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Hey Moon, Please Forget To Fall Down.

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I wrote this awhile ago, as a spin off from a previous story I written (You Remind Me of a Former Love) Brendon's perspective. One shot.

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The midnight was frosty; infinite dazzles sparkling the black sky with tiny twinkles as the stars radiated against the darkness. Dashes of ice melted between lawns and shingles on roofs as Brendon Urie pulled his hoodie closer to his shivering body. He noticed small scents of Elle's perfume stained his clothes and conscience as he edged closer to the apartment he shared with Ryan. Alas, Ryan had usually fallen asleep by this time, so Brendon was safe to shower and throw his clothes in the washer before there was any indication of another pair of lips on his.

The moon hung low and deep beneath the trees, as Brendon instantly stopped in the midst of the sidewalk. He was constantly mesmerized by the immense planet casting it's luminous brilliance against Las Vegas. He always somehow enjoyed that the moon had two sides. One face that is only viewed by Earth; a mystery to the stars. And the other face hides itself from us in the shadows of space. In many ways, Brendon thought he was like the moon. Of there were two sides to him as well.

One of them belonged to Ryan.

The other belonged to Elle.

Whether he is with Elle or Ryan, he is hiding one side of him from them. But much like the moon, he hides the relationship Ryan and him share from the world, remaining a mystery to those who view them. Brendon was in a secret tangle of two loves, but the term "cheating" was such a harsh word to use. But, if given the choice to pick either Ryan or Elle, his tongue would be left dry of decision. He loves them both, he does. But he didn't enjoy choosing favorites.

He blinked and began walking to the apartment complex, with the icy breezes fading the scent of Elle from his clothes, but it was still fresh in his conscience. He arrived to his apartment and fumbled through his keys until he found the right one to place in the lock. After succeeding in unlocking the door, he quietly strolled in, making sure not to create even the tiniest sound to awake Ryan, who Brendon had assumed was silently in sweet slumber.

He darted to the bathroom, throwing his clothes into the hamper, thinking that the smell of her perfume wasn't strong enough to be smelled from a closed basket. Plus, it's not like Ryan suspected any type of cheating from Brendon, so he wouldn't go snooping through dirty clothes hampers. He turned on the shower; a rain of water cascading to the tiles of the floor as Brendon stuck his hand in the water, to test the warmth of it, while slowly turning the knob to set it at his desired temperature. It was finally at the right warmth as Brendon hopped him and just stood there; naked and unmoving against the cascade of water spurting from the shower head. Despite the temperature of the water, Brendon shivered as goose bumps gracefully glided down his skin. He felt sick, a nauseous sensation erupting into his stomach. He usually felt this way when he returns home from the nighttime romance of him and Elle. This feeling is similar to the one that occurs when he's walking to Elle's apartment. He just hoped he'd disappear soon.

He finished his shower, Elle's scent was replaced with the smell of Ivory soap. He wrapped a towel around his waist and traveled to his room and quietly slipped in, but the light was turned on.

Oh no, he caught me. Brendon mentally feared as he walking to a room where his shirtless boyfriend was sitting at his desk, tapping his feet and scribbling something down violently.

"Ryan, you're still up?" Brendon weakly asked, standing with a guarded expression by the door.

Ryan quickly turned around, facing Brendon with an expression that he couldn't quite read. His eyes were dull and his face was blank as more terrors flamed his thoughts.

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

But then, Ryan sleepily smiled; relieved sighs leaving Brendon in eased whirls.

"Yeah, I was just writing something." Ryan answered, as Brendon felt safe enough to enter and pull on his boxers.

"Oh, okay."

"What are doing home so late?" Ryan asked, returning to his notebook, scribbling something down as Brendon chewed at his bottom lip and pulled a chair next to Ryan.

"Um, I was at Jon's house. He's having troubles with Kate again." Brendon lied, hoping Ryan would buy it.


Brendon smiled; satisfied with the successful lie. That was the perfect excuse for coming home late, considering Jon was constantly having problems with his girlfriend. Break ups, make ups, and fights were happening every other week or so between those two, in which neither Jon or Kate keep secret. They fight everywhere, whether it being at home, at a restaurant, or anywhere else, there was bound to be some sort of argument on behalf of their relationship. Ryan knows all about the instability of Kate and Jon, so he had no reason to not believe Brendon otherwise.

"Well, how's he doing?" Ryan asked, interrupting Brendon's thoughts about his satisfactory lie craftsmanship.

"Oh, uh, he's okay. He was a little upset when I got there, but he's fine now."

"Well, you're quite the helpful one, aren't you?" Ryan sleepily slurred, placing a tender kiss on Brendon's lips, causing the sick sensation to plunge into his stomach once again, thinking just a few hours prior, those were Elle's lips in the same position that Ryan's were now. He slowly pulled away; disappointment shattering the lust in Ryan's eyes.

"So, what are you writing?" Brendon asked as the disappointment in Ryan's expression faded into a faint blush.

"Just, you know, lyrics."

Brendon snatched the notebook and began flipping to the page where he was writing as Ryan tried to grab it back from Brendon's firm grasp of it.

"Give it back!" Ryan yelled as he lunged toward his boyfriend to retrieve the notebook, but Brendon had flew from his seat and began running around the room as Ryan chased after him. Since Ryan was a much faster runner than Brendon, Ryan attacked him and they both tumbled down on their bed, full of laughter. Ryan swiped his notebook back from Brendon's possession as a pout had landed on the younger male's lips.

"But Ryaaaaaaaan! I want to read it!" Brendon whined, giving his best effort to the "puppy dog look" in which he knew Ryan always caved in to.

"Ugh, fine, but only one verse." Ryan surrendered, flipping to the page as Brendon smirked. He placed the notebook in front of him as Brendon scanned the page. One sentence to him had stuck out the most:

And your eyes are the size of the moon.
You could 'cause you can so you do.
We're feeling so good.
just the way that we do.
When it's nine in the afternoon.

But, that's all he could read before Ryan had snapped it shut and grinned.

"I know you have that little obsession with the whole 'moon' business and your eyes had always reminded me of it, because they're so big and round and, you know..." Ryan trailed as Brendon smiled. Sometimes, Ryan could just be so adorable that it hurt. More than he could ever know.

"I love it." Brendon said, pressing his plump lips onto Ryan's, as he smiled into the kiss and throwing the notebook on the floor.

"I love you." Ryan said, as they departed from the kiss.

"I love you, too."

And that sick sensation came up again.

Author's Note:
I'm sorry I haven't posted in pretty much a year. I actually wrote this awhile after YRMOAFL, but I finally gained the courage to post it. It's nothing serious. Just something I came up with on a whim.
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