic. 'Three girls.'
'Fun!' said Jared sarcastically. He wasn't sure what he preferred; the screaming fan girls or guys telling him they loved him. Either way it was awkward.
They had just finished a show at Brixton Academy in London and after they were cleaned up and sat in their dressing room someone knocked on the door.
'You guys ready?' asked one of the security guards.
'Yup,' said Shannon Leto, the drummer.
With that the door swung open and three girls entered. They were all very different. One was blonde with blue eyes, one had brown hair and green eyes and the last, who instantly caught Jared's attention, had died crimson red hair and dark brown eyes. They were the perfect contrast to Jared piercing baby blues.
Normally Jared was the first to speak but as he was silent, Shannon broke the ice: 'Hey girls, what are your names then?'
'Alice,' said the blonde.
'Lissy,' said the next.
'And Scarlet.' The name suited her, thought Jared.
'Come in then, there's no use in just standing in the door way,' smiled Shan.
The girls, although plainly in awe of the three guys in front of them, weren't as excitable as 30 Seconds To Mars had feared.
Shannon and Tomo started up a conversation with them and part way through, Scarlet noticed that Jared was being uncharacteristically silent. As she turned her attention to him she noticed his eyes on her. He was carefully taking in her appearance. She was perfect. Her black t-shirt was hugging her carefully sculpted figure, her shorts showed off a lot of her legs which were covered with black fishnet tights.
She became suddenly uncomfortable under is unblinking glare but tried to ignore it, continuing the conversation with the others. Soon Tomo and Shannon were the only ones unaware of the attention Jared was paying the crimson haired girl. Jared caught her glance. Realising what he had been doing he turned and left the room. Shannon stared after Jared with a confused look while Lissy, knowing her friends love for the singer, nudged Scarlet to the door he had just left.
'Jared?' asked Scarlet uncertainly once she was in the corridor.
Then she heard him just round the corner, cursing himself. He looked up as he came round the corner.
'I'm so sorry I don't know what came over me. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable or anything I just...' Jared babbled.
This was so not like him, thought Scarlet and decided to shut him up.
She slowly stepped towards him as he looked her up and down, trying to work out what she was doing. Even she wasn't sure, this just seemed like her body's natural reaction.
Before either of them had time to fully calculate what was happening, Jared was against the wall and their lips were touching. Scarlet's heart felt like it could burst from her chest at any moment and Jared's was also beating a rapid tattoo against his ribs.
As Scarlet began to pull away from the kiss, Jared entwined his fingers in her hair holding her head in place so she had to continue kissing him. He started tonguing her lips, begging them for entrance and she allowed. After a slight battle for supremacy Scarlet allowed Jared's tongue to roam around her mouth. His grip on her hair tightened slightly causing her to let out a slight moan, before he relaxed his hold again allowing her to move away.
She started to feel light headed as she stared into those blue eyes, belonging to her idol.
'Do you believe in love at first sight?' she asked breathlessly.
'I do now,' Jared responded, wrapping one arm around her waist and leading her into the empty dressing room beside him. 'You look so perfect,' he whispered, seductively.
'You can talk!' she responded. How could he, Jared Leto, the most talented and attractive guy on the planet call her 'perfect'?
This time it was his turn to push her against the wall. He had one hand firmly on each of her hips as he kissed her passionately. Then in one swift movement he had her shirt over her head and on the floor, trying not to break the kiss at the same time. In return she began frantically undoing his buttons and pushing his shirt off his shoulders to join hers on the floor. She ran her hands along his well tone pecs and down to his abs. Even the thought of doing this to him had been enough to turn her on.
As Jared slid his hands under her bra to feel her chest she unzipped the flies on his skinny jeans. With a bit of help they fell to his ankles. He stepped out of them kissing Scarlet's neck as he slipped her shorts off taking her fishnets with them.
They stood for a moment looking at each other standing in their underwear then simultaneously removing them.
Jared rushed back to Scarlet holding her against the wall again. As she considered what was coming next, her breath caught in her throat. Placing one hand on the top of her thigh and one at the bottom of her back Jared lifted her up so that she could wrap her legs around his waist causing him to enter her. She gasped, releasing the breath she had been holding.
Jared began to move her up and down against the wall, kissing her all the while. As they continued and felt their climaxes approaching Jared laid her on the sofa and continued thrusting against her. She tilted her head away from him and let out a load groan as they came together.
Jared sunk down planting kisses onto Scarlet's neck and cleavage.
'That was amazing,' she sighed.
'Yeah,' Jared nodded. 'Bet you didn't expect that when you booked a VIP package! But we should go back now, the others will wonder where we've gone.'
The two of them pulled on their clothes and went back to the main dressing room.
'There you are,' said Alice. 'We need to go.'
'Sure,' said Scarlet. 'Nice meeting you guys,' she added to the band, before following her friends out.
'What happened to you two?' Shannon asked his brother.
'Just talking,' shrugged Jared casually pulling out his Blackberry.

While walking down the corridor Scarlet noticed a piece of paper in her pocket. There was a number on it and the words 'Call me'. She quickly folded it up and put it back in her pocket.
'Hey, you've ripped your tights,' Lissy pointed out.
'Never mind,' smiled Scarlet. 'I'll buy a new pair!'

I've never written anything like this before so please let me know what it's like!! Even if it's bad!! Thanks, Jen xx
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