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A Change of Season

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Matt helps Mello go through a very hard phase in his life.

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It’s not as hard as everyone thinks, understanding his mind could be a tougher job. Maybe it’s because Matt knew him since forever, but knowing what went through Mello’s mind came clear to him, as if the blonde was actually telling him.
Like now, Mello sat in the motel’s bed, nibbling on a piece of chocolate. Due to the bandages in his face, Matt could only see one eye, but it still told him everything he needed to know and that scared him. Mello’s eye showed his desire for revenge.
“Mello”, Matt managed to mouth.
“Yes?” Mello answered, without looking at him and his mouth still busy with his beloved chocolate bar.
“Take things slowly from now on,” Matt said.
Mello didn’t say anything. He placed the chocolate bar on the night table and peacefully walked into the dirty bathroom.
Matt stood there, facing the spot in the bed where Mello had just been. His eyes shifted to the closed bathroom door and he exhaled. “I wish you wouldn’t do that every time I try to have a conversation with you,” Matt said loudly.
“Shut up!” Mello screamed from the inside.
“Whatever you say,” Matt said to himself and he let his body fall on the small broken red couch that was also part of the cheap room. His eyes never left the door. That was until they slowly closed and he fell into a deep slumber.
When Matt opened his eyes again, about two hours had passed. Mello was sitting in his bed; his back was all Matt could see. Something was odd about the way his body moved. It seemed as if he was shaking. His eyes hadn’t quite adjusted to the light, but Matt still stood up to see what was happening to Mello.
He placed a hand on Mello’s trembling shoulder and tried to see what the blonde was looking at. In his hands, was a mirror and through the mirror Matt saw Mello’s reflection. His legs suddenly felt weak, and Matt collapsed on the bed.
“My face…” Mello whispered. “Don’t look at my face.”
“Mello,” Matt managed to say. “It's okay, it’s healing.”
Mello turned around, covering his wound with his hand. “It will never be back to normal.”
This was the first time Matt had heard Mello’s voice quivering. But, he didn’t understand all this. Mello wasn’t the kind of guy who cared about his appearance, so where was all this coming from?
“I’m a monster,” Mello said softly.
“Mello,” Matt said softly. “You’re not a monster.” He placed his hand on Mello’s shoulder. They were both facing each other.
“Yes I am,” Mello replied. “I look awful.”
“But you don’t care what other people think of you, now don’t you?” Matt asked, trying to come up with something encouraging.
“Not other people, just this one…” Mello removed his hand from his eyes and looked at Matt with his deep dark eyes. “There’s just… Forget it…”
Mello looked away, as his cheeks turned red. This was something Matt had never seen in Mello’s face before. “What do you mean? I’m your friend, you can tell me anything.”
“It's nothing,” Mello said, looking at his feet.
“Mello,” Matt called. “I know you. Please tell me.”
“I said it was nothing.”
“Come on, tell me who is the one,” Matt pleaded. “If that person gets you self-conscious, then she must very important to you.”
Mello didn’t say anything.
“Fine, if you don’t want to tell me, you don’t have to,” Matt said and stood up from the bed.
Mello looked as Matt returned to the couch. He just couldn’t tell Matt. He didn’t want things to get awkward between them. Besides, even if they were friends, this wasn’t the kind of topics they usually talked about.
Matt decided to close his eyes, but Mello’s sad face just popped right there in his mind. He opened his eyes and saw Mello looking at the mirror. He couldn’t stand such a scene. “Hey Mello,” Matt called.
Mello looked up and met Matt’s gaze.
“For what it’s worth, I think you still look gorgeous,” he mouthed and closed his eyes again.
Mello’s face went hot and red. What the hell had Matt just said? His heart started beating faster and faster. He couldn’t contain his feelings anymore. He loved Matt so much. “Matt,” Mello said softly. But Matt didn’t even flinch. He had fallen asleep again.
Mello stood up and walked over to the couch. He carefully placed his knees in their respective sides next to Matt’s leg and closed the space between their faces, until their noses touched. “I love you Matt,” he said softly.
But Mello didn’t close the space left between their lips. He didn’t dare. He was about to back away, but suddenly a pair of lips encountered his and they kissed him almost perfectly. “You taste like chocolate,” Matt said, with a grin.
Mello immediately jumped, but Matt’s hand didn’t let him move an inch. “I’m sorry, I was just…”
“Taking advantage of me while I slept,” Matt interrupted with a smile. “Don’t deny it.”
Mello’s face became even redder. “I swear I…”
Matt smiled and hugged Mello. He then stood up with Mello in his arms and placed him on the bed. “It's okay, I love you too.”
His heart felt like it was about to leave his chest. There was his Matt looking at him and confessing his love. He had to be dreaming.
“You look so beautiful today,” Matt said as he caressed his face. “You don’t have to worry about that wound; you still look as gorgeous as ever.”
Mello couldn’t contain his excitement, but at the same time his body wouldn’t respond to his commands.
Matt, once again, kissed Mello’s soft lips passionately, sucking tenderly on the bottom one. It felt so good to have him so close, to taste his lips and touch his skin. Matt kissed his lips, then his nose and cheek, and finally he moved to his neck. He nibbled gently on that area, causing Mello to moan.
“That feels great…” Mello managed to say in between moans. Matt’s lips on his neck felt like heaven, there just wasn’t another way to put it.
Matt looked into Mello’s eyes. “Can you say it one more time?”
“What?” Mello asked his eyes half closed from the pleasure.
“What you said before, when you thought I was asleep.”
Mello smiled. “I love you, Matt.”
Matt smiled and kissed him again, this time, it was rough. He ran his hands through all of Mello’s body, until he reached his inner thigh. “I have wanted to touch you like this for so long,” he said.
“Now’s your chance,” Mello whispered seductively in his ear.
Matt smiled as he pulled down Mello’s pants and looked at his erection. “You are so beautiful,” he said as he kissed the tip of it. It was a bit sticky and tasted sort of salty due to the pre-cum, but Matt still took it into his mouth and licked it gently.
“Ahh…” Mello moaned. “Matt… You…”
Matt sucked on Mello as much as he could, until his palate started to hurt. He looked at Mello’s half closed eyes and slightly parted mouth and smiled; Matt loved the look of pleasure in his face. “You are amazing,” Matt said as he kissed his mouth again. “Your face is such a turn on.”
Mello smiled. “I want you,” he said, kissing Matt softly.
Matt smiled. “Yes sir,” he said and kissed him fervently. “Your orders are my command.”
Matt removed his pants and shirt, while Mello removed his shirt. “I love you,” Mello repeated.
Matt opened his eyes. It took him a while to remember everything that went on the previous night, but when it all came back, a smile spread on his face. But then he noticed something was wrong, Mello wasn’t beside him.
“Mello,” Matt called.
No response.
Matt stood up; put his pants back on and walked towards the closed bathroom door. He knocked once. “Mello?” He knocked again. “Are you in there?”
No response.
Mello wouldn’t go out in his condition, would he? Matt walked back to his bed and that’s when he noticed a complete chocolate bar sitting on the night table. Under it was a folded paper. He took it and opened it. It was a letter.

Last night was wonderful. I really wish I could’ve stayed longer so we could enjoy us a bit more, but I just can’t. I have to get back on my case. I will be back, don’t worry. I’ll call you if I need anything from you or if I just want to listen to your voice.
Good bye for now,

A tear fell over his name. Mello was gone. Matt had an awful feeling about this. But what else could he do? He had to wait for a call.

Hey Hey!
This is my first fic in almost 6 months and I’m glad I decided to write again. The problem is I’ve been so busy with school, graduation, college and my best friend that I just couldn’t write. That’s why from now on, I’ll just write one-shots. I know I won’t be able to keep up with chaptered stories, so it’s easier this way.
I’ll probably upload some of my old one-shots and make one-shots of my old chaptered stories.
I also changed my username so I could create a new identity.
About the story, it just came up randomly. I’ve wanted to write something for a long time and last night I created a little story to entertain my best friend and since he liked it so much, I decided to write something. I hope you enjoyed it. It was intended to be lemon, but I’m not in the mood for one. There will be lemon in the future for those interested.
Oh yeah, title from a song by Dream Theater. One of the best bands ever, btw.
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