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You Stupid F+cking Cunt

by WhiteClaw 1 review

Harr Harr Harr. >:\ This came out totally wrong.

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"LISTEN YOU FUCKTARD." I herd the door slammed open, as I wiped around to a very, very pissed off Joe. I blinked and before I knew it I was backing away as he kept walking towards me until I was pinned against the wall. Fuck, not again. This has been going on for the past month, and the tension between us was worse then ever. I could just feel the strings being cut, as I watched him slowly fall away. He smacked me first as he then picked me up by my throat and slammed me up against the wall. I was squirming for air, and trying to break free. He then just stares me down until I start to suffocate. That's when everything starts to fade to black, my vision fading in out, turning fuzzy to unfuzzy. I started to loose my train of thought as surly he was going to wring me there. "W-what did I d-d-do...?" Was all I could spit out before I had no air in me, as I was about to faint. He then lets me go but holds me firmly to the wall. He gives out this low hiss as he whacks me again, right in that damn spot that makes me pass the fuck out, and guess what? I hit the fucking ground, out cold.

When I woke up I was in the same spot where I was when Joe knocked the wind out of me. I quietly sat up as I looked around. The fucker left. I whined, and as my eyes started to water. I sighed and just silently wept. Why the fuck did he keep doing this? I still loved him unconditionally and yet here he is treating me like dog shit. God only knows what is driving him to do this, nor do I want to know. I pulled my knees to my chest, had my arms around my knees, and had my head rested against my knees, as my tear increased. Just why? Why, why, why fucking why? Fuck me. You know? I'm not god, and he has no damn right to kick me around like a tin can. I was actually starting to gain some nicks and marks because of this. Was this considered abuse, or just plainly being violent or just pissed? I wish I had an angel of mercy, because one would do me some good right about now. I hope Joe fixes his issue, and stops killing me. Because even if he doesn't notice, I'm knotting the noose, hanging it from the ceiling, putting it around my neck, and kicking the chair. I'll play that game, I'm not kidding. Joe has actually saved me from killing myself more times then I could count. I finally uncoiled, wiped my eyes, and sat there. I sighed, all I could do is wait. And wonder Why.
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