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The Kill

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One-shot. Warning - suicide! Quite depressing. But I like it ^_^

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Warning - really depressing. I actually creeped myself out with this. O_o

Tears threatened to fall down his creamy milk white cheeks as the harsh November wind whipped his onyx hair into his face. It had been 5 months, 3 weeks, 7 hours and 46 minutes since he last saw her. Not that he was counting or obsessing.

He shut hazel eyes which seemed much too old to belong to such a young looking person. The tears he promised that would never spill slipped gracefully down and dropped silently off the end of his chin. He could still see her auburn curls framing her delicate elfin like features. Still feel her warm, soft lips pressed gently against his.
“Gerard?” Oh no, oh god no…this isn’t real…it can’t be
“You look the picture of misery Gee” her voice could just be heard above the salty waves crashing violently against the shore.
“And you’re not real” he whispered. Her sweet giggle echoed around the desolate beach. She made her way over to him slowly. He didn’t dare turn to look at her.
“Probably not. But I am here to stop you” He shook his head.
“It didn’t stop you” his voice was harsh as the hole where his heart should’ve been lurched and burned as raw as it had done when he saw her. Lying on her bed surrounded by pills, empty bottles and blood.
I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough was scribbled across the wall in her blood. It was the day his soul died. The day that ended everything.

Drink and drugs, slowly spirling out of control. His life was one big depression party. Nothing helped but it didn't stop him destorying himself. She watched her former lover staring at the waves below. She could see the blackness in his soul she had imparted there. She thought she had done the right thing. It was all for him but instead she had made things worse. Her image slowly faded away as he pulled out a whisky bottle from the inside pocket of his jacket and drank deeply.

The liquor quickly dissapeared only to be replaced by a warm sleepy-ness. His head felt fuzzy as he sunk to the sand. He could hear her voice sweet voice cying softly for him.
"Oh Gerard" she sobbed. "Get up please. The tide's coming in" He shook his head.
"M'sleepy" he mumbled before passing out in the sand as the tide crept slowly closer.

No-one ever found out what happened Gerard Way that night. Or the sweet voice he heard as the sea water filled his lungs as he slept peacefully into the next life
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