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Nobody Loves Me

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An OC story. You could call it a songfic, er I suck at summary's so er if you like Kingdom Hearts hopefully you'll like it :]

Category: Kingdom Hearts - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Axel,Namine,Riku,Roxas - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2010-06-24 - Updated: 2010-06-25 - 912 words

The lock clicked so I put the hair clip back in my pocket. So what? I was breaking into the school, but only because I...There it was! Right in the middle of the room, shiny and black just waiting to be touched. I sat down on the bench and stared at the piano. It was summer vacation and I am breaking into school to play the piano. My life is truly pathetic. I couldn't hold it back any longer. My fingers reached the keys and the melodic tune filled the empty music room...After about two hours of playing I left the school's comfort and went out into the hot summer heat. I walked through Twilight Town looking for my friends. I finally saw who I was looking for: Hayner, Pence, Olette, and...Roxas. They seemed to be having fun and enjoying their ice cream so I decided to go to the local coffee shop. I barely reached the counted before the guy who worked there called out "Yo, Raine! Double shot espresso frap with caramel and whipped cream?" I nodded and sat at the counter and waited for my drink. When my drink came, I sat in silence on the sofa in the corner and people watched. Still...I didn't see the person I wanted to. How did Olette get so close to him? I mean we're sisters! I am a bit older so maybe that's why...different classes and such... Roxas. The thought of just his name made me smile. We were casual friends who flirted. A lot. I mean nothing serious I guess he just thought I was pretty or something, but i truly liked him. I guess I just got lost in thought because the next time I looked up there was Roxas. Was this my imagination? I honestly thought so until he sat down and said "Hi." My heart did a little flip-flop while I smiled and answered.
"Hey Roxas, What's up? Where's the crew?" I said.
"Oh, I jsut felt like going for a walk and well...I ended up here." He answered.
"Well make yourself comfortable." I said as I smiled and stretched my tan legs across his lap. This was a perfect day to wear shorts, I thought to myself. We chit chatted for a while when I suddenly realized his hand was resting on my thigh. I felt myself blush then forgot what we were talking about.
"Raine? Are you uh okay?" Roxas asked.
"Oh so I'd better go or you should go or someoen should go...or maybe we should stay here or something or I don't know maybe--" I was rambling. Oh no. Then Roxas laughed and said
"Do I really make you that nervous? Well if you want to go home...I'll walk with you." All I could do is smile and nod. He helped me up and we walked out silently. He held my hand btu we still didn't talk.
"So um thanks uh wanna come in?" I asked.
"Sure, why not." He said.
"Not that you're not used to being here. You're just never with me." I smirked. ha laughed. This was bliss. I was still nervous so I walked strait to my room like no one was with me. Then I turned around and saw Roxas was now in my room. With me. Alone. Shit.
"Um uh I didn't mean to-" I started but then Roxas was kissing me. Wait-Roxas was kissing me!? It took a minute to register but then I was kissing back. His hands were on my waist now and my arms were around his neck. I couldn't stop myself, but this felt so wrong. I had imagined this so many times but now I didn't know if I liked it. Well I liked it but did he? I leaned back on my unmade bed and pulled him down with me. We were still kissing but now he was unbuttoning my shirt.
"Wait Roxas..." I said.I did not want this to stop. At all. But something was wrong.
"What's wrong, Raine? Don't me?" he said. Wow, he sounded confused.
"Yes...I do very much. But do you like me? Something's wrong, Roxas and you're not telling me." I said as I rolled over and buttoned up my shirt.
"Do I like you...?" He still sounded confused and kind of distant.
"Yes that's what I said. You expect me do this and you don't even like me? What was I thinking!? It's like you don't even have a heart!" I yelled. Oh God, what was I doing. I meant it but I didn't want to hurt him...
"Why would you ask that?" is all he said. The next thing I knew I had tears in my eyes and he was out of my room and out of my house. Of course, I messed things up. That's just me. But I stick to my word..."Too headstrong" is used to describe me a lot. I wish I had given more thought to that day, looking back now. But you can't change your choices. That night I had the dream again. The dream didn't feel like a dream, I think it actually happened...but things like that didn't happen...But yet I remember it like it was yesterday. I closed my eyes and let the image of a seven year old me running down the street away from him...
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