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Working the late shift was hell, until he met Teah. *one-shot*

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Mikey's POV


I remember the day I met Teah Remiski. I mean, how could I forget? Anyway, I was about 21 at the time, college kid working the nightshift at the local book store. I hated that shift 'cause I always had to close up. But now, I thank Barnes and Nobles for those crappy hours, or I would never have met Teah that night...


Mikey Flashback


"Night, Mikey, don't forget to reshelve the books and lock up." the manager, Bianca, threw me the keys and headed out into the cool autumn air.

'Great, me, books, and closing. It really can't get any better', I thought sourly.

Being the good employee i was, I had most of the books resheleved within the hour . A little before midnight, I did one last once over and I was almost done with the Sci-Fi section when I noticed a small form at the end of the aisle. As I cautiously drew closer, I saw the form was of a young woman in a chair with pale,porcelain skin, dark blue black long hair, slim, and nice looking. But before I could wake her, the sleeping girl's emerald eyes flickered open and focused on me.

At first she looked confused and noticed the lack of most of the lights. Putting that the quietness of the store, together she flushed deeply and began to e stutter profusely as she got up to gather her things.

"I-I-I'm sooo sorry. I fell asleep." she mumbled

I came to my senses at her words, 'Say something! And don't be stupid!' yelled my conscience at me.

"Its okay, let me help you with those." I replied shakily.

She, being quite petite even standing up, looked up at me. "Thanks. Um... do you know what time it is?"

"I'd say just about midnight. Let's go out back, I already locked the front doors." I said, still gazing into her eyes.

"Oh, right. Let's."

We made our way to the back of the store and out, to the staff lot. I began to hand her some of her things after she buttoned up her coat.

"Thanks again for um, waking me ummm..." she looked at me questioningly when I realized she was asking for my name.

"Mi-Mikey, my name's Mikey and your welcome.", I said, quasi-confidantly.

"I'm Teah." She smiled shyly and looked down at her feet, "Um, I guess I'd better get going, nice meeting you, Mikey."

Teah had begun walking away already before I said anything. I'll never know what kind of courage came over me, but the next thing I knew, I was calling her name.

"Teah! Do you want to catch a ride with me instead?". When those words fell from my lips, I prayed to no god in particular to take me at that point. However, she had stopped, turned around and was walking back towards me, to my utter disbelief.

"Okay." she said, giving me that smile that melted my insides.

The ride was a short and silent one and I walked Teah to her door and she was half way inside when she stopped and pivoted, facing me. She tip toed and gave me a kiss on the cheek and I was breathless. She became bashful again and whispered goodnight before closing the door.


The next day, when I was mercifully doing my laundry, I found Teah's name and number written on a scrap of paper in my jacket pocket. She must have slipped it in when she kissed me on the cheek.


That was four years ago. Needless to say I called her and we've been together ever since. But today is a different day. After My Chemical Romance hit the big times, I saw very little of my loved ones. Especailly someone who I should have been there for.

I stood infront of the mirror, staightening my tie. And began to blame myself for everything. I began to think things that, Gerard told me especially, were not my fault. I couldn't help but think, had I not been on tour, she wouldn't have died alone.

I sighed and put my head in my hands, on the verge of breaking down.

Gerard interrupted my train of thought with a soft knock on the door, "Mikey, its time."


When the casket was lowered I couldn't take it anymore, and I began to cry silently. Now it was final, she was gone and I wondered why. Was it because the wedding was on the beach, not in a chapel? Did she not want to stick around anymore? Why did you have to leave us here, mom?

Before I lost any self control that I had, Teah took my hand and led my away from the sight that caused me so much anguish. For this, I was truly greatful. We hugged silently and took great care to not discomfort Teah's growing stomach.

"It'll be okay, Mikey, she's smiling down upon us from heaven." Teah said as she placed my hand on her black clad belly, "All three of us."

At that moment, I knew, Teah was right. Right about everything, but most of all right for me. Correction, perfect for me.


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