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The Party

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Gerard trys to plan the revenge

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I walked down the street with my hoodie up.
I'm not gonna have people pointing at my hair.
It wasn't that bad but still...
Then my phone was ringing.
"Are you gonna tell your fucking sister if you are gonna leave the house!"
"Oh god, sorry Hayley!"
"Anyway, Are you going to Gerard's Party?"
"Cool, Rachel's coming too,"
"And are Ryan and Spencer coming with her?"
"Yeh they are, I'm bringing Chad too...well I better get going there now see ya!"
Then Hayley hung up.
Oh here we are.

Right plan, find a girlfriend to piss Frank off.
I sat there for ten minutes.
Nobody was here yet.
Suddenly someone knocked on the door.
About time!
I opened the door and Alex was standing there.
"Hi Gerard," she said in her cute voice.
"Hey Alex...what have you done to your hair?"
I pulled her hood down to reveal her hairs length was just touching her shoulders. It was dyed dark red with black ends.
"Wow, that is awesome,"
She then blushed slightly.
Then everyone started coming.

Wow this room was packed.
Hayley was dancing with Chad.
Rachel and Spencer were lying on the sofa kissing. (It's been going on for ten minutes!)
And Gerard has been staring at me throughout the whole party.
Then Gerard asked to see me in the kitchen.
"Alex...will you be my girlfriend?" he asked.
"Gerard, no, you belong with Frank not matter what he's done he still loves you," I replied.
"But I really want you," he said.
"Look heres the deal, if I don't find a boyfriend by 3 ó clock tommorow you can have me, okay" I said.
"Okay," He replied.
Oh fuck why did I say that who am I meant to go out with???
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