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Country Boys Gone Bad

by WhiteClaw 2 reviews

Mmm. I like making rockstars gay.

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"Oh god..." The singer said, moaning, as he was being seduced, and it was working. The guitarist had been rather well, horny recently, and since Billie wasn't there he turned to Steven. Now, Steven could never turn down an offer to hop in bed with someone, am I wrong? So the two of them willing went at it. Joe was bust nipping at the singers neck, as his hand just traced down into the singers pants. He greedily just felt Steven up, as a moan projected from the singers throat, as Joe just went on his merry way. Steven bucked his hips against Joe's. Joe bit down harder on the singers neck before he moved on from that and tore off Steven;s shirt along with his own. Honestly, Joe would be pleased to just skip to the sex, but Steven liked being teased at first, and Joe didn't mind doing so to truthful. Joe straddled Steven, as he gave this wolfish smirk, and pulled Steven toward shim, intertwining them into a rather rough kiss, tongue included. Steven is getting more excited as his hands run down the guitarist hips, and into his pants. He grabs the guitarist ass, as Joe went on, enjoying this. Joe shifted positions without breaking the kiss, as he rubbed his knee up against Steven'st crotch. Moans escaping the singers mouth, and inbetween breaths, as Joe undid the singers pants and pulled them off along with his boxers. Joe just basically grinded up against the singer. Steven finally broke the kiss, and just couldn't take is anymore. He got out from, under Joe, and pinned Joe up against the edge of the bed, as he gave a low hiss. Joe just looked up at the singer, smirking. He didn't care which way this went. As long as he got fucked or fucked someone he'd be just as pleased. Steven growled, as he ripped off his best friends pants off along with his boxers. Almost automatically he felt Joe up, as Joe jumped slightly, and giving a slight whimper. More, just more. Joe pushes Steven's hands away, as he ran his finger along Steven's member. Joe just gave this wolfish smirk at the singers reaction. This was going to be fun, if he could get Steven off of him, and just fuck him senselessly. That sounded right, he didn't give a fuck about Billie, or anyone at the moment. He had the chance, and hes pushing it to full throttle. So with this Joe easily just gets it to where hes on top as Steven gives a whimper. Joe could tell the singer wanted it, and he would gladly deliver.
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